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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

chav_corner 10:31 Mon Sep 30
to all West Ham's away following.
Following concerns expressed by many of our members we are putting the following statement out on Social Media.

Calling all West Ham’s Away Following.
The Club has appointed a committee to look into away games ticket distribution. Unfortunately this has been done without getting your direct views.
Suggestions made by those appointed have included removing away season tickets, ending priority points and entering everyone into a ballot for high demand games. There are also suggestions of bondholder abuse and the selling on of tickets.
Our away fans are our most loyal fans. It is unbelievable that these suggestions are being made without a survey of us.
There are genuine concerns about away ticket allocation that include the increased amount given as a priority to corporate, for example, and a lack of transparency as to how the allocations are made.
We urge you to have your say. For many of us travelling to and being at away games is a big part of our lives and there have been many hard earned miles.-And many thousands of pounds spent.

Sean Whetstone is running the survey.
It is worrying that the OSB are running this, it will be heavily biased as it's run from that site and not sent to the wider audience.

Sean has been asked to postpone the meeting to allow a greater canvassing of the fanbase and more fans to have their view but he has refused.

Please contact those running this survey to make your thoughts, whatever they are, clearly known. The survey does not reflect the concerns being expressed or allow for other questions. We suggest e mailing those appointed directly and copying to our e mail address below so we have a record and can publicise the findings.
If you go on the official site they have contact details for the OSB members
Sean Whetstone’s Email address is mrwesthamfootball@gmail.com
Hammers United Email is awaytickets@hammersunited.com

Thank you.
Hammers United Committee.

We are doing our best to improve things for West Ham Supporters.Please check out our website at www.hammersunited.com.

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SDKFZ 222 10:07 Tue Oct 1
Re: to all West Ham's away following.
Personally, I believe that those supporters who have been away to places like Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Cardiff or Blackpool on a wet, cold Monday or Tuesday night (I’ve been to all of those, for instance) should have more points for those particular matches, than those who attend a London away match at 3pm on. Saturday.

They really should have a sliding scale of points for matches like those, but I guess it will be too labour intensive or difficult for the club to do that.

Huffers 8:12 Tue Oct 1
Re: to all West Ham's away following.
I have suggested points being awarded based on regions and with an automatic uplift for a night game for example.

westham13 7:54 Tue Oct 1
Re: to all West Ham's away following.
Boleyn Boy is bang on.

All stems from the johnny come lately's who have had their season tickets for 2 seasons and have the needle they cant get a ticket for Spurs.

I agree the system needs to be changed but to take the priority away from people who have accumulated 30+ points over the course of the last 5 years or so is a joke.

Personally I think they should do a system from 5-1 based on each game having a different amount of points.

Newcastle away on a Monday night - 5 Points

Chelsea away on a Saturday at 3 - 1 Point

If you transferred all of the away ST holders onto this you'd protect their guarantee of a ticket and for a few games give their 500 tickets to anyone with between 0-5 points (Based on current system).

That way you could extend the length they are held on your account for from 2 years to say 5-7-10 years maybe?

Would even out the playing field but essentially its always hard to get on the ladder. Not just here but at any club that does well.

Frankie van der Elst 7:50 Tue Oct 1
Re: to all West Ham's away following.
I think it will be great if they change the system.

I am a home season ticket holder with my two teenage boys. I have taken them to away games whenever I could for the last 7 or 8 years.

Obviously its easier to take the kids to London games but we have been outside London when we can, such as going to Southampton, West Brom and Leicester.

My kids love going to away games. They live and breathe West Ham. But they are at school and have to study for exams. They can't go to midweek games or regularly travel to the furthest games.

I appreciate that the away fans are fantastic, but that's exactly why my kids love travelling away. Unfortunately with the system now, they haven't been able to go to an away game this year or last and will hardly ever get the chance to.

Personally I think a fair compromise would be to have around a third of the away tickets available either by ballot or first come first served. Then at least young fans like my sons would have some chance to see a game.

ChesterRd 6:25 Tue Oct 1
Re: to all West Ham's away following.
If empty seats are close together or In a row, that is not fans buying tickets for points, that it is actually part of the allocations given for comps or corporate. players. club staff.

ChesterRd 6:20 Tue Oct 1
Re: to all West Ham's away following.
If you have max or close to max PP then the carry over points is max or close to max. That's the point I am making. You do not need to have been going away regularly for the last 20 years to be in a position where you can get an away ticket now.

I was against the ballot but I can see that it is a way for people who otherwise wouldn't qualify to have a chance of an away ticket.

The bottom line is that whatever system is in place people will lose out. I don't think those who have put in the time, effort and money should lose out to newbies or those who want to pick and choose.

RichyP 5:38 Tue Oct 1
Re: to all West Ham's away following.
Joe C 5:12 Tue Oct 1

I might be wrong but i took the 4 year comment to mean that it was easier to get on the PP ladder and start building up your points back in 2015 before we moved to Stratford i.e. you don't have to be middle aged to be maxed out on PP's, you just had to get on the ladder 4 years ago. I think someone else pointed out that demand for away tickets has greatly increased since we moved so anyone who tried getting on the PP ladder after we moved has found it impossible to build a decent level of points.

Joe C 5:12 Tue Oct 1
Re: to all West Ham's away following.
ChesterRd 1:47 Tue Oct 1

PP’s only last 18 months, so not sure what your 4 year argument is about

Soylent Green 4:46 Tue Oct 1
Re: to all West Ham's away following.
Tricky one, this. I can see both sides of the argument.
My son said the other day that he'd like to go to an away match before he dies (he's 16).
We are club members and travel down from Staffford whenever we can.
I can also understand people who have accrued points from going away aren't impressed by this idea, but if the only way to get an away ticket is by having been away (several times) before, and/or having a season ticket it limits the people able to go.

chav_corner 3:52 Tue Oct 1
Re: to all West Ham's away following.
Pickle.Yes we do when it's something as important as this.

TheBoleynBoy 2:34 Tue Oct 1
Re: to all West Ham's away following.
Yeah lets fuck the points system off cause matey who has 0 points wants to go to Tottenham Away...makes perfect sense for our fucking two Bob support nowadays.

Pickle Rick 2:07 Tue Oct 1
Re: to all West Ham's away following.
Do we really need a new thread every time Hammers United need to update or inform when there is a pinned thread at the top.

Huffers 11:52 Tue Oct 1
Re: to all West Ham's away following.
The club haven't said anything at all.

Sean Whetstone has.

He has provided his email address on there for any suggestions.

AKA ERNIE 11:26 Tue Oct 1
Re: to all West Ham's away following.
no plans to scrap points system or away season tickets according to the club on twitter

w4hammer 10:16 Tue Oct 1
Re: to all West Ham's away following.
where is the public notification that the OSB is running this?

Huffers 7:40 Tue Oct 1
Re: to all West Ham's away following.
Everton has sold out to anyone with 11 points. This has been one in recent years to have a few empty seats.

I suspect a few have purchased with no intention on using.

10% goes to the ballot.

ChesterRd 1:47 Tue Oct 1
Re: to all West Ham's away following.
It's bollocks to say only middle aged people can be on PP.

Anyone who started going away on 0 points 4 years ago would now have more than enough points for virtually all games.

There are plenty of fans under 30 at away games.

If you applied for an away season ticket 3 years ago, you would have got one. No age limits of applicants.

Where were all those people desperate for tickets then?

Now any home STH can apply through the ballot so there are chances there to buy an away ticket. But of course, they only want a ticket if they can go with their mates.

Everton away is likely to go on general sale. But of course that means getting up at the crack of dawn and spending several hours getting there.

Seriously, what has become of our fan base.

Best place to start looking at where all these spares are coming on is from the allocation dished out before it even reaches bondholders.

Peterboroughiron 12:40 Tue Oct 1
Re: to all West Ham's away following.
As long as all the new supporters who want to go to away games in place of the same old middle aged guys who been going for years remember that away matches aren’t always in and around London and the south east ⚒

Huffers 12:03 Tue Oct 1
Re: to all West Ham's away following.
There are a hundred spares for most games floating around. They need to incorporate random ID checking against tickets a couple of times a season. If you've not got your ticket then point taken off and can't apply for the next game. That will allow the points to be spread out again.

The Fonz 11:54 Mon Sep 30
Re: to all West Ham's away following.
I would be very disappointed if this happened.

I have been going to most away games since our season in the Championship with Big Sam and have a decent points total.

What fucks me off is that since the move to the OS all of a sudden everyone wants to go and it can be a nightmare to get tickets.

They should have kept the forms system or keep it the way it is.

Will be a nightmare if we actually get to Europe.

bruuuno 11:49 Mon Sep 30
Re: to all West Ham's away following.
Aoi why not those Middle Aged faces you see every time are are our loyalist supporters. Younguns will be Middle Aged soon enough

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