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Mace66 9:44 Fri Jul 28
Calling all family law experts
Anyone know how to go about getting a child arrangement order and how long the process takes.

My son has been trying to get solicitor advice for 2 weeks now but just keeps getting “ too busy at the moment can’t take you on “

We’ve been a big part of our 18 month old granddaughters life and now in a position where we’ve had no contact for 3 weeks and need to get something moving for my wife’s sanity ….

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BBondsBootlaces 8:07 Tue Aug 29
Re: Calling all family law experts
Get a female solicitor. A good one will fight hard against another woman.

Mace66 7:53 Tue Aug 29
Re: Calling all family law experts
greenie1 - cheers mate, got your whomail but can't reply, hence replying here

greenie1 7:27 Mon Jul 31
Re: Calling all family law experts
Legal Beagles is a good forum to look / ask for legal advice.

VickyPkVillageIdiot 7:05 Mon Jul 31
Re: Calling all family law experts
Sounds like a doddle that, greenie son.

greenie1 7:05 Mon Jul 31
Re: Calling all family law experts
... but I would point out that it was stressful and it took up a lot of my time rather than handing over to a solicitor.

greenie1 7:03 Mon Jul 31
Re: Calling all family law experts
I've represented myself (Litigant-in-person) several times in the family court. Takes time to read up on it, saved myself a fortune.
As Litigant-in-person, if you win, you can seek all your costs. Hourly rate as Litigant-in-person is £19 per hour, so what ever you do (this being research, letters, emails etc), write it down and the time it took. Include travel expenses, consumables (paper, printers ink etc). Always state in your paperwork the law and the subsections you are referring to.
Going to court is the last resort, so you will have to prove you have tried everything to resolve.

Manuel 5:51 Mon Jul 31
Re: Calling all family law experts
BM - I think you've made the right call, before you know it they will be adults and they can make their own call. Personally, and this is only IMO, I think the kids are better off with their mother anyway, exceptional cases aside. Fuck being a single dad, not for me, I can barely fry an egg, ffs.

bobbymoore 5:19 Mon Jul 31
Re: Calling all family law experts
going through the same shit. have spent close to £20k on fees and got me nowhere.

I've basically given up on it until the boys are older and they can see the reality. I do what I can atm, my eldest is 13 and he's starting to get an idea of it.

literally no point going through the courts. you'll get shafted at every step.

madeeasy 12:13 Mon Jul 31
Re: Calling all family law experts
Council Scum 12:05 Mon Jul 31

Really pleased it worked that way for you.

I had magistrates galore that were a bunch of cunts and an ex wife who pul;led every tirck in the book to delay and she got her own way.

I must admit a couple of times I didn't do myself any favours when saying what i felt for her latest trick. One time was going to the police 2 days before we were in court to make up a lie about an altercation. The police threatened her with wasting police time, however the court delayed to wait for the police report.

We both went to mediation and agreed. The mediator then did her report and she replied to the mediator saying that the mediator had lied in her report and that was not what she agreed. Even causing the mediator to write to the judge and explain.

However I found the whole thing massively slanted against the father, she moved the kids 3 hours away and then made out it was a problem her taking them anywhere to meet etc.

I can go on.

Mace cheapest way to do it is find some eastern europeans and take the cunt of an ex daughter in law out now. saves time and money in the long run.

Council Scum 12:05 Mon Jul 31
Re: Calling all family law experts

Sorry you've had a shit experience, i managed to do it on my own, I found the court very easy to deal with, the ex had an expensive barrister. The family court judge, constantly stuck up for me and even told her to apologise to me at one point.

madeeasy 12:00 Mon Jul 31
Re: Calling all family law experts
Mace66 9:44 Fri Jul 28

Mace excuse the negativity.

The courts and magistrates are awful, the system and process is awful.

Ex wives, fucking awful.

The system and process is fucked and very long and very drawn out. There are no winners and the ones that lose the most in the whole process are the children.

The only winners are the solicitors.

The only advice I can give is keep calm and reply to everything after a day or two. Never reply in the heat of a moment. Get a good solicitor that specialises in family law and pay the money from day one.

16 Court appearances, mediation galore and the courts are fucked.

FFJ have a very good 10 point charter that should be the common sense basis, unfortunately everyone involved in the family side of court at the moment has no common sense.

only1billybonds 11:31 Mon Jul 31
Re: Calling all family law experts
CS is right.

Make sure you go to mediation, the lady who dealt with my case was very fair ( tho it was 20 years ago) My ex wasnt keen on going which went against her and I ended up getting all i wanted.
Only difference to Scum's advice is i DID use a solicitor and it cost me a fortune for what turned out to be a minimum amount of service.

Good luck.

Council Scum 11:27 Mon Jul 31
Re: Calling all family law experts
Apply for family mediation (one that is court approved) if they don't turn up or it doesn't get resolved there, you fill out a C100 form and pay the court fee. Not dealing with it at mediation or failure to attend goes heavily against you in court.

You don't need a solicitor, its how I got custody of my daughter.

Jim C 9:30 Mon Jul 31
Re: Calling all family law experts
Good luck to you and your son Mace. Hope it all works out.

Someone I know had a similar situation seeing his boys a while ago. Not a nice situation.

Mace66 8:25 Mon Jul 31
Re: Calling all family law experts
And I’ve tried to reason with my sons ex over the weekend and offered to pay what she thinks she’s owed to draw a line under it but she’s not having any of it.

On the one hand she says he owes her and as soon as she gets her money he can have her, on the other she’s making up all sorts about why he’s a bad Dad. But good enough if she gets a few quid clearly ….

Mace66 8:19 Mon Jul 31
Re: Calling all family law experts
Hammer91 whomail mate

Everyone else thanks for the responses

Mace66 8:18 Mon Jul 31
Re: Calling all family law experts
Manuel, your prerogative mate but I’ve been on here for nearly 20 years and have helped and been helped by plenty of real people going through similar experiences.

Recently I helped a WHOer who’d been trying to release his pension for 2 years, I put him on to somebody I used and hey presto job done in no time.

At times this place seems like a mad house but it has form for doing a lot of good

Pentonville 10:02 Sun Jul 30
Re: Calling all family law experts
Maybe the stress of it is making him seem somewhat fucked off at the advice given. If you know there are no rights then bear this in mind

I was told by local old bill that if there was no arrangement in place, to convince the mum to bring my boy to me for a hour visit and then when she collects, tell her to to go get legal advice and fuck her off ur doorstep sans child. Police will prob be called but they told me they would not arrest me or make me the dad hand my boy over, they said they would make sure he was safe and then tell her to get legal advice. They also advised me to pre warn them I was going to do it 😔 I had told them.the situation and how he had been kept from me and they said it was same situation in reverse. Fortunately I didn't need to go down that route as we sorted access eventually but I felt reassured at their attitude.

Manuel 6:17 Sun Jul 30
Re: Calling all family law experts

Mace66 5:01 Sun Jul 30

''Yea I’m aware we have no rights, this is about helping my son get somewhere with it as he’s running into brick walls''

Not being funny mate, but I really don't think you will get your answers on a football forum. In fact, this is the last place I'd go for any advice. Just saying.

BMorris 6:16 Sun Jul 30
Re: Calling all family law experts
Also, wanted to wish the best of luck. The United Kingdom is so far behind other European countries in regards to father's rights.

BMorris 6:14 Sun Jul 30
Re: Calling all family law experts
I went through this myself about 9 years ago.
My ex partner and I were good friends. I met someone new. It was fine. She met someone new, he was controlling and stopped me from seeing my little one for 3 months.

I went to see a Solicitor for a free 45 minute consultation. This guy was honest and told me that given my plan, I could represent myself in Court. If I wanted him to 'hold my hand' it would cost me north of £10k.

I opted to represent myself with thanks to the honesty of the solicitor. I now have 50/50 shared care.

If your son is confident and articulate enough, he can represent himself.

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