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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

LeroysBoots 9:50 Tue Jul 24
Allegedly Barcelona are looking at this kid now and he is available for 600k.


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franksfat&slow&wank 2:29 Tue Dec 18
Re: Quina
shame as Pellegrini would probably have given him a chance

but as some mentioned its refreshing he wanted out to actually play

lets hope he has a stinker sat

stepney hammer 2:27 Tue Dec 18
Re: Quina
Oxford's contract with hindsight has proved to be a mistake. We have a player who has never fully progressed from the youth team on 20k a week who now appears to be a bit shit despite the early hype and one solitary good game to date.

So any other player who is progressing from the youth team will quite rightly use this as a basis of negotiation and argue that they should be getting 30k-40k a week if someone still in the youth team is on 20 bags a week.

Best thing now would be to get rid of Oxford.

daveyg 2:15 Tue Dec 18
Re: Quina
If you're referring to my comments then I don't think Oxford's deal was over the top. We had to act as other teams were hovering . The club by their latest actions seem to be ruluctant to give Rice a similar contract. Thus they think Oxford's contract was a mistake.
Get it ...

Sven Roeder 8:49 Tue Dec 18
Re: Quina
What was our mistake?
As I understand it he (plus agent) reckoned he should be in the first team. And if he wasn’t he wanted to leave

Where would you have played him in the first game at Anfield?

Coffee 6:44 Tue Dec 18
Re: Quina
daveyg 6:41 Tue Dec 18

Are you referring to the two preceding posts?

daveyg 6:41 Tue Dec 18
Re: Quina
Two more absurd statements on here.
Some peoples lack of football knowledge on here is unreal.
Attention seekers I guess.

daveyg 6:38 Tue Dec 18
Re: Quina
You mean like De Bruyne and Salah were let go to name two.
Absurd statement

daveyg 6:26 Tue Dec 18
Re: Quina
He's not the same kind of forward/winger as Diangana so your analogy is completely wrong.
Quina is a fine player and will prove it, at Watford or elsewhere.
Pellegrini and his staff have this one wrong it happens.
They bought Sanchez FFS, I know which player I'd rather have.
The club seem to think a big mistake was made by giving Oxford an excellent deal,so all other young players won't get the same.
Sanchez will be on more than Rice,Diangana and Quina combined. Sanchez has only proved himself to be pretty crap over the last few years.Yet in wages we value him more than those 3.
We made a mistake on Quina and will probably do the same with Oxford.
Then if we are not careful will do the same with Rice.
I can pretty much guarantee Quina is on more than Rice's £3,000 pw.

LeroysBoots 5:17 Tue Dec 18
Re: Quina

Yeah he's no David Silva, Iniesta, Zavi, Modric,.......or Messi

All slight and short

ironsofcanada 11:30 Mon Dec 17
Re: Quina
He has played about 1/5 the Premier League minutes and scored 1/3 the Premier League goals compared to Ravel Morrison.

Good for him for seizing the opportunity but I will wait a bit before crucifying someone for "letting" him leave.

Sir Alf 11:05 Mon Dec 17
Re: Quina
Its a tad early to be drawing conclusions. It takes a few games and arguably a season to know how good he is or might be. Rice is looking the part and improving. Lets see if Quina does the same.

I tend to agree with Dicksie that he is not physically up to it. He may prove me wrong ( wouldnt be the first time :-) ) but my instinct is that he is not going to be a superstar. We shall see.

dealcanvey 6:40 Mon Dec 17
Re: Quina
He will be out to prove a point this weekend!

wansteadman 6:11 Mon Dec 17
Re: Quina
Sounds like he just wanted to play. Makes a change from players who are happy to take the dough and do fuck all. A greedy agent probably thinks he’s got more chance making his name at a small club, actually playing

dicksie3 12:34 Mon Dec 17
Re: Quina
If he was actually very highly promising the he'd have ended up at a much bigger club than Watford, with all due respect to them.

He's too short and very slight to cut it at this level. He'll disappear completely off the radar in a year or two.

Feel free to quote me on this and cunt me off if he proves me wrong, of course.

stepney hammer 12:05 Mon Dec 17
Re: Quina
It was his cunt agent who forced the move, just like he forced it from Chelsea to us.

Supposedly we were going to loan him out to a Championship club last season but the agent scuppered it at the last minute when he demanded more money from the loaning club. They then told us to poke it. Player ends up losing a season rotting in the stiffs.

Same agent that looks after Oxford, which I suspect is part of the reason were trying to move him on too. Apart from the fact that he also appears to be a bit shit as well.

He was also previously the agent for Sterling and Berahino but think both have now binned him off.

Sven Roeder 11:47 Mon Dec 17
Re: Quina
I understood he left as he (and /or his agent) reckoned he should be in the first team and was in a hurry.
Ironically he left and Diangana got the opportunity that he may have.

Alwaysaniron 10:21 Mon Dec 17
Re: Quina
Vexed 8:59 Sat Dec 15

You just know that statement will come back and bite us right in the arse Vexed!

Northern Sold 12:09 Sun Dec 16
Re: Quina
Nice goal he scored yesterday in what looked a right entertaining game... hope it works out for him there

Crassus 6:49 Sun Dec 16
Re: Quina
I liked him and saw enough in brief to want to keep him

That said, those at the club thought otherwise and don't tend to get these things wrong. In fact, Ray Houghton is the only yoot we released that I can recall that went on to prove it a mistake

swindon hammer 2:27 Sun Dec 16
Re: Quina
Let's see how he does over a long period.

I saw him in 3 academy/under 23 games last season and he was very average. Nathan Holland was by far the stand out player in those games.

Judging by his average performances and apparent demands from his agent the club probably felt he wasn't worth it.

If it comes back to haunt us then we will just have to hold our hands up and say it was the wrong decision but don't forget that if we had kept him on then Diagana probably wouldn't of got his opportunity.

Norflundon 1:55 Sun Dec 16
Re: Quina
I’m guessing Rice must be crap as well thenas Chelsea got shot of him too

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