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twoleftfeet 12:31 Sun Apr 22
Stirred up by Abbott, Lammy and momentum to take the heat off Corbyn and his anti Semitic party.

A non story being blown out of all proportion.

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BRANDED 12:04 Wed May 2
Re: Windrush.
Well. At least 48% of those who voted would be happy.

Mike Oxsaw 11:54 Wed May 2
Re: Windrush.
I suspect the politicians are still hoping to filibuster the population (voters) into resigned submission over Brexit, hoping they'll just give up and find something "more important" to occupy their feeble, uneducated minds.

The population want what they want, not what a few self-appointed alleged experts (sic) want them to want.

Hammer and Pickle 10:56 Wed May 2
Re: Windrush.

Infidel 10:54 Wed May 2
Re: Windrush.

Not so. The MPs on both Labour and Tory benches stood for election last year on a manifesto promise to deliver Brexit.

Over 80% of the public voted for parties who promised to deliver Brexit. The LibDems were the only main party promising to fight Brexit. They got 7% of the vote and 12 seats.

Labour and Tory MPs do not have the right now to decide that they are against Brexit.

If Parliamentary democracy is to survive then manifesto commitments on very serious constitutional issues like this must be respected.

MPs are playing with fire if they now castrate the Brexit process by devious means like these amendments from the Lords and the faux outrage over the Irish border.

The public can see exactly what is going on. Labour will need more than the bribery of shallow young people with free tuition to overcome the backlash if they derail Brexit.

twoleftfeet 1:32 Wed May 2
Re: Windrush.
Labour do not represent the working clas, it’s a myth.

Their core voters are the ones on benefits and immigrants.

If they get in it will be the working class that get shafted.

Darlo Debs 11:59 Tue May 1
Re: Windrush.
Was discussing this with friends not so long agp, and yes they do have to do this especially in places like Sunderland and even here in Darlo which are labour constituencies where people feel disillusioned and forgotten ..The front bench of the labour party right now is very london based in terms of the seats they hold....and i think a lot of working class labour voters are going to feel increasingly unrepresented by the party.

Mike Oxsaw 9:56 Tue May 1
Re: Windrush.
Not really - they can set their stall out as clear as you like, starting today. They've shit-loads of time to do all the calculations (on the back of an envelope if there's not a spare bus side handy).

All they have to do is then sell it.

Darlo Debs 7:03 Tue May 1
Re: Windrush.
Yes but if not in government isnt that a bit tricky.?

Mike Oxsaw 7:00 Tue May 1
Re: Windrush.
Corbyn & his party should be doing EVERYTHING they can to protect the rights & welfare of the working class UK citizens - EVERYTHING, from wherever a threat comes.

Darlo Debs 6:53 Tue May 1
Re: Windrush.
Well as Corbyn isnt in government what is he supposed to do exactly? Even i have to defend him.on that one.


jim@chickenrun 6:34 Tue May 1
Re: Windrush.
Windrush,grenfill,EU workers rights,stop and search.......labour love all this shit......labour hasn't represented the working man for 40 odd years,all they care about is immigrants and people of colour ,and corbyn surrounds his self with them.

Hammer and Pickle 6:28 Tue May 1
Re: Windrush.
Did the paper balance that number out with how much businesses who employ foreign workers in the UK contribute in terms of GNP and wages as they Brits in work and off the dole, Brenty?

Hammer and Pickle 6:22 Tue May 1
Re: Windrush.
Fuck off Zero - one of my better clients was a monetary policy council member and a good mate of Jacek Rostowski, and even you know who he is.

13 Brentford Rd 6:19 Tue May 1
Re: Windrush.
11 MARCH 2018 • 12:01 AM
EU migrants claim more than £4 billion a year in benefits, according to a new report.

"The amount, in a paper produced by former Conservative Party leader and Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith, came as Mr Duncan Smith set out proposals for post-Brexit rules preventing EU migrants from entering Britain unless they have already secured a job, and imposing a five-year delay before they are allowed to claim income, family or housing benefits."

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 6:14 Tue May 1
Re: Windrush.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 6:14 Tue May 1
Re: Windrush.

Oh I say. Pickled is cutting and pasting stuff that has has read five minutes ago and is now pretending it' s everyone else who does know the difference, not just his own thick, pig-ignorant self.

Hammer and Pickle 6:07 Tue May 1
Re: Windrush.
The relationship between central banks and national treasuries is clearly too intricate and politically sensitive to entertain an Order Order consuming entitlement culture social case like you Zero.

However, in the real world, central banks are there to support treasury monetary policy as suggested by the name of the central bank committee that meets to take the decisions on interest rates on a quarterly basis. And one of the main factors central bank monetary policy councils take into account is the labour market, and its vitality and volatility, a reality totally lost on a mong like Zero.

Darlo Debs 5:58 Tue May 1
Re: Windrush.
I have some sympathy for PLP members reprsenting seats where the vote was largely remain whilst knowing that they need to be in support of Brexit because its what the people wanted overall. Quite irreconcilable positions, daresay there are some Tory M.Ps in the same boat.

Gavros 5:52 Tue May 1
Re: Windrush.
The main problem is we have UKIP in government and Militant Tendency in opposition, with the majority on both sides in some dreamworld trying to believe it aint so.

eventually people will come to their sense and kick out the wankers on both side but for now we need the Lords - the LORDS - to save parliamentary democracy in this country.

, 5:47 Tue May 1
Re: Windrush.
A8, as a man in the know which faction of the conservatives is running things, Brexiters, Remainers or the minority DUP?

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 5:35 Tue May 1
Re: Windrush.
Do you think she knew the difference between the US Treasury and the Fed, Pickled? Because if she did, she knew a COLOSSAL sight more about economics than you do.

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