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Charoo 12:54 Fri Oct 21
Gerrard sacked

Steven Gerrard sacked.

2 points behind West Ham!

Who gets the job?

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Lato 2:00 Mon Oct 24
Re: Gerrard sacked
Conte next (or maybe the Soccer Manager at Dirty Leeds) to be replaced by Dyche

daveyg 6:58 Sun Oct 23
Re: Gerrard sacked
I like Gerrard. he's the one Liverpool player I do, Trent too as they are both class players. He probably listened to too many media folks when he left Rangers. He's always going to be linked with the Liverpool job like Noble would be if he had gone down the manager route and could well still do at some stage.
I also think he went to far with a lot of signings. Coutino looked inspired for a dozen games then he's absolutely dog shit now. It's a fine margin with managers now as everyone wants some kind of sucess pretty quickly.
We're the same. Though I want Moyes out as he's to negative with to many of his calls,youth, subs and am attacking outlook in some games.
Look at Brighton and De Zerbi , how much time will he have. You would of thought the whole season but what if they descend down the table ?

⚒️ 5:42 Sun Oct 23
Re: Gerrard sacked
Wolves sacked their manager and they’re 4-0 down at home.

RBshorty 5:37 Sun Oct 23
Re: Gerrard sacked
Looks like Billy Big Time Bollocks Syndrome. With a touch of the Hoddle's thrown in for good measure.?

twoleftfeet 4:49 Sun Oct 23
Re: Gerrard sacked

Percy Dalton 4:38 Sun Oct 23
Re: Gerrard sacked
Stopped playing for the manager there's a hint of that at the cesspit.

Gary Strodders shank 4:26 Sun Oct 23
Re: Gerrard sacked
Villa 3.0 up in the first 17 minutes, Gerrard will be scratching his head.
Soumds like they stopped playing for him and have now decided to put a shift in

Aalborg Hammer 2:07 Fri Oct 21
Re: Gerrard sacked
Wasn't it Villa fans who put up the placard that said "We're not fickle,we just don't like you" to David O'leary?

Come On You Irons 1:10 Fri Oct 21
Re: Gerrard sacked
Good. Cunt.

Gary Strodders shank 12:32 Fri Oct 21
Re: Gerrard sacked
Wrong thread but could still apply

Gary Strodders shank 12:31 Fri Oct 21
Re: Gerrard sacked
I reckon hes a secret Snicker nicker.

Nick QQQ 12:30 Fri Oct 21
Re: Gerrard sacked
I actually think he will turn out to be a decent manager. Villa is a weird club

Russ of the BML 12:16 Fri Oct 21
Re: Gerrard sacked
I can't stand the mardy cunt. And it does fuck me off that all the pundits and ex-pros are fawning over him and even on TS being condescending and looking down their noses at the Villa fans who have been on and clearly explained why he should go.

One bloke said the players and team have not improved under Gerrad and, in fact, have gone backwards and look worse than when he arrived. He got the old 'he needs time' bollocks and he rightly argued "How much time. He's been here a year. We look terrible. I'm sick of my club being used as an experiment to see if Gerrard is a good manager or not."

Make him right.

, 11:39 Fri Oct 21
Re: Gerrard sacked
Well, two managerial departures, Wolves and Villa, where the owners clearly see a likelihood of relegation if nothing changes. Probably put Parker’s acrimonious parting company with Bournemouth in there too.

Also vulnerable for similar reasons are Rodgers, Cooper and Marsch.

The manager of any EPL team from outside of the top eight is vulnerable because a bad run of results/performances could see the owners worrying about relegation.

Sven Roeder 11:24 Fri Oct 21
Re: Gerrard sacked
When he went there from Rangers all the media talk was about it being a stepping stone to the Liverpool job.
Thats not going to play well when results go downhill and the team looks as gormless as they did against us & presumably last night.
0-3 to Fulham is a hard result to justify

mashed in maryland 11:15 Fri Oct 21
Re: Gerrard sacked
Villa fans have been savage on how much they hated him.

One day we'll probably end up with him

zico 10:57 Fri Oct 21
Re: Gerrard sacked
Was always going to be difficult after the thing with Mings, whatever went wrong. Wouldn't have been surprised if he was waiting to get rid of Mings in January as there must have been an undercurrent there. As others have said Beale was a big loss. A good assistant sems o make a difference. Our own Pards was never quite as good once Grant left was he? And even the best need a little help, Cloughie wasn't the same without Peter Taylor and Wenger totally lost it when Pat Rice retired.

I think a lot of the issue with these managers who have been top players, is that a lot of players these days may not have the high standards they had as players. To be fair to Frank Lampard for instance he had to work bloody hard to become a player, it didn't come naturally to him. Then you walk into a football club where players are getting millions for doing nothing and if they just want to train and go home it must be really galling for one a manager who worked his bollocks off as a player. All good if you are winning but creates a problem if you are not. They probably jump in too early as well ti the first available job., Rooney seems to be playing his cards right.

⚒️ 10:55 Fri Oct 21
Re: Gerrard sacked
Gerrard next England manager, I reckon.

Sven Roeder 10:27 Fri Oct 21
Re: Gerrard sacked
To be fair to Gerrard he had the highly regarded Michael Beale with him at Rangers and Villa & sounds like he has been a big loss.
Also he made a couple of signings that have picked up serious injuries.
Understand Diego Carlos (is that his name?) was meant to sort their defence and now he has had to rely on the dismal Mings who he bombed out as captain and then had to pick again. Also McGinn who he made captain has been average as have several others ... Watkins, Buendia, Ings etc
Coutinho after a good start has dropped off so he isnt the Liverpool version and Leon Bailey who everyone wanked over when he joined has done nothing.
Perfectly understandable sacking though as no signs of him turning it around.

Pochettino should swerve it though and hold on for another claret & blue team.

Mike Oxsaw 9:51 Fri Oct 21
Re: Gerrard sacked
Lasted longer than Liz the Brief

Takashi Miike 9:36 Fri Oct 21
Re: Gerrard sacked
midlands reporter tom ross was just on the radio and said the form this season was almost identical to the last ten or so games of last season when he had beale as assistant. he said gerrard was great to deal with as a person. this is all about player power, and if they don't buy in to what you're trying to do you're basically fucked. his biggest mistake was not moving on players like mings, and the other characters he had problems with

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