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teacoffeeteacoffee 11:39 Sat Jul 22
Dagenham today
17 notes on the door for terracing, so will wander over there with the boy. Don't know how much the burgers or wagon wheels are..

Hopefully we will see a few of our international starts turn out for this one.

Anyone else on here going?

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ironsofcanada 8:21 Sun Jul 23
Re: Dagenham today
fraser 8:08 Sun Jul 23

Ogbonna was there hanging out with Chiellini and Bonnuci. I guess that means he is off as well.

Right or wrong, it is obvious that those who went to Australia where given some time off.

fraser 8:08 Sun Jul 23
Re: Dagenham today
Scamacca went to Italy to see his knee specialist apparently, nothing else.

pdbis 8:01 Sun Jul 23
Re: Dagenham today
Pointless signing strikers.

SUM A DING WONG 12:08 Sun Jul 23
Re: Dagenham today
Just seen a report. Maybe to Roma.

SUM A DING WONG 12:06 Sun Jul 23
Re: Dagenham today
Ahhh, I’m guessing in a strop.

Typical, nothing ever goes smoothly.

Manuel 12:04 Sun Jul 23
Re: Dagenham today
He's gone back to pasta land...apparently.

SUM A DING WONG 11:43 Sun Jul 23
Re: Dagenham today
What news is that, Manuel?

I think we’re more likely to get closer to Scamacca’s fee, than Ings (that’s if Scamacca starts looking good in Europe).

I’m not confident though, given the way we conduct our transfers.

Fingers crossed with Mubama - I’m quietly confident.

Manuel 11:37 Sun Jul 23
Re: Dagenham today
SUM - I think Scamacca is a different convo to Ings, and particularity in light of this recent news now breaking.

I don't disagree ref Ings and not totally opposed to keeping him as having a poacher on the bench who can nick you a goal late on in a game is an asset. I say on the bench as I really wouldn't want him starting, in the PL I mean. Europe, yes, possibly.

It's never as black and white as saying we should keep him or not as it all depends if we receive any realistic bids for him. We may do, but we are never getting our money back (15 mil) looking at around 6 mil I believe, but of course you are then freeing up his 125k a week wages.

Agree ref Mubama, hopefully this will be his breakthrough season, but realistically it's too early to put him down as a starter just yet, i.e Antonio's replacement. But if he's fearless, and of course good enough, he may take his chance off the bench and stay in. If you're good enough you're old enough.

SUM A DING WONG 11:21 Sun Jul 23
Re: Dagenham today

Although we don’t really need both Ings & Scamacca, I think both of them can do very in Europe, for us.

They both have a bit of quality and nous about them - just not suited to the frenetic pace of the Premier League ( well, not with the way we play).

Of course, if we were able to at least get our money back for one of them and find another established pacy striker, then that would be happy days - Imagine that, eh.

As you say, it looks like Mubama will have his chance, but I wouldn’t want to be relying on him just yet.

That said, I wouldn’t be massively surprised if he took to the PL well - although on the little I’ve seen , his hold up play needs to Improve.

He seems to have no fear, so I’d be inclined to bring him on in the last 10/15 mins if we’re 1-0 nil down, you know, the time in the game Moyes finally allows us to open up a bit and attack.

Manuel 8:06 Sun Jul 23
Re: Dagenham today
daveyg 11:11 Sat Jul 22

It appears that Moyes like Mubama and will give him his chance, let's hope so. It does make you wonder why we bought Ings, I know we were in the shit in January, and he can nick you a goal, but we over payed for him and put him on way too much money. Hopefully we can offload him this window.

I believe Orford looked decent yesterday?

RM10 11:31 Sat Jul 22
Re: Dagenham today

Vexed 11:13 Sat Jul 22
Re: Dagenham today
How did all our new signings do?

daveyg 11:11 Sat Jul 22
Re: Dagenham today
I think next week more like. Poor soul.
Mubama will make it but depends on who or not stands in his way.Better player to start than ings. All round game is miles better

icwhs 10:59 Sat Jul 22
Re: Dagenham today
VickyPkVillageIdiot 6:28 Sat Jul 22
Re: Dagenham today

I particularly love the orange trim and conference league win commemorative details..

Oh wait!

My sources told me 🤣 what a mug

fraser 7:01 Sat Jul 22
Re: Dagenham today
After only beating Sours 3-2, 2 each against Dagenham is about par :-)

pdbis 6:57 Sat Jul 22
Re: Dagenham today
Be surprised if Luizao is at the club this time next year.

Iron Duke 6:48 Sat Jul 22
Re: Dagenham today
Luizao gave away a penalty. He’s not had a good pre-season

cheesebgt 6:45 Sat Jul 22
Re: Dagenham today

The Stoat 6:33 Sat Jul 22
Re: Dagenham today
Ha Ha

Apologies my audio was repeating the first half LOL

Stowie.40 6:33 Sat Jul 22
Re: Dagenham today
I so hope this kid has it, has so many false dawns with strikers. Hines, Sears, Odupeko, Martinez. Probably some I’ve missed but about time we brought through a goal scorer.

Iron Duke 6:30 Sat Jul 22
Re: Dagenham today

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