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(Re)View of the Opposition - Sunderland UPDATED
Youth Reporter 05 Oct 2015

The unbeaten away form of West Ham continues as they fight back from going two goals behind against a struggling Sunderland team.

Although we all went into the game wanting the 3 points and many even expecting it, a point away from home is rarely a bad outcome for a team in our position and so it proved this weekend.

Here are the thoughts of Peter who was kind enough to answer our (Re)View questions. We are still waiting on replies from Brian, I will update if/when we get them.

Firstly, you've read the response to your 'View From' article, would you like to respond to any of the comments?

Brian -

Peter - I think poor Brian got the brunt of the abuse, although Sloppy Giuseppe seems to have me summed up pretty well.

2-2 a fair result or not?

Brian -

Peter - I think if we had edged it 2-1 you couldn't have had many complaints after we were so dominant in the first half. I think the goal just before half time was your saviour as it would have made us nervous during the break and that showed in the second half. After the sending off it was always going to be an uphill battle and when you equalised I would have put my house on you going on to win it. So when I think of it like that i'm pleased with the point, just disappointed when I think of how I felt at 2-0.

Pick a man of the match for both teams?

Brian -

Peter - M'Vila for us with two excellent assists. I'd say Moses for you mainly for the picking out of Jenkinson for the goal which as I said think saved the game for you.

What was your thoughts on the Away fans?

Brian -

Peter - I think away fans in general at all clubs are better than home support. Not sure whether it's the new stadia, all seaters, ticket prices or what but home fans at all clubs are mostly quiet unless it's a special game. You are no different. You have only got one song though :-)

After seeing the game in the flesh, where do you think both teams will finish the season?

Brian -

Peter - West Ham 10th, Sunderland 17th

How do you feel about Advocaat leaving and who should you go and get?

Brian -

Peter - I like him and respect him but think it's right he went. Lack of funding was always going to cause him problems he didn't deserve. Would love to go all out and get Rodgers but i'm not deluded enough to think he would see us as an attractive proposition at the moment so we need to set out sights a bit lower. I read an article on Paul Lambert the other day and although he has had problems at his previous club, he hasn't become a bad manager over night and is at the level we could attract. Or maybe we wait a couple of weeks and get Jose.

What pleased you more, getting a point against the best away team in the land or Newcastle being thumped?

Brian -

Peter - Would say i'm pleased with the point against you Southern Shandy drinkers, but seeing the Zebras get humiliated always makes the weekends better.

Our thanks to Peter for answering both the 'View From' and the '(Re)View' questions.


Brian sent this message to me: My response to anyone found given abuse should be banned from all football grounds has it should not happen in England

Thanks again to Brian for answering the 'view from' questions

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