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PwoperNaughtyButNot 3:31 Thu Oct 20
Liz Resigns
Didn’t see that coming

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Leonard Hatred 11:31 Tue Dec 20
Re: Liz Resigns

ray winstone 11:28 Tue Dec 20
Re: Liz Resigns
NJ, that surprises me being as most of the news channels in the UK are mouthpieces for the Tories, they'd obviously rather be bashing nurses instead.

New Jersey 11:21 Tue Dec 20
Re: Liz Resigns
I see all the News channels, as usual, ignore the latest unemployment figures of just 3.7%, still extremely low by historical comparisons and also in comparison with other countries. It's worth noting that of all the EU countries only the Netherlands have a lower figure of 3.6%, the powerhouse that is Germany is 5.6% and France is nearly double ours at 7.3%. If it was the other way around you would never hear the last of it!

Mike Oxsaw 2:58 Mon Nov 28
Re: Liz Resigns
I see that the "Just Stop Thinking" brigade are out and about again in The Strand.

Why they don't take their protests to the non-green and ever expanding UK LNG port and storage facilities is beyond me; they will be contributing more to climate change than a few motorists in central London, f'sure Good Buddy you got a smokie on your tail, so put the pedal to the metal bring it back to me.

bruuuno 12:44 Sun Nov 27
Re: Liz Resigns
I expect there’s a few posters feeling sheepish this morning

Side of Ham 11:29 Sun Nov 27
Re: Liz Resigns
Pickle is such an ignorant numpty……it was never about jobs getting stolen it was for us about East Europe moving to West Europe in ridiculous masses….in our case we did not have the infrastructure to cope and likely never will….and now for mass immigration to work here we have to have equal amounts going the other way it’s why the U.K. borders is such a big issue here.

Pickle with his ignorance is no better than these people traffickers with his outlook on it all constantly doing his Lord Haw Haw act.

BRANDED 11:21 Sun Nov 27
Re: Liz Resigns
I would say its emboldened the left and the unions and given them a great opportunity.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 11:10 Sun Nov 27
Re: Liz Resigns
Yeah, plus it's really not fair taking away your benefits form translating work.

Hammer and Pickle 11:05 Sun Nov 27
Re: Liz Resigns
Mine is as right as rain, as will your's be one day.

First step though is to change a habit of a lifetime and drop the populist Kremlin bullshit about Eastern Europeans coming over and stealing all the work. Companies employ people ready to work, its a free country and that entails a free labour market in this fundamental respect. It is up to you to resist the temptation to participate in the hate sowed by the Kremlin on this matter.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 10:51 Sun Nov 27
Re: Liz Resigns

I didn't wish death on anyone, mate.


How's the head this AM?

Hammer and Pickle 10:45 Sun Nov 27
Re: Liz Resigns
Of course chim hasn't "lost it" - he called out the bullshit demagoguery of

"We are out of the EU and workers in industries formerly infested by eastern European slave labour are enjoying substantial improvements in their quality of life"

and I certainly don't blame him. If those jobs are still there, who's doing them today and what are the wages?

BRANDED 10:38 Sun Nov 27
Re: Liz Resigns
Strangest thing of all was it was a pro worker post from Surf?

Chim lost it a bit in covid and seems its still lost.

mashed in maryland 10:26 Sun Nov 27
Re: Liz Resigns

only1billybonds 9:56 Sat Nov 26

Shame, and even more strange, cos they're 2 of my favourite posters, even though I disagree with them on almost everything.

Hammer and Pickle 1:20 Sun Nov 27
Re: Liz Resigns
It’s all still very simple - can’t help it if you don’t get it.

Mike Oxsaw 1:17 Sun Nov 27
Re: Liz Resigns
Is "O’Cone" a not so subtle way of suggesting somebody might be Irish and, using 1970's values & beliefs, which seem to be strong amongst some, somewhat thick and stoopid?

Johnson 1:15 Sun Nov 27
Re: Liz Resigns
Do what? I thought my supposed involvement was destroying the Tories?

Now there’s hope because I’m not involved.

You’re all over the shop yard of ale neck.

Hammer and Pickle 1:02 Sun Nov 27
Re: Liz Resigns
Then there may yet be hope.

Go forth but please don’t multiply, O’Cone.

Johnson 12:56 Sun Nov 27
Re: Liz Resigns
I’m not a Tory activist either.

Have you been at the TURPS tonight?

Nurse Ratched 12:47 Sun Nov 27
Re: Liz Resigns
the DRINK.

Hammer and Pickle 12:45 Sun Nov 27
Re: Liz Resigns
You are a perfect example of the provincial Tory activist though.

Johnson 12:35 Sun Nov 27
Re: Liz Resigns
I’m not a member of the Conservative Party, Thickle.

Or are you so pissed you think I’m Boris Johnson or something?

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