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oioi 4:13 Thu Mar 28
Season Ticket Renewal
Just been notified that I can renew. Gone up by £20. I'll be back in the stadium next year. Anyone packing it in?

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Side of Ham 11:18 Sun Mar 31
Re: Season Ticket Renewal
It's obvious RM10 is an Ultra.....

RM10 11:12 Sun Mar 31
Re: Season Ticket Renewal
Unless you are struggling with money, why wouldn’t you….

StratfordStan 11:07 Sun Mar 31
Re: Season Ticket Renewal
I'll be renewing. Obviously a different type of self harm

Ron Eff 5:01 Sun Mar 31
Re: Season Ticket Renewal
Yeh, York is a proper helmet.

I will likely renew. I’ve had a season ticket for 25 years and like my seat. I’ll pick and choose my games. If they ever took my ticket away for not attending enough games I’d happily take that as my cue and I’d probably give up on the club altogether until there was a change of ownership. I’ve spent enough on that club to have the right to choose when I go.

Side of Ham 12:56 Sun Mar 31
Re: Season Ticket Renewal
Yorkammer 8:24 Fri Mar 29

Imagine being the sort of cunt that tries to goad those that actually put a decent amount of money into the club because they don’t want to watch shit football & cowardly tactics….

whoareya 12:48 Sun Mar 31
Re: Season Ticket Renewal
My partner and I are in block 105; my partner is disabled, and we use bridge 3 to access the stadium, so we get a cab to Fish Island and walk over the bridges. There is disabled parking beside the bridge 3. I contacted Julie Pidgeon about a place and was told there was a long waiting list. We have a disabled motor that would make life easier for accessing and leaving. Still, I got fobbed off to use the Club shuttle bus service from Platform 13 at Stratford Station. After every game, we must walk around the stadium towards the orbital and head towards the blue bridge on Carpenter Road to get a taxi home. Fish Island is usually crowded, and it can take hours in traffic to leave. Due to this, we can only get to some of the games. Midweek games are definitely a no-no, as there are limited taxis and prebooking. We are finding it difficult to specify a time to leave, as my partner has MS. Walking can be stressful, especially when crowds are walking in front of and across us all at a pace we cannot keep up with. We find ourselves in a difficult situation as it is becoming more and more complicated to attend games with kick-off times other than 2 pm or 3 pm. Unfortunately, these kick-off times are becoming less frequent with each passing season. We have been season ticket holders for over 25 years but are considering giving it up next season.

1964 10:13 Sun Mar 31
Re: Season Ticket Renewal
I won't renew until June 1 but not because of Moyes, I just won't give them my money till I have to.

Manuel 7:41 Sun Mar 31
Re: Season Ticket Renewal
If you haven"t renewed yet you would have to be totally demented to cough up now until you know if this dinosaur is hanging around or not.

Yorkammer 8:24 Fri Mar 29
Re: Season Ticket Renewal
paul6565 7:05 Fri Mar 29

Sullivan will love you. He gets the full price of your seat plus he keeps a percentage of what you paid for it when it's resold and the icing on the cake for him is you have to give him back every penny or lose it.

RBshorty 7:07 Fri Mar 29
Re: Season Ticket Renewal
It’s a business. Of course they are going to extract as much money from you without doing a thing. Geez. What ever next.? Ownership actually care about the product they produce.!

paul6565 7:05 Fri Mar 29
Re: Season Ticket Renewal
Me and my Son will renew but we are putting every match on ticket exchange at the moment until Moyes fucks off. To be fair all our tickets have sold so far since we could not face Anti football any longer.

Stepney.Ammer 5:46 Fri Mar 29
Re: Season Ticket Renewal
Speaking to Claret & Hugh a club insider told us:

“We are not going to renew some season ticket holders who attend very few games and don’t list their seats on the ticket exchange, we are fed up with so many empty seats at games. The season tickets are so cheap some supporters pick and choose their games and it’s a real problem for us”.

West Ham has a licensed capacity of 62,500 on match days at the London Stadium but previous freedom of information requests have revealed that the real attendance can be up to 10,000 lower with many season ticket holders choosing to leave their seats empty.


Maybe this is a good thing, as it does piss me off the amount of people that buy season tickets with no intention of going most games and don't even pass the ticket on. But how many of the empty seats this year have been because of the dross served up by Moyes? A fair amount I reckon!

Stepney.Ammer 5:34 Fri Mar 29
Re: Season Ticket Renewal
By Sean Whetstone

West Ham will follow Spurs’ lead by phasing out our concession season tickets by moving them to upper tiers and lower priced ticket bands it has been confirmed.

The West Ham United Supporters Trust blew the whistle in a statement saying the Hammers were introducing a new strategy for new season ticket holders limiting concession tickets to certain areas. There have been no concession-priced seats for some time in 1966 West Stand and 1966 Billy Bonds season tickets and now it looks like seats in bands 1 to 4 will follow suit.

Existing season ticket holders with concession-based prices in bands 1-4 will not be affected by the change.

Speaking exclusively to Claret & Hugh a senior club source told us:

“Spurs have scrapped all concessions and have just the one price now in each area.

In the long term, we want to create family stands for children and the elderly, but it will NOT impact existing season ticket holders renewing.

Spurs have scrapped concessions altogether, even on renewals!”


Fuck me, how is reducing the number of people that will be able to afford to bring their kids to games going to ensure the next generation of fans continues in the long term? Looking at the stadium seating, bands 5 and 6 are just a slim line at the far back, and surely as the cheapest tickets there will hardly be any available for new season ticket holders anyway.

Stepney.Ammer 5:31 Fri Mar 29
Re: Season Ticket Renewal
By Sean Whetstone

West Ham believes that London Stadium season tickets remain incredibly cheap compared to other London Premier League clubs insisting the savings in some areas compared with buying tickets match by match is up to 50%.

A Hammers club insider says the players’ wages and amortisation of transfer fees, can’t exceed a fixed percentage of turnover to comply with financial fair play regulations and sadly the revenue must come from somewhere to increase West Ham’s turnover to enable them to compete.

While this year’s increases in season ticket renewals are above inflation the club source insisted last year’s increases were a lot less than inflation.

Speaking to Claret & Hugh today a club source told us:

“Our season tickets really are too cheap, If we were starting afresh tomorrow our season tickets would be 50/75% higher and there would only be concessions in band 6. We cocked up badly by under-pricing season tickets from day one when we moved to the London Stadium. Most supporters realise how cheap they are! Our day one renewals this week were at a record level.”


The board really does have disdain for its hardcore working class fanbase. No doubt this is partly a PR spin to drum up renewals but if true, and seeing as it's from their mouthpiece Whetstone it almost certainly is, what absolute cunts they are for coming out with this!

And as for FFP, it is basically going to fuck over the average fan by pricing them out of being able to afford to go to games. Excellent.

AKA ERNIE 12:00 Fri Mar 29
Re: Season Ticket Renewal
John paints school must be out

1964 11:28 Thu Mar 28
Re: Season Ticket Renewal
My ST has gone up 8%, thieving bastards

John Paints Pants 9:59 Thu Mar 28
Re: Season Ticket Renewal
Good, fuck off then you cunt

AKA ERNIE 9:43 Thu Mar 28
Re: Season Ticket Renewal
Fraser it is sad mate , im spending 2 hrs each way travelling up from somerset and his tactics just bore the fuck out of me.
Been going since 73 but cant stand anymore playing for the draw against shit teams

BRANDED 9:18 Thu Mar 28
Re: Season Ticket Renewal
Fo sho big bwoy

fraser 9:16 Thu Mar 28
Re: Season Ticket Renewal
Ernie - I suppose the turgid football overtook the 'I don't care cause I have the memory of Prague' fair play it's broken most of us... Actually it's sad that so many fans feel that way.. He needs to go.

The Fonz 9:16 Thu Mar 28
Re: Season Ticket Renewal
Will def be renewing. I want to guarantee Champs league tickets for next season

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