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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

jack flash 4:40 Sun Oct 29
Yes we all know he fucked up but, is it just me, but does he look about 2stone overweight & moving accordingly?

Most of the players look unfit & out of condition to be fair, but none more so than Antonio

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Eerie Descent 12:21 Thu Nov 2
Re: Antonio
*rings bell*

We'll miss his blocked shots...

Eggbert Nobacon 11:15 Thu Nov 2
Re: Antonio


Robson 5:09 Thu Nov 2
Re: Antonio
Who? Eerie or Thumb?

gph 4:00 Tue Oct 31
Re: Antonio
He should be given a bell to ring, like a mediaeval leper..

rumford 3:58 Tue Oct 31
Re: Antonio
I agree yngwies
You've got Stan Collymore digging out big time in the Mirror today and Martin Samuel suggesting that he will now be excluded from the England Squad as result of that error. FFS he made a mistake move on.

Dan M 3:54 Tue Oct 31
Re: Antonio
Infidel 4:27 Mon Oct 30

That throw-in would never have reached the goal line and Cisse was chasing him down.

madeeasy 3:27 Tue Oct 31
Re: Antonio
yngwies Cat 3:14 Tue Oct 31

under the thumb 3:24 Tue Oct 31
Re: Antonio
Just take a look at yourself in the mirror Eerie.

yngwies Cat 3:14 Tue Oct 31
Re: Antonio
He fucked up West ham fucked up. We got a draw

No need to kill the fucker, he done okay for us up to now.

Eerie Descent 3:12 Tue Oct 31
Re: Antonio
What does one have to do to become a Keyboard Warrior, thumb?

I need to know for the sake of my ego.

under the thumb 3:07 Tue Oct 31
Re: Antonio
No...never..Keyboard warriors like you are two to a penny. You get off on trying to create an image on here and the only thing that will be eaten up is your ego.

Eerie Descent 3:00 Tue Oct 31
Re: Antonio
Having contempt for a faceless messageboard poster will eat you up eventually, thumb.

under the thumb 2:41 Tue Oct 31
Re: Antonio
Read it properly knob jockey.
There was criticism for a number of players not just Noble.
My dislike of Nobles football ability these last few seasons is known I don’t dispute that. My contempt for you has just gone up a notch.

Eerie Descent 2:33 Tue Oct 31
Re: Antonio
You used all that to have a dig at Noble.

What an absolutely desperate weirdo you are, thumb.

under the thumb 2:28 Tue Oct 31
Re: Antonio
Carragher analysed two patterns of play last night on MNF.
First one minutes before Antonio lost the ball which led to their goal and he ran it into the corner fell over and Palace attacked. We cleared the ball to him again in almost the identical position and.....well we know what he did this time!
However the point Carragher made was in both instances we had six players ahead of the ball when Palace were attacking us!

Ayew run the whole length of the pitch the second time around and when we lost the ball him Hernandez and Antonio were strolling back hands waving around or on their hips!

Lanzini was the only one who made any effort to recover. The whole thing was a shambles and whilst Antonio is copping the Lions share of it how we allowed Zaha who was heading towards the corner flag to turn and get his shot off was nothing short of a disgrace.
The shape of the team is never there when we are defending and I’ve said it a number of times when Noble is playing the opposition play around him and break at pace and the back four is totally exposed.

Two banks of four gives you solidity and you can defend deep. This wing back system exposes the midfield twocall the time and when one of the two is as placeless as we are in there we are always going to concede a shed load of goals.

threesixty 4:33 Mon Oct 30
Re: Antonio
We were playing the bottom team who have barely scored a goal all season.
If any other team had done what Antonio had done they would have just handled it. We were clinging on to dear life like we were some non league team trying to steal a win from top side.

Its fucking embarrassing. Its Palace ffs!
I'm sort of glad its happened because a win would have glossed over how shit was are a team. We need invidual brilliance to get us out of trouble otherwise we always fall short.

This draw will mean Bilic gets to go on another run of 7/8 games and scrape 3 points.

Infidel 4:27 Mon Oct 30
Re: Antonio
Just seen Antonio's error on video

Jesus wept that is bad.

Right up there with Scaloni failing to let that throw-in roll out of play for a goal kick.

Russ of the BML 4:07 Mon Oct 30
Re: Antonio
Percy Dalton 4:03 Mon Oct 30

Antonio is the perfect example of raw talent that can be coached into a top player. The only problem is that he has never worked with anyone that can coach him.

Percy Dalton 4:03 Mon Oct 30
Re: Antonio
When Antonio first came into the team he was a raw talent which the opposition had no idea how to mark or play against.
Over the months he steadily improved to turn into one of our best players.
I honestly think he now regrets extending his contract as he really needs a good coach to help him improve the rough edges too his game.
Sadly who is there at West Ham to give him that assistance.

Russ of the BML 4:01 Mon Oct 30
Re: Antonio
boleyn8420 2:57 Mon Oct 30

Yes, lots of others to blame. Agreed. But Antonio pushed the first domino.

Ogbonna is another fucking idiot. Didn't even need to nibble for that ball. Just stay goal-side and shepherd him away from goal. Just don't get turned and keep yourself between the ball and the goal. It's just fucking kids stuff.

Problem with the Antonio things is that with Zaha is he is always capable of that. He's got pace, skill and an eye for goal. You just don't need him on the ball in that situation. In fact, just don't give Palace the fucking ball full stop. That's why Antonio is getting blamed. He should've just took it to the flag and laid on the fucking thing.

JOHNNY V 3:02 Mon Oct 30
Re: Antonio
Boleyn agree we have a team packed full of them, it's not bad luck that we see this week in week out. We all knew the inevitable would happen and we would concede, it was just a case of who was going to put their hand up for whufc thickest player award for this particular week.

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