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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

⚽ Brentford v West Ham - Official Match Thread - Preview
charleyfarley 3:16 Sat Oct 7
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    Gtech Community Stadium
    Sat 4th Nov 15:00:
    VAR Michael Salisbury

Thomas Bramall: (2) - 8 1

Flekken, Pinnock, Ajer, Collins, Nørgaard (c), Janelt, Oneyka, Jensen, Mbueno, Wissa, Maupay
Subs: Strakosha (GK), Zanka, Ghoddos, Mee, Roerslev, Yarmolyuk, Olakigbe, Bierley, Mayowa Adedokun

Areola, Coufal, Mavropanos, Aguerd, Emerson, Ward-Prowse, Souček, Kudus, Bowen, Benrahma, Antonio
Subs: Fabiański (GK), Johnson, Cresswell, Kehrer, Ogbonna, Fornals, Cornet, Ings, Mubama

Brentford 11/10 : Draw 5/2 : West Ham 23/10


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Sir Alf 8:50 Mon Nov 6
Re: ⚽ Brentford v West Ham - Official Match Thread - Preview
Good point comma, I stand corrected. It’s that I’m done with him now and see the season being a dead rubber okie so many in the past :-)

Moyes did provide us that Conderence cup win and for that I will appreciate him but league campaigns last year and this year look like being a total write off and I cannot see us repeating European success hence no qualification next season.

I guess what’s frustrating more than anything is that with a modern, progressive manager we we’re positioned for further improvement. Moyes race is run and having to wait until summer to axe him is really depressing

, 5:24 Mon Nov 6
Re: ⚽ Brentford v West Ham - Official Match Thread - Preview
Sir Alf, when you talk of another season to write off are you referring to seasons spent with Moyes or with WHU managers in general. And if you are referring to Moyes is the write off when he took over from Pellegrini and kept us up, when he took us to a record number of EPL wins in a season with a positive goal difference, when he next took us to a European tournament semi final equalled the next best number of EPL wins again with a positive goal difference or lastly the recent season where we won a European competition again qualifying for European football?

Lee Trundle 5:10 Mon Nov 6
Re: ⚽ Brentford v West Ham - Official Match Thread - Preview
I'm still fuming about Antonio being a cunt and stopping Benrahma from scoring.

Sir Alf 5:00 Mon Nov 6
Re: ⚽ Brentford v West Ham - Official Match Thread - Preview
Another raking indictment of Moyes tactical failings is undoubtedly summed up in a simple phrase:

“He tries to fit his system ( Moyesball sit deep and static in shape with fast counters ) to the players” and it the other way around.

It’s why he always likes a player that can play a variety of positions or roles. But even without that he will more than often try to play them in a new role. The wide left birth is the one of comedy. Fornals, Benrahma, Paqueta, none of them wide players ( pace needed ) and more recently Kudus to avoid dropping Soucek. The 2 most suitable ( Antonio and Cornet ) rarely get a run out there although Antonio showed a wide birth is undoubtedly his best role as it always was. Cornet? This years Downes. Not a Moyes pick so will be bombed out the club. Moyes wanted Downes sold and only Moyes and Steidtens intervention made it a loan as they thought he was young and technically talented enough to be given more than one season where he got only a few minutes or when given tge chance was played as an advanced midfielder.

Moyes cannot adapt. He never could and plenty more players will suffer being played out of position to fit his one system

Hopefully Steidten sees it? Noble ? He hits up Moyes when interviewed but is that just to keep up appearances.

Moyes is fast becoming, like a few of our previous managers , a kind of “Chauncey Gardner” ( film “Being There” ) . A man trapped in a “time bubble” of 20 years ago. His longevity secured via survival football at Everton on a limited budget is tge “credit in The bank” he still lives off and the good job he did initially for us ( before being sussed ) topped it up in the minds of ex pros and pundits who, let’s face it, for the most part are hardly going to be the most educated or thinking types. They just peddle a bunch of hackneyed cliches about his experience, how he saved the club etc.

He should have been let go at tge end of last season. But the bling shine of the Conference cup blinded Sullivan along with Sullys fear of being lampooned by the media.

We’re stuck with him until summer I reckon. Another season to write off and such a shame as we finally win something ( albeit 3rd tier ) that could have been used to move us forward

w4hammer 2:08 Mon Nov 6
Re: ⚽ Brentford v West Ham - Official Match Thread - Preview
Still cant get my head around how Moyes has tried to turn JWP into a defensive midfielder- he's "ok" doing this to recyle balls ( he can pass over 5 yards unlike Soucek) in possession ; when we dont have the ball, he's never where he should have been resulting in large tracts of the midfiled just given up.

Id have probably played mavrapanos as a screen for oggy & aguerd alongside Soucek or behind him and JWP and then played benny, bowen and kudus

the Villa game was sort of that formation with alvarez as Dm however he was awful..so fuck knows where we go from here ;-)(

Russ of the BML 12:57 Mon Nov 6
Re: ⚽ Brentford v West Ham - Official Match Thread - Preview
Come On You Irons 5:48 Sun Nov 5

With respect mate. Probably about 90% of PL teams could do what you have done there.

But what they have is a good manager that takes average to good PL players and creates an efficient unit.

Not our fucking useless cunt.

Willtell 12:57 Mon Nov 6
Re: ⚽ Brentford v West Ham - Official Match Thread - Preview
I think you are correct Sir Alf. I’m all for backing a manager that wins things by whatever means but Moyes worst failure is his game management.

At half time I was ready to see the 4-4-2 revert to 4-2-3-1 by removing Antonio (still leaving the 3 forwards that beat Arsenal) to beef up midfield where we were getting overrun. It was all so predictable when he didn’t.

Russ of the BML 12:53 Mon Nov 6
Re: ⚽ Brentford v West Ham - Official Match Thread - Preview
We go 1-3 up and we win the game. I'm sure of that. But there lies the biggest problem. Antonio. Absolute dogshit of a PL player. Would struggle to get into a Championship side and even possibly some League 1 clubs. An absolute fucking dog shit of a player.

But, having said that, they tore us a new one over the course of the game. Mbeumo or whatever his name is (bald head and beard) could've scored six, 3 before half time. And we come out with no changes. Moyes is a massive cunt and has to go. He hasn't got a fucking clue and I'm sick and tired of watching him fraud his way through.

Just sack this fucking dickhead now

Sir Alf 12:28 Mon Nov 6
Re: ⚽ Brentford v West Ham - Official Match Thread - Preview
Hit send too early ( I hear shouts of “wish you hadn’t hit it at all)

Soucek? He’s not a Premiership footballer

Sir Alf 12:27 Mon Nov 6
Re: ⚽ Brentford v West Ham - Official Match Thread - Preview
Moyes is clueless. He has played his “survival” or spoiling football model at Everton for 10-15 years, failed with it at United and in Spain and at Sunderland. Gets us from relegation places to survival and then a couple of top 7 finishes in strange times ( COVID ) with no crowds etc. We had an element of surprise until it was countered by most teams tactically in the season before last just around Xmas when coincidentally he saw no need to bring in a striker or new players.

Nothing has really changed since then. He saw the team do well in the Europa then won the Conference due to lower quality teams who like the Premiership teams previously were outfoxed initially by his sit deep and counter tactic.

He has never set up differently, he doesn’t know how to coach to keep possession, play through the lines and midfield hence why his only transfer priorities are physical, experienced players without pace and sub standard technique for the most part.

So we have Antonio, Soucek, Benrahma, Coufal regularly starting or turning out. Others like Aguerd struggling too but the above 4 are technically below the standard needed to keep the ball or make the most of attacking situations. Coufal is the lesser problem but he’s not a wing back as evidenced by appalling crossing and passing to no one 4 or 5 times. Benrahma? To be fair he is not a wide man and never was. He has zero pace as he’s a number 10. He lost a foot race twice to Brentford’s giant central defenders who are not usually as fast as a wide man.

Antonio? At 34 and playing for himself ( evidenced by farcical miss and ignoring Benrahma as he wanted to score for bragging rights in his podcast career ? ) he should be a big part player playing ironically wide left or right. That wide left spot has been filled with round pegs in square holes throughout Moyes tenure.

Soucek? Many have been calling for him to be axed for 2 years. He’s not a

Fauxstralian 10:40 Mon Nov 6
Re: ⚽ Brentford v West Ham - Official Match Thread - Preview
This problem of conceding just after half time seemingly every game persists. Frustrating and down to the manager

What frustrates me is we have lost all 5 Premier League games to Brentford and all we hear is excuses and blaming everyone else.
Thomas Frank has Moyes BALLS in a vice and makes an idiot of him every time.

zico 8:37 Sun Nov 5
Re: ⚽ Brentford v West Ham - Official Match Thread - Preview
What is really frustrating from a manager and a coaching team who are paid a lot of money is the fact that they seem incapable of improving players, which forgive my naivety but I thought that was their job. Forget players like Paqueta who have improved as they get used to the pace of the PL. I'm talking about such players as Aguerd, Benrahma, Fornals, Antonio, Soucek, who week in week out make the same mistakes week in week out. Or they fail to improve their passing, finishing, vision, positioning, all such things that good coaches "should" improve.

Dr Matt 8:06 Sun Nov 5
Re: ⚽ Brentford v West Ham - Official Match Thread - Preview
Need to go to a back 5. Can’t keep clean sheets for love not money unless it’s a really poor side.

Let’s start getting some points on the board with a 5-3-2 and then go from there.

Coufal Mavropanos Zouma Aguerd Emerson
Ward-Prowse Alvarez Paqueta
Bowen Kudus

LeroysBoots 6:17 Sun Nov 5
Re: ⚽ Brentford v West Ham - Official Match Thread - Preview
COYI, a lot of those players have been played continually by the fool Moyes

A new coach will actually work with Steidten rather than resent him on new signings that can improve the team

fraser 6:17 Sun Nov 5
Re: ⚽ Brentford v West Ham - Official Match Thread - Preview
Pagey - you told me it annoyed you.

Again you scored your point I admitted I got it wrong, you could have left it there.. Especially as you don't give a shit. Seems like you just want to argue..

You just love an argument don't you I agreed with you and here we still are, who's carrying on like a prick. Thank fuck you don't give a shit eh son :-)

Manuel 6:13 Sun Nov 5
Re: ⚽ Brentford v West Ham - Official Match Thread - Preview
COYI - Your credibility on here is now ZERO, so nobody is reading that. Get yourself onto the straw pool thread and explain yourself, you utter fool.

Hammer and Pickle 6:12 Sun Nov 5
Re: ⚽ Brentford v West Ham - Official Match Thread - Preview
On the basis of pure technique, Paqueta is easily the best I've ever seen play at the club, and that includes, Brooking, Devonshire, Joe Cole, Scott Parker, Di Canio, Benayoun, Tevez and Payet. Apart from that, you seem depressed. Why don't you seek help, pash?

Come On You Irons 5:48 Sun Nov 5
Re: ⚽ Brentford v West Ham - Official Match Thread - Preview
I keep reading all stuff about a supposedly great squad beig held back by the manager, but is the squad really that good?

Antonio - old converted striker
Ings - completely shot
Paqueta - overtated midfielder who gives the ball away far too often
Benhrahma- Championship level player
JWP - average midfielder
Fornals - bang average midfielder
Soucek - technically poor
Zouma - injury prone and slow
Aguerd - not a Premier League standard centre half
Coufal - average full back
Cresswell -past it, average full back
Ogbonna - past it centre half, low a liability
Johnson - Championship standard defender

I would only rate Kudus and Bowen as true Champions League level quality players. Alvarez and Paqueta too, at a push.

Our squad is bang average in truth, despite the massive spend on it and we still don't have a proper striker having failed to replace an Italy international striker in the Summer, which is gross negligence in my opinion.

We have wasted so much money on average players and still have a lop sided squad under Moyes.

Pagey 5:36 Sun Nov 5
Re: ⚽ Brentford v West Ham - Official Match Thread - Preview
Fraser, stop using the word son. It makes you sound like a right prick.

nychammer 4:17 Sun Nov 5
Re: ⚽ Brentford v West Ham - Official Match Thread - Preview
We rode our luck big time against Chelsea - that game was a steal

Brighton we deserved

Luton we got away with 3 points, just about

Sheff U - regulation home win

The rest have been have been business as usual type affairs reminiscent of last season including 2 fixtures in Everton and Brentford that you'd expect some points from.

We now have Forest (H) Burnley (A) and Palace (H) . Failure to win 2 of 3 there and he has to go. Shirley

fraser 3:59 Sun Nov 5
Re: ⚽ Brentford v West Ham - Official Match Thread - Preview
I didn't actually see the Brighton game live, I was looking at the stats thinking wtf, how lucky must we be. I watched the whole game replay and thought we thoroughly deserved it...

Yes Areola pulled off some wordlues towards the end but I thought we were worth it unlike the Chelsea game..

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