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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Yarmouth 12:03 Mon Jan 16
Stuart Pearce
Listened to Pearce this morning on talkshite. He went to the training ground last Thursday and his conclusions are as follows -

1. There's great unity between the players and the manager
2. 'Dave' has the credit in the bank to continue moving the club forward (continue?)
3. The fans are behind the team and manager but he understands they are a little frustrated
4. The new players from the summer have struggled to integrate into the structure & still are
5. Europe has been the main cause for our struggling form

He's gone way downhill in my opinion. Maybe, politically, he's saying the right thing because he fancies a job there soon, or more likely, he's completely bottled it and can't see anything wrong with 'Dave' and his managership.

How does an ex player of that courage on the pitch not see or hear what we as fans are seeing?

What fucking spell does Moyes have on the media?

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Manuel 7:00 Tue Jan 17
Re: Stuart Pearce
I respect Pearce as a bloke, but fuck me as a coach, pundit etc he's fucking clueless. Laughable that some are contributing our downfall to this chump no longer putting the cones out.

GoalLazio 1:40 Tue Jan 17
Re: Stuart Pearce
Pearce is an absolute spaz. Do fuck off.

Takashi Miike 11:24 Mon Jan 16
Re: Stuart Pearce
what was that worse this morning was Keown talking down to a couple of fans. horrible fucking chimpanzee head cunt

Sir Alf 10:13 Mon Jan 16
Re: Stuart Pearce
southbankbornnbred 6:53 Mon Jan 16

That’s been my experience of the football industry, managers who were players, players themselves at all levels.

Not too many need to take education and self education / learning seriously. Lots of arrogance and bigshots. One dimensional thinking pundits with predefined narratives and bias to keep themselves in a job. It’s a closed shop in many senses. No one calling Moyes out for his absolute failure the last 6-12 months.

Mr Anon 6:54 Mon Jan 16
Re: Stuart Pearce
Moyes has no credit left, he's deep into his overdraft with one last chance to avoid defaulting

southbankbornnbred 6:53 Mon Jan 16
Re: Stuart Pearce
This all reminds me of 2002/03, when the manager, players, ex-players and media luvvies couldn't see a problem with us as we plummeted towards an ultimate relegation that many fans saw as inevitable because, on the pitch, we were so obviously a disjointed mess.

Too many people in football really are fucking thick. That's all I can conclude.

Iron Duke 6:48 Mon Jan 16
Re: Stuart Pearce
SnarestoneIron 2:58 Mon Jan 16

We hadn't played in the EL since 9th December (with a reserve/youth team, so actually 25th November), and didn't play in the EL again until 10th March. Thanks for proving my point.

Westham67 5:05 Mon Jan 16
Re: Stuart Pearce
Forest got 20+ players in and they doing better that we are. Moyes biggest with ratio was 52% at Man U

british is best 4:57 Mon Jan 16
Re: Stuart Pearce
Every team Stuart Pearce managed players used to complain regularly how boring the training regime was . It's a bloody damning indictment of us as a club that people think hes a good coach he isn't .

bell 4:55 Mon Jan 16
Re: Stuart Pearce
Didn't he say negative shit about Moyes two weeks ago?

cholo 4:54 Mon Jan 16
Re: Stuart Pearce
Pearce is probably being sincere and sees those qualities in Moyes. The problem is this is a results business and if you cant get results, at least put in performances, which will earn you favour, for a while.

Moyes of course hasn't got close to achieving either for months. Time to go.

whu 4:45 Mon Jan 16
Re: Stuart Pearce
Pearcey probably on a confidentiality clause to say FA negative about WHUFC

SnarestoneIron 2:58 Mon Jan 16
Re: Stuart Pearce
Iron Duke 2:28 Mon Jan 16

Didn't affect us? We tailed off from January...

swindon hammer 2:56 Mon Jan 16
Re: Stuart Pearce
Loved Stuart Pearce as a player but he’s not the brightest is he?

I can’t believe there are people that actually believe his departure was the catalyst for our decline!

Here’s what I think of Pearce’s points.

1.Doesn’t appear to be judging from the performances on the pitch.

2. He did have credit in the bank but that should have run out after the Leicester game.

3. I think most supporters have the same opinion that a change is needed.

4. Yep

5. Absolute bollocks. He has regularly changed the players that play in the league to the ones that play in Europe and the last European game was at the start of November. Most of our squad have had a 5 week break since then!

Iron Duke 2:30 Mon Jan 16
Re: Stuart Pearce
4. Moyes bought players who do not fit into his favoured system, and is unwilling/unable to change his system or adapt.

Iron Duke 2:28 Mon Jan 16
Re: Stuart Pearce
And last season we reached the semi final of a more difficult European tournament while reaching the quarter final of the League Cup and finishing seventh in the league.

Didn’t do us much harm then.

SullyHammer 2:20 Mon Jan 16
Re: Stuart Pearce
Europe has been the main cause for our struggling form

Our last European game was the 3rd November. We had already qualified prior to this game, and didn't put out a strong side. Since then we had three games in a row then had a break for the WC. After the WC break we have taken 2 points from 6 games.

Not sure the point he is making works out.

Hammer and Pickle 2:16 Mon Jan 16
Re: Stuart Pearce
Definitely what Russ said.

I’d add the media picture informs the Owners’ take on it much more than what us fans see. For them, West Ham London is a media/entertainment project gaining revenue from TV money, merchandise, sponsorship and ticket sales. There is no doubt a lot of discrete betting going on as well. The football side of things, while not marginal, is not the revenue core so even poor performance on the pitch is part of the overall package as long as the revenues keep rolling in. This year we have poor form and a relegation battle on the menu. This year we have the fans being trolled by the dour manager who everyone hates. Pearce knows this perfectly well and is quite happy to play along on camera.

It is flirting with relegation though so the risk to revenues is on the rise. But it’s only deemed a future risk so why rock the boat, sack the manager and generate costs today?

whu 2:12 Mon Jan 16
Re: Stuart Pearce
if you want genuine opinions, you cannot quote people that have to keep the clubs board sweet due to potential money from the club. so current players and any ex-player potentially having a bit of a corporate gig or suchlike, forget it. pointless 'no real problem/keep manager' type quotes. ask the hornchurch coach lot or regular away supporters for a proper analysis and literally nobody backs moyes or has done so for a month and upwards.

Stowie.40 2:12 Mon Jan 16
Re: Stuart Pearce
Pearce is a fucking idiot when it comes to football why listen to him. Hate this credit in the bank bollocks.

whu 2:07 Mon Jan 16
Re: Stuart Pearce
Lee Trundle 12:18 Mon Jan 16
Re: Stuart Pearce
We've been shit for a year.

I wish people would tell that to those who think Moyes still has credit in the bank.

that's it in a nutshell in the prem, the europa distraction with some success, has been a smokescreen for the fucking prem dogshit for a year. add a dinosaur manager that leaves the best players on the bench and it's all so fucking pointless prolonging it. this shit happens. to most managers. he is tired, stale, devoid of ideas and has a squad better than he is capable of managing. act now or do what roeder did. send a very good squad of players down.

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