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Seattle Sounders game - More to it than meets the eye?
Admiral Lard 04 Jul 2016

Love a conspiracy theory me and I have a feeling this one could have legs.....

The incredible plan the Davids and Karen have put together over the last 6 and 1/2 years, taking West Ham United from a debt ridden club on the brink of financial collapse to a high flying, Olympic Stadium wonderland is nothing short of incredible.

Yes, we still have substantial debt, however, its being managed and the banks are happy.

In a few weeks time we entertain Juventus in pre season friendly with a sell out, 60,000 gate... You just have to pinch yourself at the thought.

Add to that, by some luck, we have the player of the Euros to date, if we can keep him with us our shop window will be one of the brightest on the Premier League high street.

So, David Gold is approaching his eighties and surely will want to give up is part in running the business. Davis Sullivan is a mere 69 (arf) and the majority shareholder, he will be looking for the ideal partner to invest over the next couple of years.

Now we come to the Seattle Sounders game… the ownership of this MLS outfit have been on a similar journey to that of the Davids. Majority shareholder Adrian Hanauer bought the club when it was losing money, over the 4 years got the debt under control.

He has brought steady success on the field too winning the MLS and kmaking the conference finals in 2014.

He has brought in additional investors, film producer Joe Roth, Microsoft co founder Paul Allen, and the comedian Drew Carey.

Of these the most significant is Paul Allen, owner of the NFL team, Seattle Seahawks. Allen built a new stadium for the Seahawks to be used in partnership with the Sounders. I have seen this chaps private yacht moored at Canary Wharf during the 2012 Olympics, believe it’s a tad more impressive than a gold or maroon Roller.

If we are looking for a business partner to take the club to the next level these are exactly the type of investor we would need. I don’t think this visit is anything of coincidence, the Yanks are coming!!

Admiral Lard
Posted 04 Jul 2016
Seattle Sounders game - More to it than meets the eye?

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