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RM10 11:32 Thu Feb 22
Europa Cup
Could we actually end up at Freiburg…

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Chairman Alf 6:19 Wed Feb 28
Re: Europa Cup
If teams from the same country could play each other in this round then you just know that we’d have drawn Liverpool. At least we have a European away day to look forward to before the possibility of drawing them in a later round. I love these European days out and have just got my match ticket at Freiburg, so all is good.

Lee Trundle 5:45 Wed Feb 28
Re: Europa Cup
You've answered your own question there, Gaffer58.

Money is always the answer for the decisions made my FIFA and UEFA.

Gaffer58 5:21 Wed Feb 28
Re: Europa Cup
So what’s EUFA’s thought process as to why teams from the same country cannot play each other at this stage? Surely it probably means more clubs from the same country in the next round, is that so that the “big leagues’ get more clubs further alon as that’s where the money is for tv etc? Also, us v Liverpool in the final in Dublin, place will be full of Irish scouse.

RBshorty 4:10 Sat Feb 24
Re: Europa Cup
I wonder if UEFA would have put Red Scouse at a 5:45 kick off. For a home leg.?

Hmmmm .

El Scorchio 3:59 Sat Feb 24
Re: Europa Cup
Couldn’t really have asked for a better draw but the state we are in at the moment, genuinely I think we may not even put up a good fight.

simon.s 2:36 Sat Feb 24
Re: Europa Cup
Like I said earlier, Celtic had to kick off at half three on a Tuesday. The Rangers game was eight on Thursday. Whatever you may think of Celtic, that was just total bollocks and two fingers up to football fans. In fairness they filled the ground, and gave it to UEFA with plenty of banners and chants.

Fauxstralian 2:11 Sat Feb 24
Re: Europa Cup
Took up my season ticket seat just after the draw not imagining there was any chance of a 5.45 kick off
My compromise is WFH and sloping off earlly
Its a cunt though

onsideman 2:04 Sat Feb 24
Re: Europa Cup
I certainly don't remember it, faux

I read its as much about broadcasters exerting pressure on UEFA as UEFA themselves, with German and Portuguese deciding which of their sides they want playing at prime time.

I genuinely think it shouldn't be allowed. Most working supporters will have to take time off to get there... a kick in the bollocks if you've already stumped up a pony or more to get a ticket

Fauxstralian 1:53 Sat Feb 24
Re: Europa Cup
Has an English team EVER played a home European game with a 5.45 kick off?
Cant recall it

Must admit I hate these fixed draws
Once the 16 are known they should all go into one pot with no country restrictions
Reckon the heated balls will come out to keep Liverpool and Leverkusen apart next time

Pedro 11:49 Sat Feb 24
Re: Europa Cup
I think they changed the rules a year or so ago with drawing teams from same group.

With their rule you can’t play team from same country it actually restricts what games can actually happen. Could end up
With us not being able to play against anyone. They would be better doing it the other way around.

Mex Martillo 10:31 Sat Feb 24
Re: Europa Cup
Well done RM10 for calling it!

Mex Martillo 10:29 Sat Feb 24
Re: Europa Cup
Yes, a bit disappointing, feels like another game to get out of the way before it starts to get interesting.
I also thought this wasn't possible, with draw managed to keep group teams a part at this stage.
Oh well
Freiburg v West Ham 7 March 20:00
West Ham v Freiburg 14 March 17:45

It will be amusing to see coordinated bouncing and coral singing again.

Manuel 9:59 Sat Feb 24
Re: Europa Cup
fraser - Will be 00.45 'local' time.

fraser 9:56 Sat Feb 24
Re: Europa Cup
I'm quite pleased about it as not in UK.. It's a cuntish thing to do though.

The Fonz 9:51 Sat Feb 24
Re: Europa Cup
Glad we shelled out the money for this one for it to be changed to an early kick off like that.

UEFA are a bunch of cunts.

Would like to see a banner similar to what they do in Europe telling them to fuck off.

Manuel 9:17 Sat Feb 24
Re: Europa Cup
Heard a decent point that if we had drawn say Milan he would have been ramming that down our throats as well, look how far we have come, West Ham going to Milan for a European tie, who would have thought that four years ago, etc etc.

I suspect getting to the QF will be seen as a tick.

Mad Dog 6:20 Sat Feb 24
Re: Europa Cup
Fuck me he's right. Why the cunt is a west ham mid week game 5.45. Fuck the fans that have school and work

Sydney_Iron 4:36 Sat Feb 24
Re: Europa Cup
what dates are the fixtures?

Im trying to figure out what time the KO is in Aus? with the clocks changing soon think its going to be 4-45am.

Maybe just leave it until the week of the game, will all become clear then, but is a strange time, must be for TV i suppose.

Manuel 4:26 Sat Feb 24
Re: Europa Cup
Nah, you're overthinking that. UEFA decide the KO times, if it was plod it wouldn't happen this quick, like I say it's very rare for a UK game to KO early n Europe.

RBshorty 4:17 Sat Feb 24
Re: Europa Cup
Maybe Plod doesn’t fancy tackling a bunch of pissed up Eric’s.?

Manuel 2:45 Sat Feb 24
Re: Europa Cup
Very unusual for a UK game to be early.

Fancy we will beat this lot, then it will get interesting.

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