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One McAvennieeeeee 5:47 Mon Oct 26
Re: What was the song the Gooners were singing...

Youre good Panch.

Fuck me, youre good.
delboy 2:31 Mon Nov 2
Re: Whos Joey tempest?

yep me to

obviosly didnt realise im a mod.
Cor Blimey 2:43 Wed Nov 4
Re: The toe of the camel
at what age does a minnie moo turn into a cunt?

(entire thread) http://westhamonline.net/forum_flat.php?4011584|a0_d0_a0_a0_a1_a0
Big Dave 5:42 Wed Nov 4
Re: People who put LOL in their own messages
How can I put \"LOL\" in someone elses messages?

You fucking moron.

southlondonhammer 4:42 Thu Oct 29
Re: the \"OFFICIAL WHO\" put a name to a face thread

I heard Nurse you have numbers 1-5 tattoed on your knuckles

So you know how many fingers you are using on yourself when you look down
Re: Posters You Like But Probably Shouldn\'t...
Anyone with a penchant for fiddling with hair...

Mr Polite 9:30 Thu Nov 5
Re: Posters You Like But Probably Shouldn\'t...
That one of Maddie and her cheeky come to bed eyes
Cheezey Bell-End 4:37 Thu Sep 23
Re: McDonald\'s Triple cheese burgers
In Bangkok they did double big macs.. Fucking awesome.. Much better than a normal big mac.. I emailed McDonalds to bring them out here and they said they have no intention of doing so..
busheyhammer85 5:29 Mon Sep 27
Re: Cat Lovers
If anyone touched my cat, or made it suck their tits, i\'d smash them to bits.
ooooh Morley Morley 5:26 Thu Nov 4
Re: I hate Deal or No Deal....but
\"Ok Mr Kunt, you have the £250k and th 1p left. The banker is offering you £83k.\"

\"No deal\".

\"I haven\'t asked you the question yet, you haven\'t asked the other contestants what they would do yet and you haven\'t kissed your lucky picture of a turd in the shape of a four leaf clover yet\".

\"Don\'t care. No deal. Never deal when the £250k is still on the board\".

*Reveals 1p*

\"Fuck it\".

\"Oh no, bad luck bolty. I bet the Banker is laughing away now\".

\"I\'m a gambler Noel, i came here with nothing and if i go home with nothing then that\'s life\".

\"But you could have had £83k\".

\"FUCK IT\".

boltkunt 3:39 Thu Dec 8
Re: Rooneys ban reduced from 3 games down to 2 Games for Euro2012
85 - I wish I was lying mate.

I miss playing football BIG TIME.

ooooh Morley Morley 2:04 Fri Apr 26
Re: I knew iPhones were shite.....
It\'s probably more user error than phone error but i am going to blame the phone anyway.... Whatsapp message just sent ....

\"Hows it going sugar tits\"

..... has gone to my mum!

PDC ON THE VOLLEY 3:45 Tue May 7
Re: How do you solve a problem like Ronnie O\' Sullivan
Foyd Mayweather is a massive cunt - FACT
HairySpotter 10:22 Thu Mar 19
Re: Your favourite boxers
Pancho that's it. I put up with ur bollox. Are u I-Ron or someone. I will fucking kill you. Leave me alone to enjoy who. I swear I'll fucking kill you if I find out who you are. I don't get your humour. I don't believe your one username. I'm under stress at work
. I'll fucking kill you cunt. Now leave me alone

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