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El Scorchio 11:38 Sun Dec 17
Marko Arnautovic
Didn’t see another thread about this, but he’s now starting to look very good. Seems to have found a great rapport with Lanzini and a couple of others. Really clever movement, pace, power and starting to find the net combined with a high work rate.

Yesterday was a great performance. Loads of guts and determination and there’s no way he was leaving Stoke without a goal. Loved him sticking it to the away fans after the abuse he was getting. Feels like that was the game he truly arrived.

What a turnaround from the first few months of the season when I am sure we were on the way to bombing him out of the club. I can see now why we paid the money for him and I hope he continues to just get better and better. He’s on the way to becoming a proper favourite. Really enjoying watching him play at the moment.

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yngwies Cat 11:08 Tue Dec 19
Re: Marko Arnautovic
I wouldn't like to spill his pint.

Buster 10:05 Tue Dec 19
Re: Marko Arnautovic
Wiltell. What did I do?

Fuck all, because I’m not that much of a fucking sap to let it upset me.

Buster 10:04 Tue Dec 19
Re: Marko Arnautovic
You’re such a fucking guru of football, Road.

13 Brentford Rd 8:58 Tue Dec 19
Re: Marko Arnautovic
Any half knowledgeable fan can spot a good player, it's not that difficult.
Real football management is not like playing football manager or Fantasy League, you need a bit more than that.

normannomates 2:43 Tue Dec 19
Re: Marko Arnautovic
Offered that fanny flap Shawcross a slow walk down the tunnel. .fucking superb

Willtell 12:22 Tue Dec 19
Re: Marko Arnautovic
Buster 1:38 Mon Dec 18
"You submitted a complaint to the FA?? Fucking hell. You sad, sad cunt."

For me the sad sad cunts are people like you Buster. But what do I know about people that think they achieve something by moaning on a WH forum when a rival manager incites hatred of a WH player and calling him a mother fucker.

At least Im trying with a simple email to the FA. Especially when Hughe's whinging about Lanzini diving has probably got him in trouble....

Yes I'm sorry if I offended you by doing something. What did you do then you cunt Buster?

Kaiser Zoso 8:07 Mon Dec 18
Re: Marko Arnautovic
More excuses

Just admit he turned out to be shit

Lily Hammer 7:53 Mon Dec 18
Re: Marko Arnautovic
Robson, Bilic isn't stupid, he knows a good player when he sees one, but it seems more and more evident that he doesn't know how to instill discipline into his squad, and we gradually lost what defensive discipline was left over from BFS.

With hindsight, I think his problem, more than anything, was a poor misguided choice of coaching staff.

Can't say enough for coaching staff. It's worth mentioning that Moyes had Irvine with him at Preston and Everton, but not Man U, Sociadad or Sunderland.

Arnie seems that he needs a good dose of discipline, as do most or all of the others, and though I don't want to get too far ahead of myself, I think we could really enjoy the rest of the season, with Marko providing a lot of the fun.

Robson 7:39 Mon Dec 18
Re: Marko Arnautovic
Some credit to Bilic - we're finally seeing the player that he thought he'd signed.

dicksie3 7:20 Mon Dec 18
Re: Marko Arnautovic
He's definitely impressed a lot in recent weeks.

Keep it going, son.

Spandex Sidney 7:14 Mon Dec 18
Re: Marko Arnautovic
Massive credit to Moyse, I would never think in a million years he could play up front alone like he has. If he carries on with that work rate, which is questionable, he deserves to stay up there, he looks immense, especially against the teams we need to beat.

Side of Ham 6:32 Mon Dec 18
Re: Marko Arnautovic
Buster 6:13 Mon Dec 18

That's 1600 wanks with Mrs Palmer and her 5 lovely daughters.

Buster 6:21 Mon Dec 18
Re: Marko Arnautovic
I wasn't convinced at all, but the last ten days have made me do a MASSIVE u-turn.

Carries on like this, he'll soon be a CULT hero.

penners28 6:15 Mon Dec 18
Re: Marko Arnautovic
He's serbian. wanted to play for serbia, asked to play for serbia, but was turned down...so went to play for austria.

he gets a good reception from serbian fans because of this.

Buster 6:13 Mon Dec 18
Re: Marko Arnautovic
Swiss, the bloke who's fucked 8,000 models, wants folk to take his word for whatever he says?


gph 6:09 Mon Dec 18
Re: Marko Arnautovic
Check facts or take Swiss' word?

That's a toughie...

Russ of the BML 5:12 Mon Dec 18
Re: Marko Arnautovic
Pub Bigot 11:50 Mon Dec 18


And I agree, if bigger fish come calling he may act petulantly. It's in his nature. But the main point you make is that his best years are now. If we can maintain this form by massaging his ego then great.

And we the fans can help. Imagine how he must feel when Moysie sends him telling him he is our 'game winner' and the whole stadium is singing 'Marko Anoutavic' to 'Paolo Di Canio' he will be fucking buzzing.

zebthecat 4:51 Mon Dec 18
Re: Marko Arnautovic
He looks to have got quicker since the start of the season - left a couple of the Stoke players for dead.
Either that or Stoke are a notably slow team.

Far Cough 4:26 Mon Dec 18
Re: Marko Arnautovic
Yes, seeing as you said he's not Austrian


Swiss. 4:20 Mon Dec 18
Re: Marko Arnautovic
fuck me did people really got to the effort of checking that his mother was Austrian to prove me wrong ?

People need to get a life on here.

franksfat&slow&wank 4:09 Mon Dec 18
Re: Marko Arnautovic
hes a horrible cunt but our horrible cunt

very talented and could end up a hero at west ham

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