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Pub Bigot 3:10 Wed Mar 20
West Ham Essex?
Geo and Gonzo discuss what could happen if inventors bought the land around the ground, and new owners built a new ground for us in Essex.

Link: https://youtu.be/7ly64pzBCNE?si=cGxKgZToao5WFi--

If that were to happen, how would that make you feel?

The main argument seems to be that moving could work as Essex is the heartland of our support. However, where in Essex could handle the 60,000 people? Another reason it would be problematic is because where we are ships in people from different parts of the south-east. Moving to Essex makes that journey difficult for people.

Personally I think it would be an horrific idea. I’m an East Ender and have no affiliation or attachment to the county, and moving the club further east would be a nail in the coffin of the football club for me. In fact, moving to other parts of East London would be out of the question. Let’s imagine the club decided on a plot of land in Chingford! Technically East London, but no connection to the club or its history.

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RBshorty 2:46 Fri Mar 22
Re: West Ham Essex?
Thurrock county council are in the shitter for a couple of Billion.! Another reason why this isn’t happening. I now see Gonzo is banging the FFP drum now. ( Its holding us back by all accounts.!) The pissed stain source must be looking for a bonus from the Diddy One this month.?

Westham67 2:19 Fri Mar 22
Re: West Ham Essex?
The austerity ravaged Grays and Tilbury DOCK manors could do with some investment

nychammer 1:15 Fri Mar 22
Re: West Ham Essex?
current location is fine its just that there is literally nothing can be done to make it more football friendly for the spectator.

Manuel 11:03 Fri Mar 22
Re: West Ham Essex?
This is no more than lazy gossip based on nothing. We ain't leaving Stratford for a very long time. End of thread.

Lee Trundle 11:00 Fri Mar 22
Re: West Ham Essex?
*Sean Whetstone Statement

BRANDED 10:34 Fri Mar 22
Re: West Ham Essex?
WHU Statement

Reports that the Government could sell the London Stadium are wide of the mark.

Onerous contracts make the London Stadium have a nil book value as an asset and it would make zero financial sense for any business or West Ham to buy the stadium even for a nominal fee without a generous government subsidy attached.

There is also a political angle on this subject and after sinking in almost one billion pounds of taxpayer's money no sensible politician is likely to sanction writing off that huge sum to sell off the public asset.

Buying out onerous contracts from Delaware North, UK Athletics and West Ham United could cost up to a billion pounds on their own so are not a realistic option either.

The only realistic option is having a long lease for the London Stadium where it remains a public asset in name but run and operated by a private business such as West Ham.

West Ham would still need to think long and hard whether they would consider such a deal without a subsidy and give up their sweet £4m per year rental deal.

Banjo 9:29 Fri Mar 22
Re: West Ham Essex?
This will never happen. Why would it? As others have said we have the deal of the century, literally, paying fuck all each year until the 22nd century. Soon 68000 fans and day trippers will be piling into the bowl watching more of Moyes wonderful, fluent, attacking football. Nah, West Ham ain't going nowhere, not in the lifetimes of me and most posters.

Manuel 5:54 Fri Mar 22
Re: West Ham Essex?
Haha, in his latest troll attempt BRANDED has managed to big up the owners, the shithole, and Moyes all within a short post. How strange.

BRANDED 1:04 Fri Mar 22
Re: West Ham Essex?
we're already in the top 8 of clubs by revenue and will have 68,000 seats shortly. We have the deal of the century and are still the club moving up the ladder. So long as Moyes says obvs.

Northern Sold 12:17 Fri Mar 22
Re: West Ham Essex?
Is it Essex or Kent??

Hmmmmm... tough choice...

Yorkammer 10:31 Thu Mar 21
Re: West Ham Essex?
Don't tell Sullivan. He'll want to use the glow from the pitch instead of floodlights.

Side of Ham 10:00 Thu Mar 21
Re: West Ham Essex?
I don't think you can dig downwards as Mr Burns from Springfield used the site it's on as a dumping ground at some point.....

Yorkammer 9:39 Thu Mar 21
Re: West Ham Essex?
Jim79 8:10 Thu Mar 21

You've hit the nail on the head there Jim. While the stadium sells out for every Prem game, nobody is going to invest in fixing something that isn't broken. The only incentive I could envisage would be to increase the capacity. Theoretically, this could be done by lowering the pitch and extending the stands to within a few metres of the touchline. Can't see it happening though.

, 8:43 Thu Mar 21
Re: West Ham Essex?
If there had been no London 2012 Olympics Gollivan would not have bought the club.

They saw the opportunity to move in to the Stadium post Olympics and that was one of their major motivations to take us over.

Jim79 8:10 Thu Mar 21
Re: West Ham Essex?
So would we have to change our badge to West Ham United, Essex now then???

No chance we move from the LS, London is a huge part of the marketing of the club and a draw to players, sponsors, etc.
Also anyone thinking that even new owners would make any drastic changes to the current stadium are living in dream land to. Maybe minor changes in line with the sort we've seen already over the last few years but the idea that we would knock it down and rebuild or make massive structural changes is just a joke. They've got 60k+ turning up every game, what would the incentive be to make any sort of mass investment in the stadium just to change its aesthetics.

frank_booth 7:18 Thu Mar 21
Re: West Ham Essex?
Not gonna like, i ended up being 60/40 in favour of moving to the stadium after eating up all the shit they sold us. But like always, it's just a load of old shit. Moved out of our home to a lifeless bowl and now they want to move us our of East London completely? Load of old bollocks.

Far Cough 6:48 Thu Mar 21
Re: West Ham Essex?
I think the bus station stopped the redevelopment of the east stand but then they fucked off and there wasn't much enthusiasm after that??

zico 6:40 Thu Mar 21
Re: West Ham Essex?
For those in the know these will come across as two really stupid questions.

1. Too late now but was there a specific reason as to why they couldn't or wouldn't develop the East Stand at the old Boleyn and therefore making it into a capacity in the 40,000's?

2. Haven't been to the London Stadium enough to know what it's really like but to square it off a bit like a proper football stadium couldn't you get away with knocking down the ends, rebuilding to square it off to the sides and then adding a new roof? Probably cheaper top start again totally but just an idea.

Willtell 5:26 Thu Mar 21
Re: West Ham Essex?
I’m sure I read somewhere that the stadium rental lease requires the owners to provide a stadium whatever happens in future Mike.

Mike Oxsaw 5:22 Thu Mar 21
Re: West Ham Essex?
I suspect that what will happen is a regular structural (licence qualifying) survey will reveal a substantial defect that is not cost-effective, even with the government's (that's you, that is, the taxpayer) magic money tree, to rectify.

It would be a no-blame Godsend for them.

We'd have to move out then, whatever, and the government will be left with no option but to offload the site in such a manner such that the terms of our lease are maintained and we return to a new, purpose built stadium.

RootsRadical 4:54 Thu Mar 21
Re: West Ham Essex?
.....added to that the political and economical environment has completely changed since the Olympics, public services are stretched to breaking point, councils are going bust, and there is a cost of living crisis.
It doesn't take much imagination to think that this will impact our situation with the stadium.

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