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REALNAME - Ivor Biggun

AGE - 30 zone

OCCUPATION - Man of Leisure

HEROES - Frank McAvennie, Julian Dicks

PLACE - Essex

I will never forget the game in the cup quarter final West ham v Everton, when Stuart Slater ran Keown ragged. Slater for England how that changed the following season.

I am not depressed. I joined WHO when Roeder was in charge and I was physically sick seeing Cole and Johnson go to Chelski and eventually Defoe and Carrick to SxxxS as well as the others leaving a sinking ship. At that time I was pretty much depressed.

Spector has never and will never be a Premiership class defender.

Carlton Cole is the most overrated player I have known to wear a West Ham shirt. The sooner he is sold the happier I will be.

If I do not agree with someone or something do not take it personally.

There is a lot of people on WHO just for the wind up. If it\'s not a wind up then there is quite a few dumb/ignorant West Ham fans out there.
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