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Roeder-nowhere 9:48 Wed Apr 5
Anybody had any, of the dental variety I mean… I aint enlarging my man boobs (reduction needed).
Dentist insisting I need one, at a coiplw of grand a pop he would wouldn’t he?!

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Roeder-nowhere 10:37 Fri Apr 7
Re: Implants
Not sure that’s too reassuring!? 😂

LeroysBoots 5:29 Fri Apr 7
Re: Implants
BTW dentists are fucking genius's

Also, when I had the work done it was hilarious seeing bits flying around right in front of your nose and the noise of a high pitch drill yet no pain whatsoever

charleyfarley 4:31 Fri Apr 7
Re: Implants
I agree with Noah don't go cheap .... I paid 18K for various implants, the main delay is waiting for the veneers to be made, expect to pay on average £1800 per implant + costs if you need bone graft. Veneers have a 10 year guarantee the full process takes about 4-6 months

Roeder-nowhere 3:06 Fri Apr 7
Re: Implants
Main concern is who to do them with. Some might be cheaper but use different material or different implants.
I’m assuming there’s some kind of guarantee with these things too? Doesn’t sit too well with me having something effectively hammered into my bone but needs must

LeroysBoots 1:56 Fri Apr 7
Re: Implants
Almost identical to Heath, my dentist was Canon Street

Best thing I ever did, had a plate for years before, fucking awful thing.

It is time consuming though as already said, the bone graft taking is the long wait

Noah 1:50 Fri Apr 7
Re: Implants
I’ve had my entire top railings done. Had 7 extractions and 3 new bridges of 4 teeth put in on 6 implants. £15k and worth every penny.

Long process though as the implants need to integrate into the bone.

Don’t be tempted to go cheap.

Heath Hammer 1:11 Wed Apr 5
Re: Implants
Had one during 2021/22.

Extraction, some clever stuff done to help the healing process and bone regeneration and then the implant fitted. This was all done by a specialist. My own dentist then fitted the crown.

Don't think i got much change out of £3K and whole process took about 9 months.

They were based in the Corn Exchange by Fenchurch St Station.

Dick Shaftsbury 1:01 Wed Apr 5
Re: Implants
It's the best option by far. You won't regret it.

The only issue is it's a bit of a long drawn-out process.

bruuuno 12:09 Wed Apr 5
Re: Implants
I’ve had a BBL

BillyJenningsBoots 12:05 Wed Apr 5
Re: Implants
I may need one too as a marykand bridge on my front tooth keeps failing and I don't fancy losing 2 good teeth to form a crown bridge... been quoted 2 grand too anyone had any experience of them?

JayeMPee 11:50 Wed Apr 5
Re: Implants
Definitely worth doing, first stage of removing existing tooth and preparing for implant worst. Didn't find it painful but certainly uncomfortable, fitting new implant a doddle. Good luck!

Dick Shaftsbury 11:43 Wed Apr 5
Re: Implants
Yeah I've had one. What do you need to know?

hammer205 10:05 Wed Apr 5
Re: Implants
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