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Just back from attacking and besieging Rome, in time to support the Irons. Followed the team through thin and thinner since the mid 1960's, with my earliest memories of the 1964 cup final when West Ham beat Preston North End 3-2. Then there was the win against Munich 1860 in the European Cup Winner's Cup in '65. After that, there was no going back! I was addicted to football, and became a season ticket holder from the 70's, and went to Wembley in '76 but missed the FA Cup win in '80. Also went to the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff in 2005 to see the Play-off final, again against Preston. In between the '80s and the naughties, and since Cardiff, we have been through what Blagg desribes as a Nightmare on Green Street. I am married to Lady Porsena, and we have 3 great kids including my son, Lars Junior, who proudly wears the claret and blue, but sadly really supports ManU (thank you Icemen).

Best player in claret and blue I have been priviledged to see over the years? It can only be Bobby Moore, or the King as we called him back then. I have never seen a defender with better positional sense or movement off the ball than Moore, who always knew where the ball was going and was there before his opponents had decided to go. Legend is the only word you can use for King Bobby.

Paulo Di Canio has a special place in Lars' estimation, scoring some of the most memorable goals I will ever see. Wimbledon, Chelsea and Man United goals are never to be forgotten. Payet was skillful, but didn't have the character to be classed alongside Bobby and Paolo.

Also Billy Bonds is a towering giant in the history of West Ham United.
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