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Roeder-nowhere 11:46 Sat Feb 17
West Brom v Southampton
Watched it last night, how refreshing to see an enjoyable entertaining game where both teams pass the ball quickly and can keep posession from one wnd of the pitch to the other without conceding possession after 4 sideways passes.

Saints were far superior, they keep posession brilliantly with defenders who are quick and capabile of playing the ball around. It was w massive contrast to us with our 80’s style set up, big lunbering defenders who struggle with anything more than a side pass, a midfield equally cumbersome whose job seems to be simply to break up play rather than create.

I know this is a different league but Southampton are more than prepared for the Premiership the way they now play. The manager took his time to get them playing his way, at the seaaon start they were losing every game and playing terribly but he’s turned this around and they look certain for at least the play offs.

This team has a history of finding relatiively unknown managers who go on to achieve success, usually at other clubs after their time there. So I don’t believe there are NO managers available who would do an equally good job statiscally (as DM is apparently one of the best we’ve had.. 🤔) while actually playing entertaining fast football. (Incidentally Downes is cemented as a starter, never subbed and is getting very good reviews. Shame we didn’t give him more chances over Soucek).

DM’s team tomorrow will tell us all we need to know about his attitude to the game and his ingrained mindset. Defenders in midfield or on the wing instead of a natural left footed winger in Cornet. Overload midfield with defensive players and ‘make sure you don’t lose’ the very words he has often used. Can you ever make sure you don’t lose? The answer is yes, by scoring at least 2 more goals than the other side, ie attacking play rather than defending and HOPING to nick a goal or hoping not to concede.

Negativity vs Positivity and we know which route he always takes. But remember, as the media keeps telling us be careful what you wish for. I’d take a gamble on any young forward thinking manager right now, they’d have to be extremely poor to get this side relegated and not play attractive football!!

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Roeder-nowhere 12:07 Sun Feb 25
Re: West Brom v Southampton
A bit of a blip with a couple of recent results (notably with Downes injured) but whatever the score they’re good on the eye & I’d bet heavily on them getting auto promotion and certainly play off favourites if not.

ludo21 11:23 Sun Feb 18
Re: West Brom v Southampton
Didn’t see this game but watched Swansea v Southampton a few weeks ago. Southampton were very impressive, the commentators both agreed it was the most dominant first half display they had seen so far this season… 0-3 at HT. Swansea did come back into it second half and it finished 1-3 but Saints were never in any danger.

Russell Martin went in there, set the players up, promptly lost the first four games but hasn’t looked back since…. we could do a lot worse than go after him.

As said, Flynn Downes has been a mainstay for them.

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