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Roeder-nowhere 12:44 Tue Dec 12
Selling Sakho
Saw an article saying Moyes giving go ahead to Sakho 12mil move in January? (Obviously could be BS)
However...if tru, for me it´s a mistake.

AC again injured, just waiting for his at least once a season long injury to kick in. AC also hasn´t scored ALL season, does he have an assist?

Sakho has 3 goals and 1 assist and always looks lively and makes a positive contribution when coming on. Given starts he WILL score.

Little pea is a poacher, he need the chance in the box and generally we don´t create that many box chances. Sakho can score from different areas and creates things far more.

Would we buy somebody as good and in a small overpriced slot in January? Doubtful.

Martinez hasn´t been given a chance so given an injury to one or two strikers (1 is inevitable) we would be left with Ayew/Antonio upfront as cover as Martinez is untried.

Mistake to sell...keep him to help secure safety.

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kylay 2:22 Fri Dec 22
Re: Selling Sakho
I very much get the sense he and the owners are well fucked off with each other and there is no hope for a way forward. I could see him going for 15 mil and becoming a fairly prolific striker in the right team, or he could keep bouncing like a shitter version of balotelli

Swiss. 6:41 Wed Dec 20
Re: Selling Sakho
Regardless of all the 'hearsay' I'd say he is probably out. Like I said he's our best striker and would be nice if Moyes has got him sorted out in the head.

I thought he would start last night.

Swiss. 6:28 Wed Dec 20
Re: Selling Sakho

Exactly I made it up showing that any bollocks can be written and of course you fell for it as you're an imbecile.

The Daily Mail I ask you? They print complete bollocks. They also told us in August Lanzini was going to Liverpool...then.

In fact we still don't know the source. Doris the Tea lady.

Mart O 6:00 Wed Dec 20
Re: Selling Sakho
I agree, let's sell everyone. Just think of all the inane exchanges we could have on here about all the amazing talent available and falling over itself to join us.

One McAvennieeeeee 5:56 Wed Dec 20
Re: Selling Sakho
I'd say he's gone. He won't want to be part of such a negative set up, and the Manager clearly doesn't fancy him.

I reckon the club will look at it that they can pretty much get back what they paid for him.

Alex V 5:54 Wed Dec 20
Re: Selling Sakho
goldstar 5:25 Wed Dec 20

That's the reality of being a forward in the modern game - you have to be of some use in tight matches where the service isn't pristine. It's a fact of life at our level. That's the catch 22 with Hernandez - his sharpness in the box might be worthy of a top side, but is near-impossible to utilise at any other level (and top sides have better players with all-round attributes). In the modern game you cannot carry a player who is near-anonymous unless the ball drops at his feet in the box.

Its not Moyes, there just simply is no obvious way to accomodate the player. For a player on £150k a week this is a major issue! I'd sell.

goldstar 5:25 Wed Dec 20
Re: Selling Sakho
Alex - Agree with you regarding Ayew, Sakho and Carroll, but I don't see how you can write off Hernandez based on last night's performance - he had no service whatsoever due to the total inability of those around him to complete simple passes. He was also the victim of non-calls on a couple of blatant fouls.

I think Chicarito can still do good things for us. Problem is Moyes is not a fan.

Alex V 4:08 Wed Dec 20
Re: Selling Sakho
Given the non-performance of Ayew, Sakho, Carroll and Hernandez vs Arsenal, I don't see much current threat to the Antonio/Arnautovic partnership up front honestly. I'd be happy to sell all four of those and get some new blood in there though of course that's not practical in January.

gph 4:02 Wed Dec 20
Re: Selling Sakho
Isn't it tactics?

Antonio (or possibly Arnie) is the best at being up top on his own. He's got the pace to get on the end off inaccurate balls up to him, or at least to pressurise the defender who gets the ball if he doesn't. Carroll can hold things up, but he needs the ball to be more accurate.

Hernandez would be better if we were frequently applying pressure with plenty of players in the opposition box.

Sakho's got a bit of both.

Alex V 3:53 Wed Dec 20
Re: Selling Sakho
I think Antonio currently offers more than any other current striker at the club, even though there seem to be issues with his match fitness. And playing him up front solves the problem with his sporadic defensive cover. Same with Arnautovic actually - it gives them freedom to contribute without carrying their weaknesses.

Of course the other issue is obvious - where do you play Antonio (or Arnautovic) in a 3-5-2 if not up front?

scott_d 3:37 Wed Dec 20
Re: Selling Sakho
Not sure many would agree but I'm not really convinced that Antonio has been a roaring success up front - for starters he's not scored any goals.

He's much better as a winger but besides that he doesn't seem to be the player we expect. Something doesn't seem right about him and the way he's playing.

Alex V 3:31 Wed Dec 20
Re: Selling Sakho
chim chim cha boo 12:01 Tue Dec 19

I don't disagree with you that if we're looking to measure a traditional striker, Sakho fits that role more than Antonio. But the traditional striker is under threat and you can see that playing out in lots of places. Chelsea recently dropped Morata and played Hazard up front. Firmino was never a striker but has been adapted by Liverpool. Sanchez isn't really a striker but often plays there. Palace played wingers as strikers. Huddersfield I think I'm right just played Kachunga as a striker.

The pragmatic choice is that you play the team you think that can win. Cresswell is not a centre-back, and Antonio and Arnautovic aren't really strikers. But in the current premiership, and in our current squad, these players are out-performing others in these roles. It's as simple as that. If it works, you go with it!

southwoodford 3:00 Wed Dec 20
Re: Selling Sakho
Lee Trundle 1:01 Wed Dec 20

It's not the number of games he's appeared in, it's the number of minutes on the pitch that is the significant measure. His three goals may well represent a decent return given the limited time he is handed ..

cornish 1:23 Wed Dec 20
Re: Selling Sakho
The quicker the better.

Propodkin 1:08 Wed Dec 20
Re: Selling Sakho
I don't like these appearance and goal bonuses, turns the player into a greedy cnut... especially for most players nowadays when its all about the money (as it seems the case in Sakho's case)

they tend not to be team players and its all about them because they will earn out of it, nevermind if the teams successful they will be successful and rewarded accordingly

as for being a moody tosser - can never help behind the scenes so fuck him off I say

Lee Trundle 1:01 Wed Dec 20
Re: Selling Sakho
"He is a good striker who's goal to game ratio is as good as we could hope for from any player at our level"

At the level we're at, his goals to game ratio is 3 goals in 18 Premier League games in the last 2 season. I'd hope for better.

Willtell 12:56 Wed Dec 20
Re: Selling Sakho
How about you give us a source for your claim that Sakho wants to stay and sign a new contract Swiss? And you know you are older and more senile than me don't you?

Swiss. 12:47 Wed Dec 20
Re: Selling Sakho
Is it another Daily Mail post?

Swiss. 11:50 Wed Dec 20
Re: Selling Sakho
Again source?

threesixty 11:47 Wed Dec 20
Re: Selling Sakho
This is about money and I dont blame him really.
Cant be on much compared to some other strikers in this league. And if the contract thing is true and Moyes has decided to play Antonio ahead of him (considering Antonio isnt really a striker) then yeah, thats a problem.

A player of his ability can earn 80k a week + and he's probably on 20 if that. I'd be trying to get out as soon as I could. If you pay people enough they will sit on the bench all day (Caroll) and not be in the slightest bit bothered. But if you know you can triple your salary you'd be an idiot not to try to get that to happen.

Swiss. 11:44 Wed Dec 20
Re: Selling Sakho
I heard Sakho wants to stay and is willing to take a cut in salary to do it and work with Moyes.

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