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Keep dreaming 6:18 Sun Sep 18
Moyes Out
Posted the same last year. Nothing has changed, except win don't win matches anymore.
I'm fed up, we can do much better

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Charoo 12:18 Wed Mar 29
Re: Moyes Out
Watching the video now. It all 100% makes sense. Same as most of us been thinking and seeing.

Fucking makes me raging.

Big Dawg 5:04 Tue Mar 28
Re: Moyes Out
needs to vocal noise about getting this cunt out the club. Maybe some anti moyes chants before game starts & at half time.

I cant believe how many people still sing david moyes c&b army.

Maybe some attack, attack, attack, attack attack songs too!

Huffers 5:02 Tue Mar 28
Re: Moyes Out
Antonio is in no position to talk about tactics. If there is one bloke at the club who understands football less than Super David, its Antonio.

Anyway, all the players fucking hate him and apparently some of the staff too. The kids hate him just as much but I don't give a fuck what a lot of them think anymore as they're all jumped up little pricks themselves. Well, the majority.

El Scorchio 4:56 Tue Mar 28
Re: Moyes Out
cartis 4:50

14/1/ Bloody hell- that must have been after Forest or something?

Eerie Descent 4:54 Tue Mar 28
Re: Moyes Out
So that's David Sullivan, the media, and Swindon Hammer that think we're having a cracking season, and will stay up at a canter.

cartis 4:50 Tue Mar 28
Re: Moyes Out
El Scorchio 4:24 Tue Mar 28

Oh how true.

On Quinn bet a few weeka ago we were 14/1 absolutley incredible for a side who are in such poor form.

I hate betting against us but in this case I couldn't pass it by
as we stand today I'd say were ab even money bet to go down
I base that not on our squad but a manage who just cant utilise the players we have properly,sets up too negativley and whose in game management is appalling

El Scorchio 4:24 Tue Mar 28
Re: Moyes Out
Just looked at the bookies odds actually- it seems insane how big ours are. Shocking really as someone who watches the team every week and can see what a mess we are in.

stewie griffin 4:18 Tue Mar 28
Re: Moyes Out
in fairness to Sullivan - and i hate saying in fairness to him for anything - he's no different to the rest of the football fraternity, or even the bookmakers. There's a lazy assumption that we'll be fine because we have much better players than those around us. And it might be right. But its a fucking big gamble.

El Scorchio 4:16 Tue Mar 28
Re: Moyes Out
stewie griffin 4:04

All I can say it's good that it's all finally coming out- despite it possibly likely too late. Must be a difficult one to have to keep close to your chest.

El Scorchio 4:05 Tue Mar 28
Re: Moyes Out
The more it goes on the more damning it all is. All seems to be catagorically down to Moyes as well. I cannot fathom why Sullivan hasn't done something. He's the one with the power to change it and if he doesn't he may as well be directly complicit. It defies ALL logic.

I can only imagine he's just checked out, has his money guaranteed on the way from whoever and couldn't give a shit any more. It's the only thing that makes sense as he stands to lose out massively otherwise.

stewie griffin 4:04 Tue Mar 28
Re: Moyes Out
no IF here, scorch. I've been posting all of that for 3 months. Its fact. And well known fact as well.

british is best 4:02 Tue Mar 28
Re: Moyes Out
It all points to the short arsed narcissist not giving a fuck . As he's already got his money for the club. Moyes is poison and with the exception of one or two is utterly despised . Only at west ham .

claypole 3:43 Tue Mar 28
Re: Moyes Out
I would be surprised if it was Nolan as he has played/coached most of his career in the 'pragmatists' way

El Scorchio 3:35 Tue Mar 28
Re: Moyes Out
It seems to indicate Nolan to me as well. It did mention this was over a few drinks, didn't it? ;)

El Scorchio 3:34 Tue Mar 28
Re: Moyes Out
All very damning stuff if accurate. Absolute shit show.

How Sullivan can sit on his hands through this even if half of it is true, is absolutely criminal. Maybe some to be taken with a pinch of salt (re: Pearce) if it's one person's opinion but this is a very big and informed shitlist.

Willtell 3:14 Tue Mar 28
Re: Moyes Out
You put experienced player in inverted commas but in the introduction bit I listened to again that wasn’t mentioned. Are you sure about the player bit? My instincts are that it was likely to be someone like Nolan too

stewie griffin 2:21 Tue Mar 28
Re: Moyes Out
no point guessing who it is. It could be absolutely anyone - its not exactly news.

diehardhammer 2:18 Tue Mar 28
Re: Moyes Out
I’m convinced it’s Kevin Nolan

Seems to add up to me

Willtell 2:03 Tue Mar 28
Re: Moyes Out
And Antonio has form for saying things about Moyes and his tactics….

Willtell 1:57 Tue Mar 28
Re: Moyes Out
Antonio or Lanzini? Can’t see Cresswell Fab or Oggie going against Moyes…

Dick Shaftsbury 1:21 Tue Mar 28
Re: Moyes Out
Pentonville 12:44 Tue Mar 28

Listening now. Only 20 mins in but, fucking hell.

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