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Pentonville 10:25 Mon Oct 3
Eubank Jr vs Benn
20 quid PPV and 8.99 Subscription? Jesus Eddie, joining DAZN really was the end of PPV wasn't it.

Eubank on points is my in head but 'brave' performance by Benn just like his Dad. Lots of aggression but I think he will gas out and hang on in there to lose admirably on points.

My betting head tells me to stick on for a draw.

You lot?

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Gary Strodders shank 12:28 Thu Oct 27
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
Spare a thought for those boxers booked on the undercard who would of been in camp for weeks only to have there bouts cancelled and no payday.


Alwaysaniron 11:37 Wed Oct 26
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
Eddie (I'm a cunt) Hearn will no doubt squirm his way out of any responsibility for this sordid affair. He should lose his license to promote fights as he is clearly as guilty as sin and knew for weeks that Benn had cheated. His mismanagement and corrupt attitude may well have led to a fight in which one boxer could have been seriously injured because of blatant cheating.

zebthecat 10:47 Wed Oct 26
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
He definitely cheated.
It is sad that he thought he had to.

Takashi Miike 10:33 Wed Oct 26
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
love Nigel but Connor is a fucking idiot if he did try and cheat. he was progressing nicely under Tony and there was need to fight Jr. I know would have earned a nice pay day out of it, but was it worth the risk cutting corners and ruining your reputation? I know people have short memories and he'll probably be back soon but let's hope he's learnt something from this

Pentonville 10:05 Wed Oct 26
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
Benn relinquishes his licence.

Side of Ham 9:58 Fri Oct 7
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn

Searlo1966 9:57 Fri Oct 7
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
Hate Eddie Hearn. Money grabbing areshole.

Side of Ham 6:20 Thu Oct 6
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
I’m just glad I held back from commenting about correcting the extra B in BBC…..it would have been a free for all!

“It’s the British Boxing Board of Control you stupid cunt” etc, etc….

goose 6:15 Thu Oct 6
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
just heard the fight is OFF.

whens this press conference?

Pentonville 12:30 Thu Oct 6
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
It completely undermines VADA and the BBBC. It cannot go ahead. Fuck the boxing casual, this is a critical decision by Hearn. Fight should be cancelled and rescheduled with new tests at best.

Russ of the BML 12:01 Thu Oct 6
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
Boxing is a brutal sport. You can kill another man legally. If this fight goes ahead then god forbid if something bad happens to Eubank Jnr now. There will be lots of people scurrying off under their rocks. No wonder the BBBC have not sanctioned it. They don't want a part in it because if the worse happens they aren't culpable.

However, he has now passed another test and apparently both fights have taken medical and legal advice and have decided to fight. Eubank is a gown man. He understands the risks. So if it goes ahead I hope its a good fight.

Pentonville 11:49 Thu Oct 6
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
Hearn's hypocrisy is being shown up massively here. Fighting the BBBC after videos of him stating fighters who fail VADA shouldnt fight is hilarious

, 11:36 Thu Oct 6
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
The BBBC having withdrawn their sanctioning of this fight have turned into an exhibition contest if it goes ahead.

Reminds me of the time I watched the Guvner fight the Pretty Boy years ago. Meant nothing in the great scheme of things but both wanted to win.

mashed in maryland 10:12 Wed Oct 5
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
"It has no relevance to their careers, and in all honesty no relevance to the rivalry their fathers had 30 years ago."

To be fair, with who their dads are, it couldn't *not* happen

Hermit Road 10:09 Wed Oct 5
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
‘What you’ve got to understand Koogs, is that Conor Benn identifies as non-binary and they have every right to try and get pregnant, whether we agree with that or not’

WHUDeano 10:00 Wed Oct 5
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
In all honesty this entire fight is a money grab from both fighters and promoters. It has no relevance to their careers, and in all honesty no relevance to the rivalry their fathers had 30 years ago.

Eubank Jr should be in a final mandatory bout before a world title fight, and Benn should be taking the next step in his development,

This fight was ridiculous from the start, made even more apparent so that Jones Jr didn’t fancy it given it’s a fight that would never happen for any other reason that their dads had two great fights in the past.

Of course I’ll watch if it goes ahead, but it’s a ridiculous fight whatever way you look at it.

Pentonville 7:00 Wed Oct 5
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
B sample in normal circumstances wouldn't be available in time for the fight, will be interesting to see if it shows up or is hidden away pending appeal! Benn was struck off WBC in January for not signing up to clean drug testing and then said it was missed paperwork and signed up a bit later to be reinstated on WBC list - that dont look good now and nor does his work with Doctor Uz who is a testosterone replacement expert and whose website has been taken down today! Where there is smoke...

love also the video doing rounds on my whats app group of Hearn in a previous interview yonks ago mocking a promoter for pressing ahead with a fight depsite a WADA failure and saying "just cos WADA isnt recognised by the BBOC, you cant go ahead with the fight otherwise whats the point" Very true Eddie, what is the point.

Charoo 6:53 Wed Oct 5
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
Pentonville 4:32

It’s not masking - it’s generally used to restart the body’s natural production of testosterone after a typical steroid cycle - where the use of artificial testosterone has caused the body to shut down and stop making its own. Usually stacked with HCG which is effectively pregnant womens piss.

Clomid can stay in the bloodstream for up to 4 months, the tests say trace, so quite possible that Benn was taking before starting camp for the fight.

In terms of putting on weight/muscle it would definitely help but how much it would raise his test levels as a healthy male would be questionable.

Maybe he ran a low dose/micro dose TRT type test cycle if the catabolic effects of training were effecting his natural levels, just to raise them into normal range then PCT with the clomid.

However at his age I think that is unlikely.

I would wait for the B sample to come back for conclusive evidence. A “trace” sample is always a bit dubious and there are hormones in fucking everything now.

PwoperNaughtyButNot 6:47 Wed Oct 5
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
I guess they didn’t sell another PPVs to make it worth while.

Take a small hit. build more hype and come back with a bigger show around Xmas time.

Pentonville 5:27 Wed Oct 5
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
tell your mate who is working on the show that a B sample wouldnt be back before the fight is supposed to happen.

Pentonville 4:56 Wed Oct 5
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
And i am not a fan of the board myself but they have to stand by the rules dont they?
If it does go ahead, its just a fucking money grab, a dirty fight and the outcome is suddenly massively irrelevant

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