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Q: 2014/15 Manchester United (h)
a/ It's been a tough few weeks, but this is where we'll find out if we've got the guts for Europe. The rot stops here, the climb recommences, Win.
b/ Looks like Man U have rediscovered their old selves, a draw here would still be creditable.
c/ Christmas is gone and the traditional plummet has begun. Down to 8th already. I can't see where our next point is coming from. We're going down. NO SERIOUSLY YOU MUGS, WE'RE GOING DOWN!!!
d/ I can't decide if we've turned to shit, or if this is just a blip. It's still tight at the top and we're still in touch with those European slots. Too tough to call really.
e/ Man U, most successful club since football began back in the heady days of 1996. Everyone's 2nd faves, aren't they? Well that's what SKY sports told me, so it must be true, unless of course it's Chelsea. Did I tell you about my 48" TV

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