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Far Cough 3:43 Wed May 25
Re: Boro bid for Antonio
Davenport is a well known bellend, best ignored

Marc Keller

Davenport knows football.

Leonard Hatred 9:38 Wed May 16
I never even bother replying to Davies.
A man in his 30s who has never left his parents\\\' house.
Sucks cock of WHO hierarchy.
Keyboard warrior.

A Druid, by dicksieIII The OSer King

A DRUID is a complete fucking idiot, pessimistic, oddball, bitter, twisted FOOL who has the vision of Stevie Wonder... They cannot... CANNOT tolerate change at any price...

They have brains the size of sand grains and only have enough capacity to cater for the feelings of hatred and hostility as well as bitterness - even belittling the things that they supposedly love i.e. the football club that they claim to support...

Any ideas/notion which goes against their mundane/simple routines, especially those that are designed to develop/enhance oneself and are striked as ambitious, are immediately squashed by negativity, hostility and bitterness... e.g. the Olympic Stadium move...

They like nothing better than cross-dressing with PAGAN attire and STILETTO HEELS and girly makeup and then making BITCHY remarks toward their enemies...

In short; they\'re the lowest of the low...


That, my friends, is a fucking typical arsewiping DRUID CUNT...
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