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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Sydney_Iron 6:44 Fri Oct 13
David De Gea
We have made enquiries to sign him in January and maybe already in talks with his representatives if multiple rumor mill sites are to be believed.

Apparently, Areola has a huge offer from Saudi Arabia so maybe off and Fabianski is keen to move on.

It's a Yes from me, although expect he would have to accept realistic wages? Wasn't he on 350K a week with ManU and no way we would be paying anywhere near that...........

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ludo21 8:43 Fri Oct 13
Re: David De Gea
Areola has waited two years to be no.1 and is playing out of his skin... can't see him going to Saudi Arabia. He is still a young man and is on over £100k pw as it is.... can't see him going anywhere.

marty feldman 6:11 Fri Oct 13
Re: David De Gea
Not happening. As soon as fabianski got his injury he was linked straight away with us . Far more chance of man utd resigning him .

Lato 5:35 Fri Oct 13
Re: David De Gea
No chance.....we should put in a cheeky bid for Ramsdale

RBshorty 5:30 Fri Oct 13
Re: David De Gea
Must be slow news day.?


Jim79 4:55 Fri Oct 13
Re: David De Gea
Leroy, I would imagine as we would have to get one of our two off the books before bringing in De Gea given his wages won't be ManU levels but they aint gonna be peanuts either.

LeroysBoots 4:51 Fri Oct 13
Re: David De Gea
Why wait till Jan, he's free now!

the exile 4:36 Fri Oct 13
Re: David De Gea

the exile 4:35 Fri Oct 13
Re: David De Gea
I don't think Fabianski has a chance at 38 of getting a No.1 spot at any decent club, so I would be very surprised if he's off in January. Also doubt very much that Areola will be off to Saudi for the reasons Buffers has already mentioned. In any case, the noises coming out of Saudi are that the players who have moved out there are mostly hating it. Yes I know, they must love the money, but playing in a meaningless league in front of a couple of thousand people is pretty soul-destroying.

zico 4:25 Fri Oct 13
Re: David De Gea
I think there is more chance he will end up back at Man United than here!

CrowleyHammer 4:13 Fri Oct 13
Re: David De Gea
17 clean sheets last season i think?

Obviously wants mega money or he would have a club by now, so no we wont be signing him.

Jim79 3:13 Fri Oct 13
Re: David De Gea
Disappointed in Fabianski to be honest. Areola has been more than patient and sat on the bench accepting just Cup and Euro football without moaning at all. Arguably Areola should have been given the nod last season but Fab stayed number one and Alphonse just accepted that and played his part as a member of the squad.
Within a few months of being relegated to our second choice keeper and Lukas is kicking off already and angling for a move having already bitched and moaned about not being consulted about Areola being first choice to the media on the dawn of the new season.
I thought after the amount of time he'd been with us and the fact he'll still get Cup and Euro games which Areola graciously accepted would be good enough for him in the final yrs of his career.

Huffers 11:50 Fri Oct 13
Re: David De Gea
I know it doesn't prove anything / everything but Areola have just bought and renovated a massive house in London. Swimming pool, tennis court etc. The children are in a lot of sports clubs. They like traveling back to France when they have days off. I think if a move was nailed on, that wouldn't be happening.

Mex Martillo 11:28 Fri Oct 13
Re: David De Gea
I think it could be ok. It was a confidence thing a ManU. It’s a cesspit for destroying players. But like some are saying De Gea is not the future. I much rather see Anang step up if he’s up to it. Hope Areola stays though, just starting to really like him.

Fauxstralian 10:29 Fri Oct 13
Re: David De Gea
Would be disappointed if Areola after finally establishing himself as a Premier league no1 after years of shifting around as a PSG loanee decided to retire to Saudi for money.
Not sure what France have been doing with keepers but he must be a decent chance of playing in the Euros and adding a medal to his World Cup one.
Both of course would be on the shelf below the EUROPA CONFERENCE one.

Fair play to Fabianski for being ambitious to play but happy to keep him for this season and one or two more as the no.2.
Usually keepers get to 38 and are happy for that semi retired role where you play 6-10 times a season

On The Ball 10:07 Fri Oct 13
Re: David De Gea
No chance. Why Areola? They go for famous names, of which De Gea is one - and he can join now.

And Fabs won't go in January either, but mainly because keepers don't really move in January.

Rossal 9:30 Fri Oct 13
Re: David De Gea
No thanks, thought we'd moved on from massively overpaid hasbeen shite players from big teams

Manuel 8:31 Fri Oct 13
Re: David De Gea
No, not having this at all.

You keeping busy in retirement, Sydney :-)

Sydney_Iron 7:36 Fri Oct 13
Re: David De Gea
Seen a few whilst browsing.


West Ham United have reportedly “sounded out” free-agent David De Gea about a possible move to the London Stadium in the upcoming January transfer window.

According to Football Transfers, West Ham United are considering the prospect of bringing David de Gea back to the Premier League. The former Manchester United goalkeeper is currently weighing up his options in his native Spain, but the Hammers have made fresh contact with his representatives about an 18-month contract in the January transfer window.

The Irons’ interest in De Gea stems from the fact that they could be about to lose both of their senior goalkeepers in the coming transfer window.

Lukasz Fabianski, whose contract was automatically extended until 2024 after certain conditions were fulfilled last season, has proven to be an incredible servant to the club but wants out after losing his No. 1 place at the London Stadium.

The 38-year-old has been restricted to only three appearances in the Europa League and the EFL Cup as Moyes’ has favoured Alphonse Areola ahead of him in the league this season. And the Pole is said to be unwilling to sit on the bench for long after his performance against Freiburg in the Europa League proved he still has a lot to offer.

The problem for West Ham is that Areola has been enticed by a big offer from an unnamed club in Saudi Arabia and could push for a move away as early as the upcoming winter transfer window.

Takashi Miike 7:22 Fri Oct 13
Re: David De Gea
what rumour sites? I think there's zero chance of areola leaving in january

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