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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

On The Ball 1:12 Fri Sep 1
Prague/Bowen celebration videos
I've almost worn out the main BT video. I almost want to cuddle Robbie fucking Savage, which obviously isn't right. The UEFA video is very good, but ignores the fans.

My mate standing next to me filmed us for the penalty (we didn't know, so thankfully the reactions are real) and the final whistle (same). That's great, but ...

What I really want to see is us in the stands celebrating when the goal goes in. It's THE moment that I want. THE explosion of 40+ years. You all know what I mean. I know we were all in tears - I want to see you in tears!

So if you know if any links, I'd be most grateful. Also fuck most of you.

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On The Ball 11:48 Sat Nov 4
Re: Prague/Bowen celebration videos
Thank you very much to Mike Oxsaw who WHOmailed me with the solution. If you're interested:

There's an extension on Firefox called YouTube Downloader which puts a 'Download' button just under each video on YouTube. They download slower than dial-up for some reason (thw 1h 50m ish video of the Final took over five hours), but download they do.

Thanks Mike!

On The Ball 9:31 Fri Nov 3
Re: Prague/Bowen celebration videos
This is good - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tgq9KCQ8fDc&t=564s&ab_channel=ElGaborever

Penalty is about 11:52 onwards, the winner is about 13:31.

On The Ball 3:52 Thu Nov 2
Re: Prague/Bowen celebration videos
My request aside - you can call the Conference League tinpot all you like, but I think of what it meant to Jose Mourinho blubbing his eyes out on the pitch when he won it last year. He's won the lot multiple times and still seemed to think it was quite good.

And you don't often get David Moyes running down the pitch celebrating goals in the PL, do you?

ludo21 12:50 Thu Nov 2
Re: Prague/Bowen celebration videos
Have you seen West Ham Clips video of a montage of fan clips... it lasts about 15 mins and I guarantee will bring a tear to the eye. I saw it on twitter when he released it but should be available on his Instagram.

The Fonz 11:42 Thu Nov 2
Re: Prague/Bowen celebration videos
smartypants 8:07 Fri Sep 1

That's a great post and I think you sum up the feeling a lot of us shared that night.

I started going in the 90s so have never seen us win anything apart from promotion and the intertoto, if you can even count that.

For me, Bowen's goal celebration was a release of all the pain, shit and missed chances we have gone through over all the years - losing in 2006 fa cup final, getting beat in semi finals again Birmingham and Frankfurt to name a few, getting knocked out in the cups against 'lesser' teams, relegations...all of it.

It was pure ecstasy that we had finally done it and won a competition. No-one can take that memory away from us.

I will be a very happy man if I get to see something like that at least one more time in my life.

stewie griffin 10:20 Thu Nov 2
Re: Prague/Bowen celebration videos
full game in on TNT Sports /YouTube - pretty sure there's a way to download youtube videos if you google hard enough.

as for videos of the celebrations - not the greatest but best i can see:

On The Ball 10:11 Thu Nov 2
Re: Prague/Bowen celebration videos
I'll take all that as a 'no' then! I'm really surprised, but I suppose it's a good thing that loads didn't have their phones out.

I don't suppose anyone knows where I can download a copy of the whole match? Again, the highlights are fine but there's more I'd like to see (particularly after a few drinks on a plane).

Dicko75 2:33 Sat Sep 2
Re: Prague/Bowen celebration videos
I just want a decent commentator to do a voice over for Bowen’s goal. He tried his best to ruin a beautiful moment

Too Much Too Young 8:40 Fri Sep 1
Re: Prague/Bowen celebration videos
To be fair, you're not gonna get much water boarding action from a glass half full.

Better off motor boating your bollocks with a broken pint glass.

As you were.

smartypants 8:07 Fri Sep 1
Re: Prague/Bowen celebration videos
I understand why some might knock this comp and if I hadn’t been in Prague then maybe I wouldn’t get it either, but I was and everyone who could get out there must now have it down as one of/if not the best experiences as a West Ham fan ever. I’ve never felt so good as when we scored and without wishing to sound like a bit of a bender, it’s the first time I’ve walked out of a stadium feeling completely content, that was it we’d won something, no let’s see what happens next week etc, it was the end of it and it felt great.

the exile 6:24 Fri Sep 1
Re: Prague/Bowen celebration videos
Haha! Manuel finds meaning in his sad life by seizing on the fact that MPI says he likes him! Why don't you try learning something from Sir Alf? He's just as negative as you but we ALL like him because he can not only take a joke, but knows how to make a joke at his own expense.

Manuel 5:34 Fri Sep 1
Re: Prague/Bowen celebration videos
Yet, MPI says that he likes me, he wouldn't even know who you are you pointless bore.

Alwaysaniron 5:12 Fri Sep 1
Re: Prague/Bowen celebration videos
MPI 1.11

Spot on. He’s like Victor fucking Meldrew.

ironsofcanada 3:48 Fri Sep 1
Re: Prague/Bowen celebration videos
Nice little reminder on the Conference League draw stream

the exile 3:33 Fri Sep 1
Re: Prague/Bowen celebration videos
Manuel - yep, I'm sure you're the life and soul, just like you are on here.

Robson 3:15 Fri Sep 1
Re: Prague/Bowen celebration videos
That's not to say I didn't celebrate winning the Europa Conference League!

Robson 3:14 Fri Sep 1
Re: Prague/Bowen celebration videos
I must confess to being slightly taken aback by the contrast in reaction between this and the Intertoto cup years ago. Yes there are differences but it seems the Intertoto is completely (and unfairly) disregarded.

Moncurs Putting Iron 1:11 Fri Sep 1
Re: Prague/Bowen celebration videos
Manuel 9:26 Fri Sep 1
Re: Prague/Bowen celebration videos

Manuel, You know I like you but you do come accross as someone who, upon finding their glass half full waterboards themselves with the contents and then smashes it into their own face.

I think you are in an extreme minority of one with your opinion on this ;-)

Side of Ham 12:30 Fri Sep 1
Re: Prague/Bowen celebration videos
If videos are put up showing our support after scoring any goal I am pleased and will sadly watch over & over. But somehow what happened the season before....the journey....the teams we beat on the way to the semi put this cup win in perspective for me.....so I've still got a lot of my pent up shit remaining.....that's good though no?.....as we want it to be as nutty as fuck in any cup win that comes along......and push it onwards and upwards....happy but by no means content....

Mr Anon 12:24 Fri Sep 1
Re: Prague/Bowen celebration videos
Regardless of whether you see it as merely a competition for "shit teams" which I don't see it as so, surely it's worth celebrating a result that sees you qualify for the Europa league. saying it wasn't worth celebrating is mental

, 12:00 Fri Sep 1
Re: Prague/Bowen celebration videos
We won something of note for the first time in over forty years who can blame true supporters for celebrating the fact.

And we all have perspective on the supposed level of the tournament but are proud that we are the first EPL team to win it.

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