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Q: 2017/18 Leicester (h)
a. Moyes has had all week with the whole squad and that will make a difference, Win
b. Where do we start, a point would be good, Draw
c. Let's be honest we're a shambles, still letting in two goals a game so what chance, Lose
d. "You've destroyed our fucking Club", the only way to get the pride back in WHUFC is when the Clowns leave, Who's up for a protest?
e. Can you believe my luck, another game on SKY so back to the pub, head to toe in club merchandise and show that I'm hardcore West Ham who follows the Club home and away from my seat at the bar

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Reality Cheques 8:13 Sat Apr 2
Re: Noble
Just not fit nor quick enough.

Becoming a serious liabilty in that because he\\\'s slow he tries to make up for it with reckless tackles.

In fairness, Fordy looks as though he was spot on about him.

Be cleared out when we\\\'re relegated.

cartis 10:49 Wed Jul 13
Re: Silence from Noble
You\'re wasting your time on here Fordstar going on about Noble,he has some sort of cult status on here for some reason.

All the things you say about him are bang on.

Personally I couldn\'t give a flying fuck if he left.

I have never rated him and there is no way people would think so highly if he wasn\'t a local lad.


Alfs 12:40 Sun Oct 16
Re: Bouba Diop vs Noble...
I actually agree with Fordstar. Noble hasn't pushed on at all and it leaves me wondering whether he's just too comfortable at West Ham.

I hate to say it as do love a player who's claret and blue through and through, but perhaps he needs to move on and rediscover his hunger.
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