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twoleftfeet 5:49 Fri Dec 28
Immigrants using the coastguard like a taxi.
As described by a former head of immigration.

There is little risk of any of these Iranians dying at sea because as soon as they are in British waters they get picked up.

When are we going to sort this out? Another 20 this morning.

We are a fucking joke of a Country.

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bruuuno 12:10 Fri Jan 4
Re: Immigrants using the coastguard like a taxi.

bruuuno 12:10 Fri Jan 4
Re: Immigrants using the coastguard like a taxi.
fk 3:24 Wed Jan 2

Good post mate however you work in construction in the city so you’re alright, you can afford public health care and a nice gaff.

The majority of people in this country aren’t in that position though.

This is the problem with politics etc today and why brexit happened. The people in government, in the media (particularly the smug preachy cunts at the bbc) and gibbing off on Twitter are all well off enough to be protected from the problems that are caused by a swelling population. They’re alright jack.

It ain’t about nationality or race etc it’s just numbers and the more people there are the lower the quality of life is for those who ain’t rich (ie the majority of the country)

Dwight Van Mann 11:57 Thu Jan 3
Re: Immigrants using the coastguard like a taxi.
Hammer and Pickle 10:35 Wed Jan 2

you don't half come out with some fucking shit

happygilmore 11:53 Thu Jan 3
Re: Immigrants using the coastguard like a taxi.
watching ITV news. The Iranian lads in the tents in Calais all safely made it to the UK, thank God.

twoleftfeet 1:52 Wed Jan 2
Re: Immigrants using the coastguard like a taxi.
At fucking last!

Well done Sajid for finally asking the question 👍👍👍

, 11:37 Wed Jan 2
Re: Immigrants using the coastguard like a taxi.
Number of “Iranians” entering this country via dingy in the past year possibly several hundred. Number of non EU migrants entering the UK last year some 280K.

So wake up and smell the toffee because why is it that Javid leaves his safari holiday to employ another border agency gunboat in the Channel but his government does nothing to stem the part of the immigrant influx that it can control as it likes, not subject to EU rulings?

CryBabies 11:35 Wed Jan 2
Re: Immigrants using the coastguard like a taxi.
Agree completely and those supporting uncontrolled immigration either live in a tiny village, or turn a blind eye to areas where immigration has had such an impact. For me, it is easy to compare the services of 20-30 years ago to today, and it is bleak. It's about time the lefties and such realised that we cannot accommodate an extra 500,000 or such people every year. Yes, this figure includes UK babies, but they grow up and still require services. The more people who come equates to more people born here, and this cycle will not stop. Give it 30-50 years and it could easily be an extra 1 million bodies per year. It's unsustainable.

Sir Alf 10:54 Wed Jan 2
Re: Immigrants using the coastguard like a taxi.
I think a lot of people would be more relaxed about immigration if: ( just some reasons IMO)
1) The services and infrastructure, ( housing, roads, health service/Doctors and many other services ) had kept pace with the numbers of people. Has anyone tried to travel over the last week by road ? :-)
2) The immigrants were not being used as part of an economic policy ( neo-liberal, market driven, unregulated, low govt involvement) to suppress wages and maintain the illusion of growth ( shareholder/corporate owner profits ) . This model is the one we have had since 80s and Reagan / Thatcher that relies on borrowing and burst in 2008. The previous model was Keynesian ( socialist, heavy govt involvement, regulation). It also failed in 1970s. No alternatives to these have been found.
3) Cultural fit. This is too often and quickly called racism IMO. It is not about colour as many like to "label" it for political capital, its about values, rituals. rule of law, superstitions, habits. It is why Eastern and other Europeans fit in more easily and are more accepted. Again only IMO.
4) Pure numbers. And this is what matters to the older gits who remember a time when there towns were small country towns and when you could go out with a bit of room and not be dodging people everywhere. 49 million when I was born ( Im old) and now in the lower 70 millions ( although officially upper 60s).

Need a big conversation about what our society and culture, country is going to be long term IMO. Politicians look to feather their nests and no longer than 5 years.

We have adopted the USA model and are resembling the States more and more. The indoctrination and infiltration via media and the driver for everything which is consumerism. Buying shit you don't need but "desire" ( hence marketing telling you you're a loser without this and that) with money you don't have ( borrowed) paying interest which ultimately makes its way to the 1% super rich corporate owners.

Sorry got carried away there :-) Old gits like me like to rant and shake a stick now and then.

Happy New Year !

Mike Oxsaw 10:54 Wed Jan 2
Re: Immigrants using the coastguard like a taxi.
The UK is overpopulated at the moment so it makes no odds what colour or country of origin incomers are - the correct response from the government should be "Non!", until the infrastructure is in place to absorb and accept additions seamlessly.

At the moment it appears that all infrastructure capacity planned & implemented for natural growth over the next 10-15 years has already been used up, and the rate of change of growth, let alone the growth itself, precludes any meaningful planning for the future of the countries support infrastructure.

(Many of the states of) the EU have adequate capacity to "take up the slack" whilst the UK sorts it's own internal problems out. Then - and ONLY then - can immigration be offered as a choice - on a strictly managed basis.

Hammer and Pickle 10:35 Wed Jan 2
Re: Immigrants using the coastguard like a taxi.
The Hispanic Caliphate is talked of fondly and missed by a remarkably large section of (Christian Catholic) public opinion both in Catalunya and Andalusia, and walking around cities like Cordoba, it is easy to see why.

eric5bellies 10:06 Wed Jan 2
Re: Immigrants using the coastguard like a taxi.
The problem is the same but the dynamics are different.

Arabic (Middle East/African) - Economic migrants mostly with a few genuine refugees thrown in that is very blurred and impossible to police with any sort of filtration process of refugees from economic migrants other than closing borders (and even then some still get through). They have no intention of applying for refugee status in successful Arabian countries like Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait or Qatar why ? Because they won't receive the same welcome there as the one Mrs Merkel advocates, despite the fact the language and culture are far more similar to our own. If European countries as a whole want to retain their individual identity and culture and religious preference then they should be very active in opposing economic migration because of the sheer numbers involved and birth rates of immigrants compared to those of most if not all European Countries means that Europe is slowly but surely being out populated (mostly by stealth) by Islamic migrants. For example and perhaps the best is France. Currently 10% of the population are Muslim. Native French people (non muslim) have birth rates of 1.4 per couple. Muslims have births rates of around 3.4 per couple. Estimates predict that France will be majority Muslim by 2060. Then given the known low tolerance of Islam (as preached by the beautiful book of the Koran) to other religions and cultures let’s see how accommodating The Islamic State of France is towards Christians seeking refuge and wanting to build churches to worship in. Given recent examples of countries like Lebanon, I’d say the possibility of any tolerance between a ruling Islamic government towards a minority Christian population would be very low, such that we would have a Christian refugee crisis to that seen in the 80’s from Lebanon, whereby the Christian population (and important to state once majority Christian population) were slaughtered and murdered in the name of Islam which caused mass migration issues. The issue isn’t that of individuals because we all know and have met Islamic people who seem very nice and contribute to communities. The issue is one of the fundamentals of each religion and how they inter twine. Christianity (by no means perfect) has some history of tolerance of other religions. Islam does not and Islam has distinctly different ways of administration through Governments than Christian ones do. And it’s for those very reasons why this issue isn’t going away and Europe seems to be drifting towards the Right.

Hispanic - Exclusively economic migrants with only two choices of affluence in that part of the world. Namely USA and Canada. Naturally if you are travelling over land The USA is the frontier for these migrants. There is no religious element to this issue, therefore cultures and identities

mashed in maryland 9:57 Wed Jan 2
Re: Immigrants using the coastguard like a taxi.
People are conflating a lot of different things here. Often intentionally.

Most of the people in that Calais jungle and the ones getting ferried across the med (and more recently the channel) aren't Syrian.

"Meddling in the middle east" is also a bit misleading - Libya being "meddled" with (ie; destroyed) also plays a big part in all of this.

Either way I've never understood the argument that citizens of a country are personally responsible for the actions of their politicians.

PwoperNaughtyButNot 8:22 Wed Jan 2
Re: Immigrants using the coastguard like a taxi.
If it is just the Middle East meddling - why is there a caravan of migrants from south / midddle America approaching the US border and why are there so many Somali, Eritreans etc in Calais?

On my view it’s just poor people wanting to move to richer countries.

I’m not sure if that helps the “they are all refugees and it’s all our fault” argument.

Hammer and Pickle 8:00 Wed Jan 2
Re: Immigrants using the coastguard like a taxi.
jfk 3:24 Wed Jan 2

A very Happy New Year to you too mate!

Capitol Man 3:28 Wed Jan 2
Re: Immigrants using the coastguard like a taxi.
Any Old Iron 1:54 Wed Jan 2
Re: Immigrants using the coastguard like a taxi

Except unfair the biggest destinations have been Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.


Where is the UK on the list?

This stuff is not difficult to find out before opening your mouth and making an idiot of yourself.

There are genuine issues around immigration but it seems a good number of people just want to deal in fear and hysteria, driven by bullshit.

jfk 3:24 Wed Jan 2
Re: Immigrants using the coastguard like a taxi.
Without repeating myself information/internet is now available throughout the world now even in the wilds of Africa for example if anyone honestly thinks a hard up struggling family living in complete poverty at the arse end of the world arn't going to want a better life are stupid.
Mass immigration will change the world it's a matter of fact.
Quite how governments are going to cope is their problem not mine.
I've worked in conatruction for 30 years based mostly in central London.
My industry's workforce were mainly working class English fella's or Irish always earnt good money but worked hard long days I'm going back 25 years,the polish were the next worked hard and reliable worked for less but good skins.Now it's a free for all no subcontractors care as long as they have relevant cards. I've seen tower crane drivers that obviously ain't up to the job and can't speak any English attempt to wing it they could kill people it's fucking madness.
There's a fair few polish firms getting big that do things right I've a few good polish mates.
What I'm trying to say is the world is changing at lightening pace and ifr my experience it's not going to stop anytime soon.
My doctor is about 30 her patents owned a corner shop she's Indian shes excallent.
Narrow minded ancient views like Any old Irons will be a thing of the past in a dozen years.
What he thinks(I understand
and agree with a bit will be long gone)happy new year.
God bless you All

arsegrapes 1:55 Wed Jan 2
Re: Immigrants using the coastguard like a taxi.
Judging by Khan's diversity fireworks and a group of half a dozen whitey's on the packed embankment bouncing around singing to auld lang syne whom appeared the only ones who knew any words or what it was all about, (everyone else seemed completely baffled mouths wide open) they should integrate seamlessly.

Any Old Iron 1:54 Wed Jan 2
Re: Immigrants using the coastguard like a taxi.
I don't see much evidence of the "poncing smelly ragheads" being provided with sanctuary by their fellow followers of the 'religion of peace' in other middle eastern countries.
Why must it always be us? The French are only too pleased to get them off their hands.

jfk 1:17 Wed Jan 2
Re: Immigrants using the coastguard like a taxi.
Mass immigration ain't going away.i agree this country is a soft touch and loads of work shy know exactly how to play the game inside out,which I might add regardless of the colour of skin have done the same for generations.
For your information I have never claimed a penny.
I didn't suggest every Syrian refugee
Should be welcomed here.i was merely pointing out the plight of what some have been through and showing some humanity.
So according to a few on here fuck every poncing smelly raghead.

J.Riddle 1:16 Wed Jan 2
Re: Immigrants using the coastguard like a taxi.
Another win for BREXIT!

J.Riddle 1:15 Wed Jan 2
Re: Immigrants using the coastguard like a taxi.
I assume after 29th March 2019 on BREXIT the coast guard would be within their legal rights to block any vessels about to encroach into British SOVEREIGN waters and force them to REMAIN in say French waters, thereby becoming the responsibility of the French in order for them to be taxied back by the French to France before their inevitable drowning.

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