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teacoffeeteacoffee 3:15 Mon May 6
Lopetegui Out
Yeah I know this is early in the piece and as much as I am happy that the dinosaur is now extinct, I don't view this is a great appointment, so before he can get his footprints into the club and start making key personnel changes I think Sullivan and co need to understand the errors of their ways and pull back much in the same way Milan did with the Spaniard. This is a mistake

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Hammer and Pickle 3:59 Tue May 7
Re: Lopetegui Out
Since when was saying you are someone’s mate a reason for not trusting your judgment of their character and skills?


Lato 3:49 Tue May 7
Re: Lopetegui Out
There is no pleasing some people is there, the Geezer hasn't even walked through door yet ffs! There is no doubt he has one hell of a job rebuilding the bastardised squad that Dithering Dave has left behind. It will take time and patience. The main priority is to keep the likes of Kudus, Alverez, Paquetta and Bowen and build the team around them.


Manuel 2:58 Tue May 7
Re: Lopetegui Out
Mate or not, I still like what Balague is saying. I think what is pretty clear is that despite being 57 this is a manager that understands the modern game. I don't think we're be putting on defenders any longer when we are losing :-)

chedylan 2 2:43 Tue May 7
Re: Lopetegui Out
still fighting to get into europe??

it has been pointed out to you a few times before, if you actually bothered to look at the league table and fixtures of those teams around us (or now above us) that 'fight' ended when we got thrashed by crystal palace.

You have to be lazy, deluded , or just a bit dense to still believe that.

Lee Trundle 2:23 Tue May 7
Re: Lopetegui Out
Guillem Balagué: “You are talking, I insist, about one of my best mates."

I'm not sure Balague can be listened too much here. He clearly has a personal relationship with Lopetegui.

Alan 2:20 Tue May 7
Re: Lopetegui Out
Guillem Balagué: Milan will regret letting Lopetegui join West Ham

“What he did at Sevilla was extraordinary… in the last three years of his time there (Sevilla) they didn’t sign very well,” Ballague told BBC Sport London.

“But he maximised the potential of that team, taking them into the Champions League etc. Look where they are now, they were about to be relegated.

“He’s a man with a lot of energy, with a lot of ideas from the Johan Cruyff school (of attacking philosophy) but versatile enough to understand what a team requires depending on the players he’s got.

“You are talking, I insist, about one of the top managers in Europe. And yes he could have been going to AC Milan. AC Milan’s new American owners felt that he was the man for them. They were negotiating and AC Milan told him ‘Don’t go with anybody else, it’s us’.

“And then this campaign from the ultras, who want to bring Antonio Conte – and in that way control Antonio Conte – it’s all very sad the club decided not to pursue the idea of Lopetegui. By the way this is happening, he’s signed, he’s going to West Ham.”

onsideman 12:54 Tue May 7
Re: Lopetegui Out

Nutsin 12:02 Tue May 7

"still fighting to get into Europe..." bwahahahahhaha

kylay 12:23 Tue May 7
Re: Lopetegui Out
goose 11:43 Mon May 6

I don't know. I just remember 2 weeks back or so when Amorim came over for the interview, the "ITK"s were saying Steidten wanted him and Sullivan wanted Lopetegui. If Steidten ends up walking, we'll have our answer. Maybe it was all smoke in mirrors to get this bloke, but the last transfer window smacked of Sullivan as well.

goose 12:12 Tue May 7
Re: Lopetegui Out
Nustin, Moyes was in contact with West Ham long before Pellegrini was sacked. Was that cunty too?

It’s sound business sense by the club to start finding the right replacement instead of waiting until the season is over.

Orange Hammer 12:04 Tue May 7
Re: Lopetegui Out
I was at the AC Milan game yesterday. They had a banner saying they would not sing for the whole game, which they didn't.

With 12 minutes to go the whole Curver Sud left. Ones that stayed were ordered out.

Fan power. Could never see it in the London Stadium.

Nutsin 12:02 Tue May 7
Re: Lopetegui Out
It’s a bit cunty having Lopetegui sniffing around while the team are still fighting to get in to Europe don’t you think goose?

CanningTownWA 12:00 Tue May 7
Re: Lopetegui Out
Gary O'Neil has rightly received praise for guiding Wolves to mid-table in a season in which relegation was regarded as a risk but when Lopetegui took charge, that risk was more than speculation - it was reality. Bottom at Christmas and five points from safety.

Lopetegui inherited a group of players who were on the floor having not won away all season. He changed that in his very first game in charge and found eight more wins to transform their season, eventually finishing above Moyes' West Ham in the table.

During his final full season with Sevilla, they were second in La Liga at the end of February - nine points clear of Barcelona and Atletico Madrid - before injuries took their toll. They still finished that season with the best defensive record in the competition.

In doing so, he became the first coach to take Sevilla into the Champions League three seasons in a row. He achieved it by making them a much more fluent passing side.
The emphasis on possession West Ham are getting much more than a former Wolves manager here. This is a man who was unbeaten in his two years as Spain manager, a record achieved despite having to play away games against England, Italy, Germany, France and Belgium in that time.

His preference is for a higher defensive line in a 4-3-3 formation with the full-backs providing the width and creative players operating in the spaces inside. There is already excitement at the prospect of working with Mohammed Kudus among others. and that change can be seen in the statistics.

From Sky Sports

BRANDED 11:57 Mon May 6
Re: Lopetegui Out
I'll back anyone who's our manager and hope he does as well as Moyes obviously. If he manages to do better even better.

RootsRadical 11:57 Mon May 6
Re: Lopetegui Out
I'm with Mex, lock this shit!

wd40 11:48 Mon May 6
Re: Lopetegui Out
Careful what you wish for.

Moyes back at the end of the season to save us from the drop.

goose 11:43 Mon May 6
Re: Lopetegui Out
Kylay, you honestly believe that Steidten didn’t want this appointment?

It’s been brewing for weeks and both he and Sullivan have interviewed him.
Lopetegui has been to our games and been in dialogue with the club for some time.

kylay 11:33 Mon May 6
Re: Lopetegui Out
It's not lopetegui per se. It's what he represents. If reports can be believed, steidten didn't want him and Sullivan did which begs the question, why?

The only answer I can imagine is risk tolerance or money or both, and that's the biggest beef, the lack of ambition. If Sullivan isn't going to listen here, he's also not going to listen on transfers and everything else. While we have had some good nights, every time there's been an opportunity for champions League or to improve, Sullivan sits on his hands. His stewardship represents mediocrity, and we were so hoping maybe Steidten would get the chance to steer us but that doesn't seem to be happening.

BillyJenningsBoots 10:51 Mon May 6
Re: Lopetegui Out

No one was on Moyes's back after 3 games... it was a culmination of all the things he was crap at.

Whoever comes in has the misfortune of following Moyes who has mismanaged the squad to the extent that it needs completely overhauling... its gonna take the new manager a couple of seasons at least to get back anywhere near top 6 or 7...

We all need to give him time.

Leonard Hatred 10:42 Mon May 6
Re: Lopetegui Out
I'm going to come on here whinging and moaning, non stop, morning, noon and night, every day until he's sacked.

Mex Martillo 10:28 Mon May 6
Re: Lopetegui Out
Pathetic, lock this shit!

Stubbo 10:04 Mon May 6
Re: Lopetegui Out
Two things...it's likely but not done.

No here we go from Romano (Steidten his source) etc.

Secondly, he's a pretty good manager by all accounts. His Sevilla work was very good. There were extenuating circumstances at Real Madrid, and he saved Wolves from relegation after they were bottom at Xmas (which no one does).

Would love Amorim, be excited by Fonseca who has an ethos that aligns to the Club's IMO, but Lopetegui doesn't feel a gamble in the way Iraola or Flick would.

Will depend if they want it resolved quickly (managers like players will want to see if Man Utd, Chelsea, Bayern Munich etc make changes so won't likely commit to us or anyone until that becomes clear).

Suspect this rolls on until the end of the season minimum... Lopetegui's agents clearly pushing to get it closed quickly, but until he's flanked by Steidten and the Dwarf on Pravda, it's not done.

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