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Withamexile 9:45 Fri Jan 11
Football index- the football stock market
I put up a topic a while ago on here but got a big splat, but trying again😂

Anyone dabble with football index? It’s getting very big and has got a slot on talkshit today discussing players to invest in.

If you’re involved, who have you got your money in?

If you don’t know it’s basically the stock market for footballers, I’ve made a few hundred quid on it in 4 months and I’ve only got a modest investment. I actually prefer it now than to ‘normal gambling’,

There is plenty of how to videos out there so I’d advise you have a read up so you understand how it works or give me a shout if you need any advice.

Link below to join and I get a reward 😂👍

http://trade.footballindex.co.uk/raf/?tag=179453&name=David S

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Withamexile 10:39 Fri Jan 11
Re: Football index- the football stock market
Depends on what you mean by big. I’m a casual trader at best and made a few hundred on just over a grand put in. I use mine as a sort of savings account and have low risk as I have the money spread over 40 players. I’m chucking in a couple of hundred a month and returns me more than I would get in the bank/isa.

Browno22 10:16 Fri Jan 11
Re: Football index- the football stock market
I made a few quid off Paco Alcacer when he was in amazing form. But it's really not worth it unless you are investing large amounts

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