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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Geoff 1:05 Tue Sep 12
Those Bloody Gonzo Podcasts
Anyone else find them bloody tedious and, oh so repetitive.? And let's face it they're not even factual. Just a collection of made up tittle tattle. Can';t believe some people actually PAY REAL MONEY to get the so called additional content which I'm guessing is just more invented stories and tittle tattle.

And as for that bloody forum, Hammers Chat. More life at a bloody autopsy as Lord Blackadder once said. And what a miserable sad bunch of old so and so's they are over there.

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Geoff 12:26 Mon Sep 18
Re: Those Bloody Gonzo Podcasts
I also like listening to knowledgeable talk, which is why I quite enjoy some of Geo's offerings, particularly his post match comments.

But I have a complete dislike of people talking bollocks simply to fill time. And unfortunately with some of the HC stuff if you want to hear what Geo says you have to put up with the muppet as well.

However as has been said my t v does have an off switch and no one forces anyone to pay for their "extra content".

Manuel 9:12 Sat Sep 16
Re: Those Bloody Gonzo Podcasts
I started watching FNP on WHTV but they thought it a good idea to start with talking about Harry Maguire, so after 15 mins I turned it off. Discussing ''current affairs'' fuck that, I tuned in for WH related chat.

daveyg 12:53 Fri Sep 15
Re: Those Bloody Gonzo Podcasts
Yeah Gonzo can be full of himself a bit of a... Gonzo tbf.
Both are good value but can contradict themselves like all pundits. Gonzo does go from Moyes out to Moyes in over a throw in won by our dinosaur Jock. Can't quite work him out currently. Geo Moyes out in the main
Geo does seem more knowledgeable about the whole setup youth and U21's especially. Gonzo forgets what he said from day to day.
Gonzo gives the odd article on CnH and he's usually crap on it but it is CnH. He's also some kind of pinball wizard staying in dodgy hotels whilst playing in tournaments around the country

Roby 11:20 Fri Sep 15
Re: Those Bloody Gonzo Podcasts
Both seem good lads and I’m a subscriber on YT.

Still can’t get over Gonzo’s bizarre haircut or is it a Mr Bronson from Grange Hill style wig??

Vexed 8:06 Thu Sep 14
Re: Those Bloody Gonzo Podcasts
Blimey is that it? You'll be no sport at all. Would be like tipping a bloke out of his wheelchair. This site has gone to shit.

Swiss. 7:12 Thu Sep 14
Re: Those Bloody Gonzo Podcasts
Vexed 3:47 Thu Sep 14

And I heard you're a bit of a simp for Snide and Manuel.

swindon hammer 3:55 Thu Sep 14
Re: Those Bloody Gonzo Podcasts
I quite enjoy the after match interviews with the fans on West Ham Fan TV.

Nicky seems like a decent bloke albeit a bit grumpy at times.

Don’t see Dom and his rants on there as much anymore. Probably for the best.

Vexed 3:47 Thu Sep 14
Re: Those Bloody Gonzo Podcasts
I heard they think you're a weird lonely Walter Mitty oddball that they wouldn't let anywhere near children, Swiss son.

Dont shoot the messenger

Swiss. 3:13 Thu Sep 14
Re: Those Bloody Gonzo Podcasts
Gonzo is a bit full of himself and often seems to contradict himself. Geo is better. I like their post match reviews.

stepney hammer 3:06 Thu Sep 14
Re: Those Bloody Gonzo Podcasts
Prefer Geo out of the two. Gonzo seems a nice enough bloke, but generally just comes out with a load of fluff and often goes on weird tangents. Like the other day he spent the first 5 minutes of a video defining what a 'simp' was because apparently his daughter had called him one. Switched off at that point.

I don't know who the bloke with the long hair is that sometimes does videos for them. They sometimes get on a couple of blokes called Jack and Cal that give pretty good analysis using data and analytics if anyone is into that.

Manuel 12:25 Thu Sep 14
Re: Those Bloody Gonzo Podcasts
Willtell - They are pointless, albeit you do occasionally get a snippet of info you haven't hard elsewhere. Like Zico, I watch them when eating something.

zico 12:12 Thu Sep 14
Re: Those Bloody Gonzo Podcasts
I like watching Gonzo's stuff at lunchtime. Decent watch with a bit of light humour whilst munching on a sandwich. Geo's are a bit more to the point but both guys seem alright. Russy's chats with ex players were a nice distraction during Covid. Good luck to all of them.

Dr Matt 11:05 Thu Sep 14
Re: Those Bloody Gonzo Podcasts
I wish we had an equivalent of Robbie and Ty.

Legends they are man!

We mustn’t forget that it’s been raining! LOL

Willtell 10:54 Thu Sep 14
Re: Those Bloody Gonzo Podcasts
I found Gonzo and Geo this summer. Started watching daily podcasts but now only occasionally and very selectively.

Since I found them it's been mostly pointless. I wanted to find out what was happening at WH without paying for it.

It turns out to be watching someone else discuss what we all don't know is actually happening at WH. It is a bit like coming on WHO in video format except WHO is often better informed but also invariably wrong...

GBHammer63 10:41 Thu Sep 14
Re: Those Bloody Gonzo Podcasts
Don’t mind that they can look at things differently about the club and not squabble like kids. As said Geo seems more knowledgeable and thought out, and there seems to be a genuine friendship.
Julian was good on there recently.
BTW Charlie who fills in every now and again, how the fuck has he worn all that fur all summer?

chim chim cha boo 10:29 Thu Sep 14
Re: Those Bloody Gonzo Podcasts
I like fellow fans talking knowledgeably about the team I support.

It's free and Geo is the son of a long time Westhamonline poster.

If you don't like it I hear there are more sites on the interweb to look at.

This thread should be called 'the vanity of small things', like not liking Danny Dyer or Ray Winstone.

cholo 10:05 Thu Sep 14
Re: Those Bloody Gonzo Podcasts
Gonzo's alright, he's got a personable manner and good delivery. I watch the odd video of theirs occasionally if the subject interests me. Agree a lot of it is click baity but it's easy to ignore.

REALGSA 9:52 Thu Sep 14
Re: Those Bloody Gonzo Podcasts
Ex West Ham Way

West Ham Fan TV

& I am liking the new West Ham offcial Iron cast podcast also.

The rest I may have a gander once in a while.

Hammer I am 9:38 Thu Sep 14
Re: Those Bloody Gonzo Podcasts
Don't watch them then? Think Gonzo and Geo are the best out there but I wouldn't watch every video.. generally just watch if I'm interested after a certain game or there's transfer news

Manuel 8:13 Thu Sep 14
Re: Those Bloody Gonzo Podcasts
jfk - I quite like John from c&b, but agree ref Nicky, bit of a twerp.

With Hammers Chat, I find Gonzo is an easier watch than Geo, but as said Geo is far more knowledgeable.

Russy from Network I like, knowledgeable with considered opinions.

jfk 6:40 Thu Sep 14
Re: Those Bloody Gonzo Podcasts
Regularly guilty of watching West Ham TV Friday night pint, great viewing as always.
Quite like the Greek fella
Not one to slag off anyone West Ham as a rule but can’t abide the pair of tossers from claret and booze.
Dramatic over the top pair of wankers. The grey haired fatty thinks he’s big time..
Big time my arse

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