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Nutsin 2:22 Sun Sep 25

I’m hearing whispers that they are about to elect their first female and first right winger since WW II…. She is an apparent Nationalist.

Should be interesting for the EU.

Can the EU survive if they leave the Union?

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Hammer and Pickle 10:10 Sat Oct 1
Re: Italy
Oh come on son - you are a white, middle-aged, useless reactionary and everyone can tell.

Nutsin 10:07 Sat Oct 1
Re: Italy
Humiliating oneself is something you do often Pickle.

I have no respect for racists. You’re pathetic!

Hammer and Pickle 10:04 Sat Oct 1
Re: Italy
No, Saddo only Kremlin gas supply has been cut to Italy. Most of Italy's gas requirement, as far as I known, has always been from Africa.

Hammer and Pickle 10:01 Sat Oct 1
Re: Italy
Now you're humiliating yourself as a sentient lifeform, Nutroll.

riosleftsock 10:01 Sat Oct 1
Re: Italy
Gas supply to Italy was cut today, allegedly due to Austrian and Dutch sanctions.

Nutsin 9:56 Sat Oct 1
Re: Italy
Pickle the racist defending racism….. No surprise there!

You must feel proud!

COOL HAND LUKE 9:43 Sat Oct 1
Re: Italy
Swiss. 7:15 Wed Sep 28

Rather than spend all day giving you the list which you will slag off anyway... let's do the 'quick quiz':

"What is it about staying under the EU (i.e. German) jackboot that appeals to you so..?"

Hammer and Pickle 9:42 Sat Oct 1
Re: Italy
This is a thread about Italy, Nutroll. I know it rankles, but they are certainly not going to make the same mistake as the US did with Trump.

Nutsin 9:38 Sat Oct 1
Re: Italy
So The VP of the USA Kamala Harris drops another Gem!

Twitter hammered Vice President Kamala Harris for a recent speech in which she described that federal Hurricane Ian relief would be based on "equity" and prioritize people in "communities of color."

Not prioritizing it based on need, it’s based on color………And people wonder why we are seeing a rise in support for the right wing.

You have to be a special kind of cunt to think Like Kamala surely!

What a piece of shit she is!

Swiss. 10:46 Thu Sep 29
Re: Italy

Is the Ed Sheeran gig over? Who's your next tour?

Swiss. 10:40 Thu Sep 29
Re: Italy

joe royal 12:52 Thu Sep 29

Yeah a roadie is a typical job millions do. I think you will find the majority have had pay rises not in line with inflation.

Apprenticeship = slave labour.

What is a ''flip flop" a wop ???

riosleftsock 1:09 Thu Sep 29
Re: Italy

In my industry, all of the major players started to run decent apprenticeship schemes again with really good jobs and wages for young UK people (wherever they came from originally)

joe royal 12:52 Thu Sep 29
Re: Italy
Swiss, my wages went up about 30% when all the flip flops went home.

Bagged another 15% rise starting oct 1st.

Not quite six figures but getting there.

Wils 12:28 Thu Sep 29
Re: Italy
"I'm still waiting for this list of positives since we left the EU.

Nonsensical question. If you didn't want to leave the EU then it's because you don't, by definition, see any value in what motivated the people who wanted to leave. So when you get your answer you are just going to rubbish it. Same if the question is turned around on you, what benefits would we gain from rejoining?

Swiss. 7:15 Wed Sep 28
Re: Italy

I'm still waiting for this list of positives since we left the EU.

Lee Trundle 4:06 Wed Sep 28
Re: Italy

Swiss. 3:47 Wed Sep 28
Re: Italy
Where all these new trade agreements? Not the one's we had already when in the EU which we had to renegotiate.

Swiss. 3:45 Wed Sep 28
Re: Italy

Swiss. 3:37 Wed Sep 28
Re: Italy
riosleftsock 11:06 Tue Sep 27

"She has massive challenges ahead of her, and so does the EU."

And the UK isn't.


Side of Ham 3:20 Wed Sep 28
Re: Italy
joe royal 10:47 Wed Sep 28

Wats a maa-dder you?

BRANDED 1:04 Wed Sep 28
Re: Italy
“Yet one group has been noticeably quiet on Meloni’s victory, despite often being so voluble when it comes to populists — namely, British Rejoiners, those elite campaign groups seeking gradually to shepherd Britain back into the EU. As Rejoiners’ political claims rest on the idea that the EU offers a firewall against the spread of fascism, the origins of the Brothers of Italy, as well as Meloni’s socially conservative platform, make her election an especially awkward fit for their favoured narrative, which casts Britain as a rainy fascist island cut adrift from a liberal continental bloc”


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