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Q: 2017/18 Leicester (h)
a. Moyes has had all week with the whole squad and that will make a difference, Win
b. Where do we start, a point would be good, Draw
c. Let's be honest we're a shambles, still letting in two goals a game so what chance, Lose
d. "You've destroyed our fucking Club", the only way to get the pride back in WHUFC is when the Clowns leave, Who's up for a protest?
e. Can you believe my luck, another game on SKY so back to the pub, head to toe in club merchandise and show that I'm hardcore West Ham who follows the Club home and away from my seat at the bar

joe royal
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REALNAME - richard head
Sometime rock and roll truck driver to the stars
HEROES - my dad PDC bonds dicks

Ilford the center of the world

Not many clubs will host black dances any more. And who can blame them? I mean people don't fire guns at Elton John concerts.
Jah screechy 1993

I still love West Ham (in the way a battered wife loves her abusive husband).

*shrugs; pointy hood falls off; picks it up and puts it on again*

Can you spot Didier Drogba?

웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 o-|-< 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃웃 웃 웃 웃 웃


Mr Oven chips 11:14 Thu Mar 13
Re: New Hammer Born Today
Errmmm new baby... Should I visit mother and see baby??? Have a beer with dad???? visit friends and relations???

No, tell you what I will go on WHO and tell Barryshitpeas.........

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