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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

charleyfarley 3:02 Sun Nov 19
⚽ Fulham v West Ham - Official Match Thread
........... V

    Craven Cottage
    Sun 10th Dec 14:00 GMT
    David Coote

Paul Tierney: (5) - 17 1

Leno, Castagne, Bassey, Adarabioyo, Robinson, Palhinha, Cairney ©, Willian, Iwobi, Pereira, Jiménez
Subs: Rodák (GK), Tete, Reed, Wilson, Ballo-Touré, De Cordova-Reid, Muniz, Lukic, Carlos Vinícius

Fabiański, Coufal, Zouma ©, Aguerd, Cresswell, Souček, Ward-Prowse, Paquetá, Kudus, Fornals, Bowen
Subs: Anang (GK), Kehrer, Emerson, Mavropanos, Ogbonna, Cornet, Benrahma, Ings, Mubama

Fulham 6/4: Draw 23/10: West Ham 7/4


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gph 1:18 Wed Dec 13
Re: ⚽ Fulham v West Ham - Official Match Thread
Against Fulham, we were a knackered team playing tactics which require a lot of energy.

Bowen was one of the few who seemed to have that energy.

I expect it will be his turn to be knackered on Thursday...

gph 1:10 Wed Dec 13
Re: ⚽ Fulham v West Ham - Official Match Thread
19th century football was very attack-minded.

In the first International, England lined up in a 1-1-8 formation, and ultra defensive Scotland went 2-2-6.

This didn't always lead to lots of goals, as the players of the time played like uncoached schoolkids, and massively prioritised running with the ball over passing.

To be fair, in those days, you were in an offside position if there were fewer than THREE opposition players closer to their goalline than you, which effectively meant you were pinned back to near the halfway line if you wanted to receive a pass, at least if you were playing against a team playing 1-1-8

Even in the 1890s, the usual formation was 2-3-5 in England

Sir Alf 9:19 Tue Dec 12
Re: ⚽ Fulham v West Ham - Official Match Thread
No worries Meerkat :-)

I was thinking for him to have any chance of renewal we would need to stay in the Europa to the knock out stages, ”go deep” ( ooh err) in a domestic cup line (maybe EFL final or semi ) and stay in the top half of the league at least not languishing near the bottom 6 or so.

It could happen I guess but equally our league form could get worse and we exit all the cups by Feb or March in which case he’s definitely gone. But next 4-6 weeks we should know one way or the other which way we are headed.

Meerkat 8:55 Tue Dec 12
Re: ⚽ Fulham v West Ham - Official Match Thread
Sir Alf ,

I think your last paragraph is largely irrelevant and I mean that respectfully.
He is here till May short of being in the bottom 3 with 2 games to go .
We just have to suck it up unfortunately.

Sir Alf 3:15 Tue Dec 12
Re: ⚽ Fulham v West Ham - Official Match Thread
Billy, Fauxstralian I make you both right.

It’s a fundamental prerequisite for a modern manager to create a squad and use it.!!

The points we have got this season, as opposed to last, quite a few wins courtesy of some great individual efforts from Kudus and set pieces from JWP.

Cornet wants out as does Kehrer unsurprisingly. Johnson too as they need to play. When he does give a few minutes to the likes of Benny, Fornals and last season Downes, they get played out of position.

His strength is efensive organisation, countering and set pieces. Stopped being effective once rumbled around Dec 2021 in the Premiership. Means you get enough points usually to avoid relegation or with better players mid table. Better than we have done for a while but with larger investment, fans and I dare say owners want a bit more.

The next month will be pivotal to his future. He needs to get us into the Europa without play offs, keep us in the top half of the table, avoid embarrassing defeats and have us in at least one domestic cup come Feb 2024.

Fauxstralian 2:57 Tue Dec 12
Re: ⚽ Fulham v West Ham - Official Match Thread
If you dont rotate in the absence of reserve teams you have players not starting a game for 2 months being chucked in and people wonder why they are rusty as fuck and miles off the pace.
Combine that with putting square pegs in round holes and you wonder why teams look disjointed and generally SHIT
General timidity doesnt help
Cresswell should have been told months ago that he needs to move on and if Emerson wasnt well enough to play 90mins Ollie Scarles should started.
Better off throwing in u21 players who are playing week to week than someone you dont rate and have sidelined for months on end.

BillyJenningsBoots 2:48 Tue Dec 12
Re: ⚽ Fulham v West Ham - Official Match Thread
Now they're saying there was a virus among the squad which is why Alvarez was left out and Emerson was on the bench - but again this wouldn't be a problem if he rotated the squad and had a clue how to man-manage the players - the likes of Fornals, Benny and Cornet should be able to play in place of others but their confidence is shot playing for him, saying the quality drop between first team and fringe players is a shocking admission - they were good enough last season - why not now?

And if he'd gradually blood some of the younger players who could play at the top level like other clubs do - he could rotate his unbalanced aging squad!!

Or better still just f@ck off out of my club!

JayeMPee 1:16 Tue Dec 12
Re: ⚽ Fulham v West Ham - Official Match Thread
Sick and tired of the pathetic excuses uttered by moyes, most teams have injury problems but they find ways around it. I thought the spending of c£500m was supposed to have added depth to our squad. As for the fixture list being too demanding is he saying he would prefer not to be involved in the nuisance of all these cup fixtures, pathetic!

We are not fit, have no idea how to play as a team and he clearly has no idea how to play attacking and entertaining football. Forget expanding the stadium sullivan and concentrate on getting a decent manager with new coaches before more money is wasted in January.

violator 11:11 Tue Dec 12
Re: ⚽ Fulham v West Ham - Official Match Thread
Low block my arse, only the bottom three teams have conceded more than us, maybe that needs to be pointed out to these cunts.

Fauxstralian 10:49 Tue Dec 12
Re: ⚽ Fulham v West Ham - Official Match Thread
Low block = Parking the bus and hoping for a lucky break

It usually means it allows the opposition to have possession and grow into the game with confidence.
I only ever see teams look uncomfortable against us when we press up and put them under pressure.
Take for example the Arsenal home game last season
For 20 mins we sat back timidly and they strolled around and popped in a couple of goals.
When we pressed them suddenly didnt like it up 'em and panicked. How many times is this obvious lesson shown and then we go back to what DIDNT WORK?
I guess you have to have managed 1,000 games to explain THAT

Fauxstralian 10:39 Tue Dec 12
Re: ⚽ Fulham v West Ham - Official Match Thread
Only saw the goals on the 'highlights'.
Looked like we sat back deep & put no pressure on the man with the ball so he could shoot or put a ball into the box under no pressure.
When the ball did come in they had players unmarked and when we were near we lost every duel.

We have a lot of luck v Forest, Burnley, the dismal Serbs, Palace & Tottenham so can have no complaints about getting a kicking by the Thames.
We now have two crucial games in the next week or so.
Lose to Freiburg and go into a playoff with a Champions league side will probably spell the end in Europe and losing at Anfield in the League Cup 1/4 final is obviously the end of the road.
Season could be close to over and see us just limp to a midtable finish

As long as Steidten is lining up a new manager to start at season end +1 day and discussing new players I can just about live with that.
The likes of Cresswell, Ogbonna, Fornals, Benrahma etc should be told to start sorting their next club & discussions should be had as to how this new manager will integrate our talented youngsters.
Getting Callum Marshall to sign a new contract might be a start

Any Old Iron 2:04 Tue Dec 12
Re: ⚽ Fulham v West Ham - Official Match Thread
Look at how well Fulham played against us. They produced some beautifully entertaining football, the likes of which has never been produced under Moyes. Never.

Entertainment seems to be a dirty word to Moyes.

fraser 4:26 Mon Dec 11
Re: ⚽ Fulham v West Ham - Official Match Thread
Moyes blames tiredness JWP disagrees

However, the midfield said any suggestion that the schedule or tiredness played a part in Sunday’s defeat should be dismissed, as the players know how to rest and recover

Eerie Descent 1:58 Mon Dec 11
Re: ⚽ Fulham v West Ham - Official Match Thread
The fancy new phrases used in football now allow far too much credit to managers who play shithouse boring cunt 19th century football. LOW BLOCK sounds a lot better, sexier than SHITHOUSE BORING CUNT 19TH CENTURY FOOTBALL, which is what we play.

Lest we forget, a lot of people thought Fulham would struggle without Mitrovic, in fact that look a much better team, and they spent just £68mil this summer, and £72mil last summer. In the same period, we've spent over £300mil.

I've wasted Silva as our manager for years, I think he'd be a great fit. Everton were stupid to get rid of him when they did.

eastend joker 1:57 Mon Dec 11
Re: ⚽ Fulham v West Ham - Official Match Thread
A case yesterday to start Scarles on the left and Cornet in front of him plus Marshall on the bench without a doubt .

zico 12:54 Mon Dec 11
Re: ⚽ Fulham v West Ham - Official Match Thread
Watched it again last night on MOTD (no idea why!) but it really showed up our lack of pace whereas Fulham whizzed it around and looked like a team of youngsters. Great servants that they were we have three old men in Fabianski, Cresswell and Ogbonna and in Soucek a player who plays like he is 42, unless he is scoring a goal. Soucek should be no more than a late sub if a goal is needed. Aguerd and Zouma just aren't good enough and Coufal to his credit tries but just isn't top quality. It was coming a long time a result like that.

Razzle 12:39 Mon Dec 11
Re: ⚽ Fulham v West Ham - Official Match Thread
i think Moyes comments of" I would have taken 2 draws against Spurs and Fulham" says it all.

That isnt a winning mentality. It is a dour negative approach which is waht we are witnessing in the football.capa

We know how we play,attritional low block and counter attack for 90mins.

When there is high press with intensity we look capable, but that is not a 90min strategy as Spurs are seeing. But you can apply it in phases espcially at the begiining of each half when you need to start well.

boleyn8420 12:32 Mon Dec 11
Re: ⚽ Fulham v West Ham - Official Match Thread - Preview
What a lovely day out.
Boat trip down the Thames.
Lunch at Battersea Power Station.
Pleasant walk through the park.
Then I had to sit through THAT.
Got very pissed on the way back.
Fell over cut my arm.
May need stitches.

Diary of a Pisshead aged 66 and 3/4 and should know better

Lee Trundle 12:08 Mon Dec 11
Re: ⚽ Fulham v West Ham - Official Match Thread - Preview
I guess all the "Would you prefer to lose 4-3 every week, or win 1-0 in a boring game every week" posters are still in absolute shock.

As others have suggested, that result could have already happened 5 or 6 times already this season.

Kaiser Zoso 11:41 Mon Dec 11
Re: ⚽ Fulham v West Ham - Official Match Thread - Preview
We spend enough in the transfer market that we shouldn’t have to put up with having the ball less than half the time in practically every game we play.

Yesterday has been a long time coming, and it could easily have been against Brighton, Chelsea, Arsenal and tottenham this season already.

Takashi Miike 11:28 Mon Dec 11
Re: ⚽ Fulham v West Ham - Official Match Thread - Preview
gonzo has mentioned it a few times, he gets information directly from whetstone, who in turn gets information directly from that poison dwarf cunt that runs the club. don't believe a word of it, it's more controlling of the situation by sullivan. he's never getting rid of moyes before the end of the season as he's the buffer between the fans and him

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