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goose 11:37 Tue Nov 8
World leaders doing important stuff to save our planet?


load of old COCK27?

Shame Bolty isn't on here anymore - he loved a climate change debate.

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Capitol Man 2:24 Thu Nov 10
Re: COP27
Some fuckwitted comments on here - but I have to say this annual traipsing around the world for a massive ego trip is pathetic. A bunch of people from my firm have headed there to be part of this circus, as they did to Glasgow last year. Should make the fuckers walk there, planting trees along the way.

Mike Oxsaw 7:46 Wed Nov 9
Re: COP27
I wonder if any who post on here quietly think that they are part of this elite...

only1billybonds 6:58 Wed Nov 9
Re: COP27
This cop bollox is just Davos pt 2.

All designed to get the elites closer and quicker to their eventual goals which are CBDC's and UBI for all.

While these cunts implore us to go to a plant based diet, top of the menu at Sharm is Angus beef at 100 dollars a pop.

Mike Oxsaw 5:10 Wed Nov 9
Re: COP27
As I was going to take in the air,
Cycles, cycles, climate goes in cycles
I met some businesses who don't care
The sky was blue and golden the sun,
As companies didn't have a care,
Ri-fol, Ri-fol, Tol-de-riddle-li-do,
Ri-fol, Ri-fol, Tol-de-riddle-dee.

"Kind prole, pay much more tax!" they said,
Cycles, cycles, climate goes in cycles
"The seas will rise, and we'll all be dead,
Your government, they, too, don't care,
As I enjoy all this fresh air."
Ri-fol, Ri-fol, Tol-de-riddle-li-do,
Ri-fol, Ri-fol, Tol-de-riddle-dee.

I want to purchase a diesel gen.,
Cycles, cycles, climate goes in cycles
And fire it up e'y now and then.
You can't do that 'cos diesel's rare
I doubt you'll get some anywhere.
Ri-fol, Ri-fol, Tol-de-riddle-li-do,
Ri-fol, Ri-fol, Tol-de-riddle-dee.

The price of "green" it must be said
Cycles, cycles, climate goes in cycles
Is far to high; my kids need fed,
So take your man-made climate change,
And fuck off to some open range.
Ri-fol, Ri-fol, Tol-de-riddle-li-do,
Ri-fol, Ri-fol, Tol-de-riddle-dee.

New Jersey 4:07 Wed Nov 9
Re: COP27
Last winter the mean average temperature was 1.6C which is 2.1C below average, in some parts of the UK it was the coldest winter since 78/79. Not a fucking dickie bird from Huw Edwards and his mates at the BBC, yet if it had been the warmest since 78/78 Huw would be creaming his knickers on the 10pm News.

mashed in maryland 3:08 Wed Nov 9
Re: COP27
They fly around in private jets to discuss making life more expensive for the plebs for one simple reason:

Because they can.

Has fuck all to do with saving the planet, anyone who still thinks these people care about all that bollocks is lost.

WHU(Exeter) 3:06 Wed Nov 9
Re: COP27
Why is there so much in the news about the World Cup, Qatar and all the various human rights issues surrounding that country, but hardly a dickie bird about the same when it comes to Egypt and this COP meeting?

It's unreal.

Mike Oxsaw 12:12 Wed Nov 9
Re: COP27
We should insist that all (ALL) those who flew (FLEW) to COP27 travel back by camel until the get to an ocean which needs crossing, at which point they should lash together a raft made from driftwood, old plastic bags and discarded oil drums and "Thor Heyerdahl" it back home.

I'm sure the public would appreciate such devoted dedication to the cause, and I'm equally sure we'll all get by while they work out which is the real Pole Star, then set off.

only1billybonds 11:39 Wed Nov 9
Re: COP27
On the subject of reperations for poorer country's, are we to believe that prior to the industrial revolution, such phenomona as typhoons, hurricanes,long hot summers etc didnt exist?

Just a nice "thank you Britain" will do.

BRANDED 11:27 Wed Nov 9
Re: COP27
Qatar is investing millions of pounds in expanding a major gas terminal in Wales, as the Government ramps up its reliance on shipments of the liquefied fuel imported from overseas.

Qatar is upgrading its import terminal on the south coast of Wales to allow it to handle about 25pc more liquefied natural gas (LNG) imported from around the world.

State energy company Qatar Energy and ExxonMobil, the US oil giant, are investing heavily to boost capacity at their South Hook LNG terminal in Milford Haven.

It comes as the UK and Europe are scrambling to find new sources of fuel after Russia restricted gas supplies to Europe amid the Kremlin’s war on Ukraine, sending prices soaring.

Rishi Sunak, the Prime Minister, is poised to announce a major supply deal with the US after the Cop27 climate change summit taking place in Egypt, the Telegraph revealed on Monday.

chevy chase 11:23 Wed Nov 9
Re: COP27
I would say, f@ck it. Can’t do nothing about it anyway. Just get on with life.

Matthew Holmes 11:12 Wed Nov 9
Re: COP27
its getting hotter
its been this hot before in history
is this heat increase due to humans - maybe/ probably but it's getting hotter
is it gettinghotter more quickly than any other time in history - probably

does anyone at cop27 have the nuts to change the biggest causes - i.e. industry and big companies or do they just want to fanny about and ask US to recycle (largely pointless) and turn the heating down (it's getting hotter so thats sorted) wash less etc - YES

will we proably be ok in the end? - hope so but it's a good time to learn to swim

PwoperNaughtyButNot 10:10 Wed Nov 9
Re: COP27
joyo - what do believe?

I can tell you what will happen and you can tell me if you believe it is right.

“Leaders” of nations and corporations will all come together to decide that working people should pay more taxes. That will fix the problem. The corporations themselves will not be forced to apologise for their destruction of the earth , it isn’t their fault - it’s your fault !

Mike Oxsaw 1:00 Wed Nov 9
Re: COP27
"Here be dragons" was once a phrase much favoured by experts.

Sydney_Iron 10:44 Tue Nov 8
Re: COP27
Suppose you have to believe the “Experts” and climate change due to human activity is happening? If or not we can really do anything meaningful to slow it down is the biggest problem as humans by nature are selfish cunts so im not optimistic.

WHU(Exeter) 4:18 Tue Nov 8
Re: COP27
Joyo, or it could be people who are cynical about being taxed through the nose, and see ever increasing price rises, for something that on a global scale won't make a blind bit of difference?

only1billybonds 3:48 Tue Nov 8
Re: COP27

Steady on son, I'm as bald as a cue ball. :-)

Takashi Miike 3:39 Tue Nov 8
Re: COP27
here he is, the quadruple jabbed, zelensky t-shirt 👕 wearinb , ginger halfwit

only1billybonds 3:24 Tue Nov 8
Re: COP27
Interesting to see if the super glue squad are as active in their disruptions under the next government (assuming its Labour). Still not convinnced that their protest isnt as much about being anti Tory. Time will tell i guess.

tonka 3:24 Tue Nov 8
Re: COP27
Climate is cyclical it always changes.

Mike Oxsaw 3:21 Tue Nov 8
Re: COP27
Who is denying climate change?

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