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Q: Now the window has shut, how do you view the business the Club has done?
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G&S vote of confidence meeting has jeopardised this season
flyingV 31 Aug 2014

Three games in and we've already got a taste of just what the "new" West Ham have in store for us this season.

I'm no fan of Allardyce, and I can't wait for his inevitable replacement which will hopefully come sooner rather than later.

But putting that aside, for me the disarray we saw on the pitch yesterday can also be attributed to our owners' bizarre public vote of confidence meeting at the end of last years campaign.

What the fuck was the point of that little charade? The way it was presented in the media was that Allardyce was certain to lose his job and this board was rife with posts speculating on who our new manager would be. Instead of putting this to bed straight away, these rumours were left to grow momentum within a ridiculous one week "decision period" which culminated in what seemed to be a U-turn whereby BFS was allowed to keep his position on the basis that he provide more entertainment for the fans.

This was stupid for a number of reasons. Firstly, you now had an even angrier support who almost unanimously wanted rid of the manager and had allowed excitement to build over the potential replacement. Had a statement been put out clarifying the purpose of the meeting then this could have been quashed early on.
Instead, what we had was fans that had started to envisage life beyond the Dudley Dinosaur and had had it stolen from them. Rightly or wrongly, you now had fans feeling cheated at the prospect of putting up with another year of shit and the net result of that is an even more poisonous atmosphere at home games with 30,000 people telling the manager to "Fuck Off"

Secondly, expecting Allardyce to adapt his style is another delusion that surely even G&S can see is destined for failure? This is a man whose footballing principles are well-known and haven't wavered throughout his time in the game. I loathe his tactics but the reason people hire the man is because these tactics have brought him a relative level of "success" (although his definition is probably different from mine...) To expect him to surrender these as an ultimatum to remain in his job is ludicrous - when you hire BFS, you buy into what he gives you. IF you don't like it, you get someone else in. Also, you've now given the man the ultimate excuse for when things go wrong. This is the man who never takes responsibilities for his teams failures on the pitch and you've given him the perfect get-out clause if it all goes tits up this season.

The timing of that whole circus last year, not to mention the way G&S went about it, set us up in the worst way possible for this coming season. A crowd that hate the manager more than ever, a manager forced to work outside his comfort zone who knows he has bosses that have considered replacing him, and a man in a win-win situation who knows that G&S want to avoid paying him compensation but also has a ready-made excuse for when it all goes wrong.

Look at Southampton yesterday. A starting 11 who I would have trouble naming (I've got penners for that) but were well drilled, clever and took us apart. In contrast, we have a confused squad who reach the final third but are scared of doing anything dynamic going forward. We will string a few slow sideways passes together before Adrian gets it back.

The owners bottled it. I hope we don't have another disaster on our hands come December.

Lets hope I'm wrong and we turn this around, this is one of the strongest squads on paper we've had in years. But I'm not holding my breath.

Anyway - SPLAT, you cunt, etc etc... bring it on.

Posted 31 Aug 2014
G&S vote of confidence meeting has jeopardised this season

Posted 30 Aug 2014
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