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Leonard Hatred 5:43 Thu Jan 22
Monster Munch went on sale.

Punk rock.

Kevin Keegan

Red Rum won his third Grand National.

Jethro Tull released Songs From The Wood.

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claret on my shirt 11:43 Sat Jan 24
Re: 1977
The rings around Uranus were discovered.

oioi 11:35 Sat Jan 24
Re: 1977
New Boots & Panties

Joke Whole 8:13 Sat Jan 24
Re: 1977
Was the last year I used my season ticket (3 games) as I'd moved both home & work-wise towards the north-western end of the Northern line and was throwing in 7 days a week work.

We had a "local management concession" that we could take 3 hours off on a Saturday afternoon to turn out for the works team - and nothing else - provided we managed to pick up the work lost during the month. Management even came along sometimes to "support" us.

My brother picked up the rest of the games when he could, but, as he's Man U, and was making his own way in life, the ticket lapsed the following year.

Sarge 12:07 Sat Jan 24
Re: 1977
my first game

Billy Blagg 11:49 Fri Jan 23
Re: 1977
There were knives in West 11
I weren't so lucky to be rich
Oh and there were sten guns in Knightsbridge

Westham67 11:32 Fri Jan 23
Re: 1977
The clothes were horrific , Flared "Slacks" and pointer shoes with a brass bit on the front. My brother had a Kung Fu Cardigan , flash cunt

ironmark 11:19 Fri Jan 23
Re: 1977
I was 15 and started going to gigs, my first 3 were Fleetwood Mac, The Stranglers, The Clash!
It was a cracking summer that year but nobody noticed because it was the year after the best summer ever

stomper 10:35 Fri Jan 23
Re: 1977
Damned, Clash, Eddie and the Hot Rods, Generation X The Only Ones supporting the Stranglers? the Marquee.
Screwed up my O levels for some reason

Saul Bollox 9:16 Fri Jan 23
Re: 1977
I moved to within walking distance of Tottenham's ground, and have been here ever since surrounded by Arsenal fans.

Nurse Ratched 9:01 Fri Jan 23
Re: 1977
Everything anybody owned was some or other shade of brown.

Hammer and Pickle 8:49 Fri Jan 23
Re: 1977
Playing a shot, that is.

Hammer and Pickle 8:38 Fri Jan 23
Re: 1977
Northern Sold, have you ever seen Geoffrey raise his bat above shoulder hight? Because I haven't - not that year or any other.

Livingstone 7:15 Fri Jan 23
Re: 1977
Kevin Keegan smashes old British transfer record in 500,000 pound move to Hamburg

diddly 6:14 Fri Jan 23
Re: 1977
Was able to get 5 or 6 pints for a quid. Yes, 5 or 6. And a couple of packets of crisps.

ted fenton 5:59 Fri Jan 23
Re: 1977
Broke up with my first wife was in my flat in Manor park was in a bad place then started f#cking everything in site !!!

Haha everything then fell into place.

Had a season ticket and used to take my mates son to every game by giving the man on the turnstyle a quid !!

Hahaha happy days :-)

glenny boy 5:47 Fri Jan 23
Re: 1977
silver jubilee street party!!!

Northern Sold 5:34 Fri Jan 23
Re: 1977
Pretty sure Boycs scored his 100th 100 in the AShes test at Headingley... on drive for 4 IIRC off Glen Chappell??

Admiral Lard 3:38 Fri Jan 23
Re: 1977
West Ham cam back from 2-0 to beat Manchester United 4-2 in our final game of the season to avoid relegation by the narrowest of margins

Tottenham Hotspur were relegated in last place

It was also the last ever season that every top flight club, included all the relegated clubs, won more games at home than they lost whilst all clubs including champions Liverpool lost more games away than they won....

FACT Of the century IMHO

The Kronic 2:35 Fri Jan 23
Re: 1977
I won a fancy dress competition at the Queen's Jubilee. I think it was out of pity on the presumption my parents were on drugs, given my outfit.

The emergence of Monster Munch was clearly the defining moment of that year though.

Mr Anon 2:19 Fri Jan 23
Re: 1977

SnarestoneIron 2:10 Fri Jan 23
Re: 1977
I joined our village Silver Jubilee parade dressed up as a punk, all in red, white and blue. I was only 8 at the time!

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