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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

LeroysBoots 9:45 Tue Jan 30
Callum Marshall

Top documentary, top lad

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Fauxstralian 9:03 Mon May 20
Re: Callum Marshall
Named in the Northern Ireland squad for 2 friendlies in June
June 8 v Spain in Mallorca
June 11 v Andorra in Murcia

Leavemyarcelona 9:25 Sat Apr 13
Re: Callum Marshall
Football forum

Percy Dalton 4:55 Sat Apr 13
Re: Callum Marshall
Under 18s got a proper trouncing this morning 1-8 home to Arsenal

Iron Duke 2:25 Wed Apr 10
Re: Callum Marshall
They led until the 88th minute. Heartbreaking.

Percy Dalton 12:10 Wed Apr 10
Re: Callum Marshall
Lost 2-3

RM10 10:55 Tue Apr 9
Re: Callum Marshall
Marshall is only allowed to play for U21s

Iron Duke 10:53 Tue Apr 9
Re: Callum Marshall
Mason Terry saves a penalty. Still 2-0.

Iron Duke 10:47 Tue Apr 9
Re: Callum Marshall
I can’t be arsed starting a new thread.

The yoofs are currently 2-0 up. Swyer and Orford. Marshall is on the bench.

Iron Duke 9:47 Tue Apr 9
Re: Callum Marshall
The U21’s play PSV in the semi-final of the International Cup tonight. I wonder if Marshall will feature?

Iron Duke 9:44 Tue Apr 9
Re: Callum Marshall
Callum Marshall has returned to West Ham, after West Brom agreed to end his loan early.

I hope he can steer his career back on track now. He’s definitely got the talent.

Willtell 12:40 Mon Mar 11
Re: Callum Marshall
Sensible point Nagel. That doesn't work well on WHO though!

The thing is that he was another player that wanted out for regular football but he had to sign a new contract before club would let him out on loan. However, I'm not sure we can blame WHU for allowing a club like WBA wanting to loan him.

If Marshall was as good as fans hope he will become in the PL he would be playing in the Championship wouldn't he?

Nagel 10:47 Mon Mar 11
Re: Callum Marshall
"Maybe they took him to stop some rivals having him banging in goals"

You genuinely think that's plausible? Fucking hell. WBA's top scorer has 9 goals in 31 games. There are 20 players in the Championship with more goals than him. They've scored way less goals than all the other promotion contenders and were desperately crying out for a top finisher.

At some point you've got to maybe realise that Marshall just ain't ready for that level yet. If he was, he'd be playing. It's that simple.

daveyg 9:34 Mon Mar 11
Re: Callum Marshall
I was surprised when he went to WBA,but thought good they've seen what he can do and play him. But apart from those first couple of outings it's been criminal.
WBA form has been good since January
W5 D3 L1
In January
W1 D0 L2
So they now have momentum but Marshall not getting any game time despite WBA using 4 or 5 subs per game.
Maybe they took him to stop some rivals having him banging in goals,plausible and wouldn't put it past modern management

Fauxstralian 10:41 Sun Mar 10
Re: Callum Marshall
Saw Marshall wasnt even in the squad and presumed we must have recalled him
Maybe he will get a game in the upcoming international break
Disastrous waste of a time of a loan

Freddie Potts playing for Wycombe in their win at Reading with Kodua an unused sub AGAIN

onsideman 4:15 Sun Mar 10
Re: Callum Marshall

Iron Duke 3:37 Sun Mar 10

Some nondescript tweeted about the stupidity of the loan. .. laid in, saying it was a poor decision and how he should've gone to a mid table Championship team or a League One side etc... and he responded with "100%"

Dr Matt 3:57 Sun Mar 10
Re: Callum Marshall
Some of the recent loans are so dumb that if someone hasn’t been fired for it then whoever should be firing someone for it should be fired themselves!

Hegyi goes to a League 1 club with an established and high performing number 1. Wastes half a season.

Kodua goes to a struggling League 1 team who have about 8 wingers or wide forwards to choose from. Wastes half a season.

Marshall goes to a team with 10+ forwards in the Championship and doesn’t get a game. Wastes half a season.

Follows the likes of Oko-Flex, Alves, Longelo, Anang and others going out on non-sensical loans. While the likes of Ashby, Mubama and Johnson haven’t gone on loans when they probably needed it!

Seems to be we’ll send you to whoever pays the most of the wages and if you’re good enough you’ll play.

Ignoring the fact that some of these kids just need actual minutes on the pitch!

Iron Duke 3:37 Sun Mar 10
Re: Callum Marshall
What has his dad been saying?

onsideman 3:35 Sun Mar 10
Re: Callum Marshall
That makes sense. Agent may have made it a condition of him signing his new deal. Hope its accurate

Manuel 3:19 Sun Mar 10
Re: Callum Marshall
Fwiw, heard somewhere that the club weren't keen on this move but the agent forced it through.

onsideman 3:14 Sun Mar 10
Re: Callum Marshall

Not even on the bench today. I imagine his Dad getting (understandably) busy on SM hasn't helped

I'm quite petty so I hope WBA lose today and also finish 7th

Fauxstralian 2:55 Sat Mar 2
Re: Callum Marshall
Is it about 5 games just sitting on the bench now?
Most clubs have someone who looks after all the players out on loan and you'd hope we are looking closely at this.
In hindsight should have gone somewhere where there was an agreement to play him even if in League1
In reality must now be considering recalling him ... though Moyes unlikely to play him

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