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dealcanvey 2:14 Fri Feb 24
Ray Wilkins - Talk Sport
Worth a listen.

Are Premier League clubs not giving young English talent a fair chance?

Mentions Oxford and how he is not in our first team. Goes onto say Oxford showed on his debut against Arsenal that he was more than ready at just 16. Yet he is nowhere near our first team now?


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eusebiovic 3:24 Tue Feb 28
Re: Ray Wilkins - Talk Sport
I caught a bit of Talksport this afternoon with the Durham muppet

I reckon the booze used to take the edge off of Wilkins because he used to be very patient and wait for others to finish before talking.

Now he almost sounds like a different person...his voice seems to have gone up a pitch or two and he is constantly butting in and not waiting for his co-host or callers to finish

bruuuno 10:28 Mon Feb 27
Re: Ray Wilkins - Talk Sport
Yea, I remember him making a right cunt of himself on there a year or so ago

stoneman 10:06 Mon Feb 27
Re: Ray Wilkins - Talk Sport
He was so off his face! Couldn't say Kantes name and swore once.

Quite entertaining.

Bernie 7:40 Mon Feb 27
Re: Ray Wilkins - Talk Sport
Browno, I thought exactly the same, he couldn't remember Chelsea winning the CL in 2012 at the beginning of the show

Browno22 7:25 Mon Feb 27
Re: Ray Wilkins - Talk Sport
He's on talksport right now, and is clearly pissed

daveyg 12:06 Sun Feb 26
Re: Ray Wilkins - Talk Sport
All our young players this season have taken a backward step. It's my only bug bare against Bilic.
I feel he relied on the Europa league to firmly blood the youngsters. Burke,Oxford,Browne and Quina would of all got time.
I go back to the game away to Astra and two points, Browne passing to Antonio instead of shooting and the substitutions of Collins and Carroll. Both were not needed. Collins always a liability when he comes on and is to slow to react.

WHUDeano 11:48 Sat Feb 25
Re: Ray Wilkins - Talk Sport
To be honest it does seem very difficult for young players under Bilic. He seemingly won't even blood a young player until he is 21...maybe he looks back on Rio, when we played 3 across the back to help him progress and not worry about lapses in concentration.

When you look at the issues we've had recently at the back, if Burke or Oxford were good enough surely they would have been given a go? I like Bilic a lot but he is nothing like a manager like the Spurs man, makes me wonder - if Kane played at the majority of other Prem clubs, would he have made it to this level? Bilic wouldn't have pushed him, I am almost certain of that.

Off The Shin 11:20 Sat Feb 25
Re: Ray Wilkins - Talk Sport
I once accidently wafted a fart in Wilkins face. Nice bloke though he took it well, ended up going halfs on a bottle of gin and spent the morning walking down the canal. Knows his football does Ray

Westham67 6:30 Sat Feb 25
Re: Ray Wilkins - Talk Sport
The bigger clubs tend to go for younger players from overseas

joyo 6:01 Sat Feb 25
Re: Ray Wilkins - Talk Sport
Daddy of chicks with dicks more like!

Private Dancer 4:04 Sat Feb 25
Re: Ray Wilkins - Talk Sport

Any Old Iron 9:29 Fri Feb 24
Re: Ray Wilkins - Talk Sport

Private Dancer 6:03 Fri Feb 24

''You know, there are some real cunts on here, but you sir, are a grade A cunt, and in a class of your own. I genuinely wish you would fuck off and die''

Appreciate the compliment. Agree that the site is full of cunts, so why not be the Daddy when it comes to cuntism.

gank 1:35 Sat Feb 25
Re: Ray Wilkins - Talk Sport
Bank, I concede both points.

1307 12:59 Sat Feb 25
Re: Ray Wilkins - Talk Sport
I hope to see him start tearing it up at Reading.....eventually.

North Bank 12:58 Sat Feb 25
Re: Ray Wilkins - Talk Sport
gank to be fair that's exactly what I'm saying let's not judge him, I'm not saying he's the next Rio I just get frustrated when people write him off without any real foundation I haven't seen enough of him to form that judgement and nor has anyone else regardless of what they say

As for the cunt platitude then I believe that's two things we have in common


1307 12:55 Sat Feb 25
Re: Ray Wilkins - Talk Sport
NB, I may be wrong but was he at fault positional lyrics for Zaza goal pre season?

1307 12:53 Sat Feb 25
Re: Ray Wilkins - Talk Sport
Gang, let's get this right, most games Orzil puts himself in his own pocket.
Watch the game again and you would see Oxford was very, very ordinary.

North Bank 12:52 Sat Feb 25
Re: Ray Wilkins - Talk Sport
1307 I suppose we will, but again you're missing the point about Oxford he wasn't 21 when we played Arsenal he was 16, yes 16. At 18 everyone is heaping pressure and expecting the finished article let's give him time to develop before casting him aside

gank 12:50 Sat Feb 25
Re: Ray Wilkins - Talk Sport
North Bank, I agree with that (for once as you're a cunt) but we could argue the same against you. He kept Ozil in his pocket and had a great debut but playing Devil's Advocate, that might be all he can do. Someone like Freddie Sears might give him the runaround. I don't know, I'm just saying that we shouldn't have a go at anyone on either side of the argument other than to say that it is merely opinion and we don't know.

Given a run in our team we might know, but that's a fucking big gamble, and I would suggest were right in passing that gamble onto another club. The Arsenal game might have given us a better opportunity to judge him at a decent level and it wasn't a masterstroke, but a gamble - but it paid off so you have to say that so far his career benefits us more than him.

Also bear in mind - and this is rumour alone - that his mum is a moneygrabbing cunt and he might just do what she says. So it may well be out of our hands anyway, which explains the contract - we will get paid either way if he makes it.

bruuuno 12:48 Sat Feb 25
Re: Ray Wilkins - Talk Sport
Bald, pisshead possible nonce Chelsea cunt. Did I dream it or wasn't he pissed up on talk sport a year or two ago?

1307 12:47 Sat Feb 25
Re: Ray Wilkins - Talk Sport
NB, wait and see.
Talent is recognisable almost instantly and this boy is all hype.
His 90 minutes against Arsenal was ordinary. If he had been a 21 year old no one would have been raving.

North Bank 12:33 Sat Feb 25
Re: Ray Wilkins - Talk Sport
1307 let's be up front here you're lying, Oxford has started 3 games for us in the league 1 of which was at home, the rest are all sub appearances for less than 30 minutes and most for less than 10, he's started a couple of games in the qualifying rounds of the Europa League

I don't think you go to games at all but giving you the benefit of the doubt you may go to the odd home game in which case you've seen him play a total of 45 minutes from the start and less than that coming off the bench, staggeringly you've judged a 17 year old on that basis

Forgive me if I think you're an attention seeker that wouldn't recognise a decent footballer if Rio Ferdinand came up and shook you by the hand

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