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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

J.Riddle 3:43 Sat Sep 2
Soucek or Alvarez?
Who would you choose as first choice Soucek or Alvarez?

Assuming Paqueta is undroppable at the moment and JWP also due to his amazing start and both favoured by Moyes, that leaves Alvarez being the only one possible to make way for Soucek? Assuming Benrahma will make way for Kudus if he is as good as they say. I know Kudus is right winger but we have Bowen there and Kudus can play anywhere across the front apparently so expect he will move around depending to injuries.

Moyes saying we missed Soucek v Luton.

"It’s a job dealing with them. You have to deal with the balls up and the knock-downs and I think we missed Tomáš Souček for his stature. From that point of view, as the game went on we were struggling a little bit more. But we got a brilliant three points tonight.”

Alvarez stats against Luton last night make for hugely impressive reading. Early doors but some saying he protects the back four better than Declan.

Alvarez had 95 touches and made three tackles, one interception, five clearances, two blocks and won three aerial duels. He had one shot on goal and made one key pass. The Mexican made 74 passes and recorded a completion rate of 86.5% (Who Scored). You won’t find a more well-rounded, complete performance than that from a midfielder.

Soucek or Alvarez?

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SUM A DING WONG 5:24 Sun Sep 3
Re: Soucek or Alvarez?
That’s a fair point, Fraser.

You could bring on another pacy player as well as an out ball.

But sometimes, even when you try to do that, you still don’t get hold of the ball or it’s not very effective.

There’s nothing to stop having both options at the same time.

We have the players to do that.

fraser 5:05 Sun Sep 3
Re: Soucek or Alvarez?
For me, Soucek should only be brought on in some games where we’re winning say, 1nil, 2nil with 20 mins to go, but not being able to get hold of the ball, meaning that we’re getting penned in.

If you're penned in surely you bring on a player to try and stop you being penned in not one that's going to mean you can't get out.

Keep dreaming 5:02 Sun Sep 3
Re: Soucek or Alvarez?
This question should never be a topic.

SUM A DING WONG 4:40 Sun Sep 3
Re: Soucek or Alvarez?
For me, Soucek should only be brought on in some games where we’re winning say, 1nil, 2nil with 20 mins to go, but not being able to get hold of the ball, meaning that we’re getting penned in.

Let him sit in with Alvarez and defend, but allow him to go up for corners and free kicks where along with whoever is up front they hopefully nick a goal (particularly, if we’re playing teams who are weak at defending set pieces and/or starting to tire).

You’d like to think JWP will put a few on a plate for them.

While that’s happening, Alvarez will naturally, stay back and help protect the defence.

This way you’re using Soucek for his strengths. ie, being a goal threat from set pieces, but also someone who can come back and defend.

You’re not having him trying to get on the ball from the start, only to fail, and then have him chase shadows for 90 mins.

He can have 20 mins going up and down the pitch, hopefully, doing what he does best.

It ain’t gonna be pretty, folks, but it just might be effective on occasions.

Hammer and Pickle 3:17 Sun Sep 3
Re: Soucek or Alvarez?
In normal circumstances it’s a no-brainer he starts and nobody has to make way for Soucek. But we don’t know if we have normal here.

ATHammer 1:30 Sun Sep 3
Re: Soucek or Alvarez?
There is nothing to say Soucek can't return to the standard set when he first came in. Right now he needs a trip to the stiffs and fight his way back in contention. If he does great. It isn't a serious question at the moment, Alvarez is miles ahead and will probably stay there.

JayeMPee 11:58 Sun Sep 3
Re: Soucek or Alvarez?
Alvarez every time but wouldn't be surprised to see Soucek and Lingard sometime soon.

Mex Martillo 10:51 Sun Sep 3
Re: Soucek or Alvarez?
Alvarez is looking like being the better player, but Moyes will use them both like Rice and Soucek.

wansteadman 9:45 Sun Sep 3
Re: Soucek or Alvarez?
Man City generally keep the ball on the floor so the need for a big lump in the middle with a shit first touch is not needed. Alvarez wins tackles, gets around the pitch, never gives the ball away and backs up and is always available

Manuel 4:14 Sun Sep 3
Re: Soucek or Alvarez?
Dog - Playing left mid doesn't mean you're a winger, of course he's not a winger he hardly has any pace and that isn't his game anyway. But yea, Soucek is clearly undroppable, which is very disturbing.

I think we all know what this board will be like after the City game, some are sharpening their keypads as we speak.

Sir Alf 4:14 Sun Sep 3
Re: Soucek or Alvarez?
I assume “Stature” means tall bloke who can head it out ?

Moyes being a CB who was a lump that was decent in the air loves a player like himself perhaps? Average technically but brave and throws himself into the aerial duels and at anything launched long at our defence? I didn’t see Luton do that much until the last part of the game when at 0-2 they were desperate and pushed a few forward and went more direct.

It’s thinly veiled bias from Moyes which is ok as he’s the manager.

As most say, he’s positioning to drop Benrahma who tbf was ineffectual but it’s only fans that forced Moyes to pick him in the first place. Benny was probably not a Moyes pick and as we’ve seen with several over players he eventually gets them out of the team and sold / loaned out.

Wide left seems to be the position he forces players into to an accommodate Tommy “square boots”. Soucek is useful to add more defensive height and physicality and suits a team not expecting or set up to not have the ball and having to repel countless attacks “Alamo style” in a backs to the wall defensive effort. But arguably if you keep it better you don’t rely so much on the likes of Soucek. I can see why he might want to use him in an ultra defensive set up against City and hope that’s what the comment is about but the worry and likelihood is Soucek remaining a permanent starter. His poor man’s Fellani. The success of Fellani and Moyes obsession with him continues in the guise of Soucek ?

All fine and good if we continue to win games but not the actions of a manager who would like the team to get and keep the ball better.

solidbond 11:08 Sat Sep 2
Re: Soucek or Alvarez?
Paqueta will play left midfield not left wing if Moyes plays him on the left ,I actually think he plays better coming in off the left and playing diagonals in behind the defence, links up well with Emerson as well.

Hammer and Pickle 10:46 Sat Sep 2
Re: Soucek or Alvarez?
I think he’ll play Álvarez and JWP wide with Paqueta and Soucek in the middle.

It’ll mean Álvarez will have to cut in all game to support Soucek and his “stature”.

Hermit Road 10:34 Sat Sep 2
Re: Soucek or Alvarez?
If he puts Paqueta on the wing to accommodate Soucek, the he needs to be taken to the Highlands and beaten round the head with a shinty stick

Mad Dog 9:50 Sat Sep 2
Re: Soucek or Alvarez?
That's exaxtly what he'll do.

He'll drop benny, shunt paqueta out on rhe left wing (he's not a left winger) and all to accommodate soucek.

It's no surprise to me we played much better after he went off with concussion paquetta moved back into the middle and we played with someone thay actually plays on the wing

BillyJenningsBoots 9:48 Sat Sep 2
Re: Soucek or Alvarez?
Moyes played them both against Brighton so he will do the same against Man City... and Liverpool, but what will he do when we play Sheff Utd that's when he has to choose surely as we should be looking to retain possession and attack.. only time will tell.

I'm sure everyone except Moyes would choose Alvarez... end of thread.

riosleftsock 8:33 Sat Sep 2
Re: Soucek or Alvarez?
Alvarez should be undroppable after yesterday's performance.

Interesting stats on him, but I was more impressed with some of Paqueta's defensive work, didn't know he was so good in the air, he must have made more tackles and interceptions than anybody this weekend.

Vexed 8:17 Sat Sep 2
Re: Soucek or Alvarez?
This is the easiest question ever.

Do you like playing with ten men?

Would you rather die painfully in a fire or spend the afternoon hanging out the back of Margot Robbie?

Tough one. Soucek have a seat on the bench son.

solidbond 7:19 Sat Sep 2
Re: Soucek or Alvarez?
Both,especially away from home.

Capitol Man 7:12 Sat Sep 2
Re: Soucek or Alvarez?
He’s playing better this year, not sure why people always need someone to slag off.

Keep dreaming 6:42 Sat Sep 2
Re: Soucek or Alvarez?
No doubts Moyes will play 5 midfielders with two DMs.
So in order to make place for Soucek, one from yesterday's match will be sacrificed.
Paqueta,, WP, Bowen or Benrahma

No competition really, Benrahma will be off leaving the midfield like this

Bowen Soucek Alvarez WP Paqueta

Next question is how that will inflict Kudus?
Kudus in for Paqueta or Antonio?

Only Moyes knows, but all I can say is we are a much better team without Soucek.

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