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One of the pleasures of WHO is discovering what is behind the username in real life so no profile from me.

East London born and bread so no \"bloody foriegner \" or bubble and squeek jokes.

I adore Coleslaw , Bread and Butter Pudding and at all costs avoid picking wild mushrooms whilst simultaneously cooking Chocolate Chip Cookies for BC Juniors.

I wished to be buried in Leysdown upon my departure from this earth to deter any future visits from a certain poster who knowing I am there will stop "him / Her " from ever going there again.

Alan's Daily newspaper threads he actually deserves an MBE for his services IMO

I do not post on any UK / T.V Celeb posts as I do not know any of them ( Ditto current Music Band Threads )Conversly It is my wish thst posters who have never been to a Country I have personally been to , do not pass comment or bleat at all on the said Country.

No names mentioned :-)

For the hours of entertainment that WHO has given me I still cannot believe we are not charged a modest amount for this PER USERNAME!

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