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twoleftfeet 8:03 Sat Sep 24
Love it.


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Far Cough 6:44 Wed Sep 28
Re: Mankad!
Talking about women's cricket a mate of mine gave his name as Rachel Heyhoe Flint when we all got nicked by OB for fucking about

VirginiaHam 6:31 Wed Sep 28
Re: Mankad!

Not entirely unreasonable, although you may have a pack of short arsed, tubby women headed your way for that comment.

Council Scum 2:27 Wed Sep 28
Re: Mankad!
Womens sport is shit, not matter how much its being forced on us right now, who fucking cares.

Northern Sold 2:25 Wed Sep 28
Re: Mankad!
Had this only happen once to me... playing Benfleet CC.. their quickie a bloke called Micky Clarke stopped in bowling stride and smashed the stumps out of the ground...


I helped the Ump's put all 3 stumps back in the ground then followed the bowler back to his mark... no words but he kept looking me out of the corner of his eye... as he sprinted in to bowl I followed him keeping next to him... he then bowls a ball that went about 10 feet down the leg side for 4 wides... thank you very much... he's gone beserk saying to the Ump' it's not in the spirit of the game etc... oh well...

the straw 2:04 Wed Sep 28
Re: Mankad!
Thread title sounds like a terrible musical about cricket.

cygnet 1:29 Wed Sep 28
Re: Mankad!
Re: VirginiaHam
Oh I agree. I remember Phil Edmunds in a domestic one day match pretending to bowl then turned around and held the ball against the stumps without dislodging the bails. The batsman, umpire and everybody watching got the point immediately... and they got on with the game.

VirginiaHam 3:12 Tue Sep 27
Re: Mankad!

cygnet 2:26 Tue Sep 27

Why repeatedly warn someone? Once is enough. Then run her out.

I'd make sure the umpire knew, so the warning was on the record.

Sven Roeder 2:55 Tue Sep 27
Re: Mankad!
Only the bowler and BATTER would know if any warnings were given.
And maybe the umpire at that end. If I was giving a warning I'd make sure the umpire was aware.

The Indian captain MAY not have known anything and the England captain wasnt even on the field was she so dont know what she is relying on. Presumably what the batter has told her

Someone is lying
Wouldnt trust either side

cygnet 2:26 Tue Sep 27
Re: Mankad!
Deepti is now claiming that she repeatedly warned Dean which is obviously bollocks because the India Captain has already said "I wasn't aware (she was going to run her out).
England's Captain Heather Knight has pointedly responded on Twitter. “India were deserved winners of the match and the series. But no warnings were given."

Sarge 6:09 Mon Sep 26
Re: Mankad!
Harsh in that it's a horrible thing to do without warning. I gave a lad a warning a couple of weeks ago - would have had no worries running him out having done so.

Having just seen it, this case is borderline for me. Bowlers front foot lands just as the batter leaves the crease. That's what the law should be - and in games where the 3rd ump monitors the front foot they should be monitoring the non-striker too.

Otherwise it could be something the sq leg ump advises on of he thinks the non-striker is backing up too far in lieu of a warning.

Eerie Descent 5:49 Mon Sep 26
Re: Mankad!
It's pretty simple for the batsma... batsperson to make sure they're not taking the piss.

Boxers get told to protect themselves at all times. It shouldn't be too hard to make sure you're not getting an unfair advantage at the non strikers end. Fuck all that warning bollocks, they should warn themselves when they go out to bat

VirginiaHam 5:36 Mon Sep 26
Re: Mankad!
The rules are very clear. You have to wait until the ball is on its way before you leave your crease. However, I think this is a shitty rule and the MCC has royally fucked this up by changing the rules to favour the fielding side.

I think batsmen, either deliberately or unknowingly have always pinched a couple of feet but the state of the game should also make you more alert to what the rules are, so in Dean's case she was asking for trouble.

I think there's a fine dividing line between being in the delivery stride and actually releasing the ball. With that said, the deception (which is what I think has pissed so many people off) is in the fact that you pretend to ball without ever intending to release the ball....there's the problem.

Having been mankaded, without a warning a few years ago I can tell you it's a cunty way to get out. I didn't get a warning and it's annoying. Luckily, the opposition captain was a former Surrey player I played a lot of games with, and he bollocked the bowler and withdrew the appeal.

Final comment. Despite today's rules, I still think a warning is the right way to go. I played in a game where the other side needed 8 off 6 and I was bowling. I issued a blanket warning while laughing my arse off and we got on with the rest of the over. At least that way the bastman has to do something stupid.

Lee Trundle 2:26 Mon Sep 26
Re: Mankad!
Dean left her crease early a total of 72 times on Saturday.

I'm not sure I have too much sympathy if that's the case.

El Scorchio 2:22 Mon Sep 26
Re: Mankad!
As Stewie said, no complaints if the bowler warns the batter not to steal ground or it's coming, but to just do it without warning is really snide.

Actually if there's a rule change from 'unsporting behaviour' to just another dismissal it'll probably make it better as the batters will just know not to try and steal ground and make the mankad a non factor.

happygilmore 11:26 Mon Sep 26
Re: Mankad!
Just watched it to see what it was all about.

Unsporting action by the bowler. Don't like it, she shouldn't have done it.

master 10:53 Mon Sep 26
Re: Mankad!
No point bowling really. Just throw in the odd fake bowl and take the bails off as you come in, watching for the batsman to turn their back to you.

stewie griffin 10:44 Mon Sep 26
Re: Mankad!
if someone is backing up by a long way, no major issue with a warning and then getting them out this way

On this occasion, the bowler had no intention of bowling the ball and held it back until she could affect the dismissal. Obviously been spending time with that other cunt, Virat Kohli

Fortunes Hiding 10:30 Mon Sep 26
Re: Mankad!
She was outside her crease, she’s out. Get over it.

violator 10:18 Mon Sep 26
Re: Mankad!
Why did she have to start grizzling, ffs

Alfs 1:30 Mon Sep 26
Re: Mankad!
A bit like bowling underarm when the oppo needs a 4/6 to win.

Sven Roeder 7:20 Sun Sep 25
Re: Mankad!
No change to using outside substances or objects on the ball still being an offence. Or to the ICC penalty for that which I understand is a level of demerit points that would normally mean a ONE TEST ban.
No country other than Australia prepared to add to that penalty for their cheats ... Chandimal, DuPlessis x 2, Tendulkar, Englands 2005 Ashes attack etc

I guess making the ban on using saliva on the ball permanent (supposedly a COVID response originally) is one step towards stopping some of the devious cheats who have blighted the game.

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