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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

scott_d 10:47 Wed Jul 6
A Striker - Best of the Rest?
With Ibrahimovic moving to Man Utd (realistic target or not) and Batshuayi heading for Chelsea, that's 2 summer targets to cross off the list.

We have to be realistic in that targeting a top striker will mean we are competing with the big clubs and it will be hard to beat the likes of Chelsea and Man Utd, but that doesn't mean we can't find a good deal.

So who's left? Here are some of the main targets we are being linked with:

Alexandre Lacazette (Lyon)

It's a never ending saga with this one but if I'm being honest, I don't think we will or even should go anywhere near Lyon's asking price of £40 unless it remains our only option. A club in our position with our resources cannot afford to take such a huge risk. If he does not score 20 goals in his first season it will be deemed as a failure considering the outlay. Do we want to spend that much money and put that much pressure on a player?

Manolo Gabiadini (Napoli)

He's not really had any prolific seasons in his career, in fact 8 goals in the season before last for Napoli was his joint best season in Italy (league goals). But in his defence, the 8 goals for Napoli was in 8 starts which suggests he's not really catching a break and his goals to starts ratio is actually respectable.
Regular first team football could bring out the 20 goals a season striker in him?

Carlos Bacca (AC Milan)

18 goals for Milan last season, 20 goal seasons in 3 different leagues (Columbia, Belgium, Spain) and generally a pretty consistant goal scorere wherever he has been. As discussed at length this does not guarantee goals but it does offer some hope that he knows where the net is. As he turns 30 later in the year you'd hope it won't be too expensive but AC Milan paid €30m euros for him only last summer so he could prove a costly buy for his age. Still if he gives us 2-3 seasons of around 20 goals you would argue that £20m is probably worth it?

Vincent Janssen (AZ Alkmar)

The (joint) youngest striker on the list at 22 he had an excellent debut season in the top league of Holland with 27 league goals. Looks to have made the step-up from the Dutch 1st division comfortably and would be a step up again to the Premier League. Again, 27 goals suggests he knows how to score goals. He's a reasonable size as well, so doesn't look like he'll have any problems competing, perhaps just keeping up with the pace of the Premier League would be the question mark? However, it looks like Spurs are favourites but no harm in looking if Levy hesitates and we can get a good deal.

Mario Gomez (Bayern Munich)

This would be the cheapest of all the deals but by far the best value for money at the quoted £5m mark. Gomez has bundles of goals and experience. He's 30 years old but for the price, he's got to be a great shout for a couple of years and would also mean we could perhaps take a risk on a young striker (the likes of Janssen) who could learn allot from

Simone Zaza (Juventus)

I don't think Zaza would feel like a marque signing as his record isn't anything special. It's also hard not to be put off by his shocking penalty against Germany! If we did sign Zaza this would be one to have faith in Bilic and co and trust that they know what they are doing unless anyone can provide some useful info or insights on him? Hopefully it wouldn't be too expensive.

Jonathan Calleri

On loan at Sao Paulo from an investment firm or Deportivo Maldonao, I'm not entirely sure. He's another youngster at 22 years old. Well we all know the quality of the last young Argentine Striker we signed with a complicated ownership structure, the first thing we'd need to do is ensure that the transfer and contract is water-tight and 100% legal, just as it was for Tevez!
This would be the riskiest having never played in Europe but it would also be one of the cheapest if the rumours of a £7.5m deal are true.
Things have gone quiet on this one but again, it's not a huge price so if the club think he could do a job then I'd welcome him. I expect again that he would not be the marquee signing that we've been promised and would compliment another signing.

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Nagel 10:50 Thu Jul 21
Re: A Striker - Best of the Rest?
The only thing in Berahino's favour is his age and the fact that he might learn from his mistakes. I'm sure he realises that what he did wasn't good for his career.

Trevor B 10:46 Thu Jul 21
Re: A Striker - Best of the Rest?
true, although Emenike was a loan, Tore he has managed before and Payet, well a player like that is worth any risk. To be honest I haven't seen anyone on here ever say what Payet has done wrong? seems like a model pro to me.

i-Ron 10:42 Thu Jul 21
Re: A Striker - Best of the Rest?
Yet he took on Payet and Emenike who have history though?

And Tore

Trevor B 10:30 Thu Jul 21
Re: A Striker - Best of the Rest?
I don't think Slav would touch berahino with a bargepole, he dislikes players that cause issues and throw their toys out of the pram when they don't get their own way, amalfitano and sakho being two recent examples.

scott_d 10:26 Thu Jul 21
Re: A Striker - Best of the Rest?
It looks like Bacca and Calleri are the two current first choice strikers.

If they sign I think we can be very happy with the business so far but still worth looking at alternatives until deals are confirmed.

MARIO GOMEZ has confirmed that he will definitely not be signing for Beiktas in Turkey due to the political problems. So the door is open for a move if he is not wanted in Italy. Has to be a contender still if Bacca turns us down?

SAIDO BERAHINO seems to be stuck as West Brom but would it be possible for West Ham to use Sakho as a make-weight to try and lure him to West Ham?

Biggie Biggs 4:30 Mon Jul 18
Re: A Striker - Best of the Rest?
Negredo has been shit the last couple of years , wouldn't touch a forward of his age on a downward spiral

scott_d 4:25 Mon Jul 18
Re: A Striker - Best of the Rest?
I guess I would say it's less likely now than it was this time last week when it seemed like the deal was almost in the bag.

Especially considering he has also stated that his dream is to play in the Champions League.

I'm not saying it's over, he could well decide that West Ham is his best option, especially if Athletico and Arsenal drop their interest and/or sign a striker from elsewhere.

I understand he's in no rush and appreciate he might want to think hard about his next move but I'm not completely happy about being his fall-back plan if a better offer doesn't come in.

I'd give him some time to make his mind up but there does come a point where you walk away and it must be in the clubs thoughts?

VirginiaHam 4:18 Mon Jul 18
Re: A Striker - Best of the Rest?

Far Cough 2:47 Tue Jul 12

It took Payet to come to WHU before he showed how good he was. After that, DD could not ignore.

Payet would not have been at Euro2016 but for Slav.

likemydreams 4:02 Mon Jul 18
Re: A Striker - Best of the Rest?
scott d -(not that I'm saying he will) but why do you think it's looking more likely that Bacca won't be signing ??

the bloke is obviously in no rush to sign for anyone

scott_d 3:50 Mon Jul 18
Re: A Striker - Best of the Rest?
I'd take him at 30 to be fair.

He's a big lump and his game wasn't all about pace. Good finisher and strong lad. We could do allot worse.

I don't mind signing someone at that age as we've already bought Fletcher for the future and Calleri (if he signs) is only 22 so there would be a healthy mix of youth and experience.

Lewisham_Hammer 3:45 Mon Jul 18
Re: A Striker - Best of the Rest?
Good point FC, he's 30 now. didn't realise he was of that age already.

Far Cough 3:43 Mon Jul 18
Re: A Striker - Best of the Rest?
Negredo is a great striker but how old is he now?

Lewisham_Hammer 3:43 Mon Jul 18
Re: A Striker - Best of the Rest?
Boro are about to sign Alvaro Negredo on loan. surely that would have been worth a punt for us?

He was absolutely mustard in the first half of Man City's title winning season. It was only due to personal problems his form dipped and I've seen interviews with him at how much he regrets the second half of that season. Pretty sure he scored a very clever goal against us that season too.

scott_d 3:35 Mon Jul 18
Re: A Striker - Best of the Rest?
*Took the step up last season with a loan to Eibar and scored 18 goals to help them finish 7th.

Not sure where I got that from, they finished 14th last season!

scott_d 3:32 Mon Jul 18
Re: A Striker - Best of the Rest?
It's looking more and more unlikely that Bacca won't be signing.

Shame but we move on.

Let's hope that the 'done deal' for Calleri is more 'done' than this deal for Bacca!

Looking at alternatives, there are 2 names that I've read who are not quite as high profile as the likes of Lacazette, Batshuayi and Bacca but could be much better value for money.

Wassam Ben Yedder, 25 - Toulouse

Scored double figures in the last 4 seasons at Toulous (15, 16, 14, 17) with last season being his most prolific with 17 (24 in all competitions.
He's managed to score goals consistently and whilst there has been interest from some big clubs over years Toulous have managed to keep hold of him. He's got a good few years experience but still has plenty of time ahead of him. He would be the safer choice of the 2 so long as we weren't forced to pay the £30m that DG has said he is prepared to pay.

Borja Baston, 23 - Athletico Madrid

Part of the academy at Athletico, spend most of his youth career out on loan with Real Murcia, Huesca and Deportivo in the Spanish 2nd Division and had a decent goals to games ratio. Earned himself a season long loan deal at Real Zaragoza also in 2nd Div and scored an impressive 23 goals for the season. Took the step up last season with a loan to Eibar and scored 18 goals to help them finish 7th.
2 solid season of scoring goals. The Premiership could be another step-up and I'm sure lots of fans will feel cheated if they don't know anything about him but if it's the right price it might be worth a gamble and seeing what he can do.

Either of these would be decent options and personally I think they are more likely to represent where we are as a club. I expect they could both be ready for a new challenge and a step up and I think West Ham could give them both what they want if they can repay us with goals.

2 decent options in my opinion.

LeroysBoots 11:58 Thu Jul 14
Re: A Striker - Best of the Rest?
Of course not, but I also expect a bit of realism

Athletico Easthamico 12:05 Thu Jul 14
Re: A Striker - Best of the Rest?
Do you expect them to say he's shit and only here for the money?

LeroysBoots 11:30 Wed Jul 13
Re: A Striker - Best of the Rest?
Who ever we get rest assured the official site will big him up......

"Highly rated...prolific...we fought off several top European clubs to get him....his dad once visited Canning Town.....click here for tickets"

ludo21 10:27 Wed Jul 13
Re: A Striker - Best of the Rest?
Stubbo 3:17 Tue Jul 12

:^) 9:22 Wed Jul 13
Re: A Striker - Best of the Rest?
Domenico Berardi

Athletico Easthamico 9:02 Wed Jul 13
Re: A Striker - Best of the Rest?

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