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Q: 2022/23 You are the Chairman what do you do with Moyes?
a. Stick with him obviously, he's delivered two good seasons back to back and will see us out of this dip in form
b. If we're still lingering around the bottom three by the start of the WC then that's the time to get rid
c. What are we waiting for 2 wins in the last 20 PL games is reason enough to sack him, go now
d. I've just got my new Orange & White 3rd Kit with Moyesinho on the back, I can't wait to wear it down to the supermarket, they call me Mr West Ham around here

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Notice me Senpai! (2022-03-26 18:06:00)
Re: Boop Beep - If celebrity who died = 'antivaxxer', then goto "BzzzzZZZt!" (2022-03-26 17:59:33)
Re: Boop Beep - If celebrity who died = 'antivaxxer', then goto "BzzzzZZZt!" (2022-03-26 17:49:08)
Re: This coronavirus in China (2022-03-26 16:10:26)
Beep Boop - Human test of gullibility directly proportional to disproportionate reaction (2022-03-26 16:05:29)
Boop Beep - If celebrity who died = 'antivaxxer', then goto "BzzzzZZZt!" (2022-03-26 15:58:10)
Imagine how bad if Jeremy Corbyn won! - Interesting clip for those that may have wondered about that (2022-03-24 15:31:32)
Re: Djokovic is (2022-03-23 15:21:48)
Boop Beep - We're virtually* fighting for freedom and democracy! (2022-03-23 12:27:39)
Re: Djokovic is ... (2022-03-23 12:15:26)
Beep Boop Space lizards sending Telegrams to Nessie's weather balloons - Does not compute (2022-03-23 12:06:24)
"No one ever said..." #134563 of a series of ∞ (2022-03-15 17:54:52)
Beep Boop ERR Exception Unknown (2022-03-15 17:53:16)
Re: This coronavirus in China (2022-03-14 21:58:15)
Look into the eyes, not around the eyes (2022-03-13 12:37:29)
Multitasking MeMes Я Us (2022-03-08 16:55:49)
Beep boop, I'm sure there was something else that required attention but I forget it all now...Bzzzt (2022-03-08 16:54:34)
Beep Boop! Big Gov says since the threat from covid is gone, now it's time to die in Ukraine (2022-03-06 17:28:34)
Beep Boop! Firmware Update Completed: Now running UkraineFocus V0.24022022 (2022-03-04 13:35:06)
This week Matthew I am going to be emotionally involved in the ; RunProg:current thing (2022-03-03 08:35:30)
If country doing bombing doesn't wave a rainbow flag = True RunProgram [ShriekAndFreakOut] (2022-03-01 23:02:12)
I know it hurts to admit it right now, even to yourself...but you got to face up to the fact one day (2022-03-01 08:11:28)
Stick to the program[ming], don't touch that dial (2022-03-01 08:07:28)
Mashed in Maryland (2022-02-24 15:36:44)
How the neolibs disenfranchised the the natives and lost their hearts and minds (2022-02-24 15:20:03)
How the neolibs disenfranchised the the natives heartsa and minds (2022-02-24 15:18:59)
Life comes at you fast when you're a pink/blue hair rinsed globohomo faggot (2022-02-24 14:44:40)
Re: Is Putin about to make a big mistake? (2022-02-24 10:36:01)
Nobody ever said that the mystery jab would give you the AIDS (2022-02-24 10:27:10)
After many years of the West agitating for war, their target reacts (2022-02-24 10:17:15)
Join the army to fight for globalist corporate communism (2022-02-23 14:11:02)
Putin makes the NPCs all sad face (2022-02-22 23:04:34)
What to do, what to do? (2022-02-14 13:13:23)
We must be ever vigilant and cautious with everyday mundane activities, forever (2022-02-09 21:51:14)
Re: This coronavirus in China (2022-01-30 16:19:00)
Re: This coronavirus in China (2022-01-30 16:04:59)
Re: Bloody Sunday, 50 years on. (2022-01-30 15:50:40)
Re: This coronavirus in China (2022-01-30 15:48:47)
Re: Bloody Sunday, 50 years on. (2022-01-30 15:44:55)
Re: Bloody Sunday, 50 years on. (2022-01-30 15:36:53)
Trust The science... (2022-01-30 13:07:55)
Bungo (2022-01-29 12:53:52)
Djokovic is a heretic! (2022-01-29 12:50:38)
Re: Benefits of the pandemic (2022-01-29 12:36:06)
Re: Takashi Miike (2022-01-27 17:19:34)
Lobster flavoured crisps (2022-01-27 17:18:43)
Darby_ [For it's a MeMe in itself] (2022-01-27 17:12:29)
Went to go for a pee today but forgot whether Big Gov permitted me to do so, so peed in my trousers (2022-01-27 17:03:36)
Putin is a naughty boy (2022-01-27 10:11:30)
Permanent Brain Damage (2022-01-27 10:02:22)
Re: This game of Let's Pretend is getting rather irksome now (2021-12-01 16:19:15)

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