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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

scott_d 2:36 Tue Aug 22
Romelu Lukaku
Is the interest real?
Do we even have a chance?
If the answer to both of the above is YES, should we get him in?

It won't be cheap but he's an upgrade on Antonio and could thrive being a big player at a club like West Ham for a few years.

It's been a while since we've had a player capable of scoring 20 goals in a season, he's definitely got the potential to be the first!

His 30 goals in his last season at Inter is almost 50% of what our highest Premier League goalscorer Antonio has achieved in his 7.5 seasons at West Ham (61).

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gph 12:52 Wed Aug 23
Re: Romelu Lukaku
"not worse than Ings"

Only a limbo-dancing elf from Lilliput would regard that a high bar

. . 12:47 Wed Aug 23
Re: Romelu Lukaku
I think it was the match at ours in 2021 Antonio was bullying there keeper and Lukaku was on the bench,

I saw Lukaku number come up in the second half we was already 2-1 down and I'm like well that's the end of the match for us if he is coming on. The camera swung round onto him and i'm like how fat have you got. Looked like Titi Camara

We ended up playing against 10 men and a roundabout.

So for the reason that a 200k a week striker can't keep fit it's a no for me

Crassus 11:09 Tue Aug 22
Re: Romelu Lukaku
Norf - Contrary to what I'd read but happy to stand corrected
As I alluded, a Lukaku up for it and fit would be a touch, I just don't see that happening, but once again, happy to be proved wrong
One thing that is for sure, he has some kind of digestive issue, Inter seemed to identify it and he played his best football, we would need to be on top of that medically

Norflundon 10:51 Tue Aug 22
Re: Romelu Lukaku
Crassus that’s not true he got offered a million pound a week to go to Saudi but he turned it down.
So those saying he’s looking for a last pay day are talking bollox because if he wanted dough that is a fucking lot of it by anyone’s standard.
Clearly wants to still play at a high level over money so sounds pretty motivated to me or he could of gone to Saudi or just collected his dough at Chelsea

I don’t know if he’s still got it but he certainly could not be worse than Ings

roltrader 9:23 Tue Aug 22
Re: Romelu Lukaku
Guaranteed 6 points not lost

ironsofcanada 9:10 Tue Aug 22
Re: Romelu Lukaku
Norflundon 8:05 Tue Aug 22

Fair enough and it better than buying.

But what I see him doing for Inter doesn't help us a lot. Unless we drastically change the system. Antonio is honestly faster than him. And Lukaku works well now with attacking players very close to him.

I would much rather loan Hugo Ekitike and see what he can do with a sustained run in a team. Did okay 2 years ago at Reims.

Crassus 9:06 Tue Aug 22
Re: Romelu Lukaku
History is for reading and learning from
Over paid, over weight, over opinionated, under performing and under committed - no fucker wants him, not even the camel botherers
Getting a prime Lukaku is beyond our compass, signing the current version is beneath it

Just say no

But you just know that Moyes is already on the gravy strokes at the thought

Hammer and Pickle 9:04 Tue Aug 22
Re: Romelu Lukaku
Would work well in the system we're running - reckon he's quickly find an understanding with Bowen, Pacqueta, Fornals and Emerson. Fitness and wages are a worry so a year co-financed loan deal yes thank you please

Norflundon 8:05 Tue Aug 22
Re: Romelu Lukaku

I didn’t suggest buying I said I thought he’d be a really good loan signing as it means we have the option of signing a promising youngster who wouldn’t be under such pressure to hit the ground running. With Divan as the third striker.

Clearly we couldn’t get anywhere near his wages and I certainly would pay money for him as he’d be too expensive but a loan deal gives us more to spend improving the side as we are still at least players short plus a striker imo and I’m not sure we have enough dough to buy three players and a striker unless we are taking a real punt which I’m guessing will mean we’re playing with Antonio for another seasob

ironsofcanada 8:00 Tue Aug 22
Re: Romelu Lukaku
Alex G 7:42 Tue Aug 22

Fair enough (I was just doing league goals) but 27 overall the first year and then 15 the second. A decline, not massive but signficant.

And that was coming up on 5 years ago. The most recent 2 of those missing a few games to injury.

Just watching him in the Champions League, he is a different player. He plays with a very good strikers beside him and contribute in a lot of build up and finishes, even outside the box.

But that is not the game we play, generally.

Alex G 7:42 Tue Aug 22
Re: Romelu Lukaku
ironsofcanada 7:28 Tue Aug 22

Across his two seasons at Man U he managed 42 goals in 96 games which is a fairly decent haul.

By comparison Mason Greenwood managed 36 goals in 130 games for Man United, yet somehow he was proclaimed the second coming of Christ by some of their supporters.

ironsofcanada 7:37 Tue Aug 22
Re: Romelu Lukaku
camel-with-3-humps 7:31 Tue Aug 22

Have you seen him "run" lately?

He's not getting behind much in Serie A, let alone the Premier League.

Exactly why he doesn't work for us.

camel-with-3-humps 7:31 Tue Aug 22
Re: Romelu Lukaku
Defo take him on a season loan.

He'd shine under Moyes hoofball, running in behind defenders and bullying them physically.

He's better than Ings and Antonio by a fucking country mile.

ironsofcanada 7:28 Tue Aug 22
Re: Romelu Lukaku
Alex G

12 goals for Man U his last year is not amazing.

He has been very good for Inter.

Just 10 goals last year but he was injured for a bit.

He still has a big shot, hold up the ball very well.

If anything, I would say he was like an older, better finishing Scammaca who we also bought off doing well in Serie A, playing with another good striker.

Not what works for us, in my opinion.

Alex G 7:14 Tue Aug 22
Re: Romelu Lukaku
Arguably the only place he's flopped is Chelsea. But then again, something about Chelsea means that a ridiculously high percentage of their major signings fail.

Charoo 7:11 Tue Aug 22
Re: Romelu Lukaku
Bit of Googling suggests he is on 16.9m a year/ £325k a week. 5 year contract which he has 3 years left of.

I think this is an absolute non starter with our wage cap.

Someone like Spurs might put up £200k a week for him we won’t.

Swiss. 7:04 Tue Aug 22
Re: Romelu Lukaku
bobbymoore 5:59 Tue Aug 22

Exaclty his strike rate is very impressive. But I have reservations that he can fit into Moyes' system. He's known to be very lazy. I can't see him running the channels like Antonio. I'm sure in his previous clubs he was used to getting a lot ore service than we will provide him.

Worth a risk though.

Manuel 6:30 Tue Aug 22
Re: Romelu Lukaku
Started by a wanker just to have yet another pop at Antonio. Vile cunt.

ironsofcanada 6:24 Tue Aug 22
Re: Romelu Lukaku
Lee Trundle 6:20 Tue Aug 22

As I said:

ironsofcanada 6:15 Tue Aug 22

"Is he better than what we have, of course."

If it is choice between him and bringing no one in. You bring him in.

But that is not the only option available.

Chopper Toshack 6:22 Tue Aug 22
Re: Romelu Lukaku
That’s why we should steer clear of that out of form, mercenary, has-been ponce Lombard.

Chopper Toshack 6:21 Tue Aug 22
Re: Romelu Lukaku
We need going to be’s, not has beens.

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