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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

one iron 9:24 Sun Nov 10
I wonder if gold, Sullivan, and brady,felt like the fans did after the game,the Hornchurch coach regulars have had it with them,two gks not up to it,you get what you pay for,cheapbuys, and more money in the bank,killed Birmingham and will kill westham.no heart in the team,and no heart in the newby fans.i think we could be fucked.

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one iron 9:03 Sun Nov 24
Re: pain.
If I was 40 I would, but iam 65,too old.

13 Brentford Rd 8:31 Sat Nov 23
Re: pain.
One Iron....AFC West Ham.

Go for it!

arsegrapes 1:51 Fri Nov 22
Re: pain.
Still will be there v the Geordies and will be there tomorrow for some more pain :-)

arsegrapes 1:49 Fri Nov 22
Re: pain.
Stepney, good posts mate, that’s nailed on the way I have felt about it. UP died for me when they took the terraces away because of the atmosphere deteriorated massively apart from games like the Ipswich semi. Only went occasionally Millwall league cup, fa cup games but few of us came back to the OS with all the hype which is worse. Most of us are slowly dropping out. Hoping the owners sell and the ground is demolished rebuilt with an atmosphere, probably won’t be able to afford a ticket then!

Manuel 11:01 Fri Nov 22
Re: pain.
Stepney - Give it a rest with the uber fan bollocks. I didn't say I'd given up and no longer proud and haven't seen many posts that have said that. To say a ground was losing it's identity is way too vague, you can't say anyone is right or wrong just by saying that, or not saying that. Besides, all grounds lost some identity after the terracing went.

GreenStreetPlayer 10:45 Fri Nov 22
Re: pain.
After all those years, the East stand was granted development to increase capacity by 7,000 taking the ground total to 42,000, probably enough for us (talking about regulars not day trippers like at the arena).

Bottom line is we should NEVER have moved to another ground which was a downgrade on what we had, and not fit for purpose.
Still feels like the arena is a temporary ground while our new stadium is being built, but this is it, this is what we have been left with.
Not ours and a not a finished article, and never will be.

Stepney.Ammer 10:38 Fri Nov 22
Re: pain.
Ironically just look up out the train window after my last post and saw the 'cesspit'...do you know what see the West Ham United still made me feel proud to be a hammer...and that's why I know I havent given up!!

Stepney.Ammer 10:34 Fri Nov 22
Re: pain.
Manuel 7:52 Fri Nov 22

I didn't actually blame sky TV in my post - my reference is the undeniable change in football that took place around the time they came in. Hillsborough and the establishment had the biggest impact and the taking away of terracing changed it forever. You can look at the money and foreign import impact but without Hillsborough/removal of terracing I doubt it would have ever happened. That said the way football fans were being treated a Hillsborough type incident was always going to happen so I think it would have gravitated towards it anyway.

If you can't see UP was slowly being drained of its old identity we'll just have to agree to disagree.

Look, you can give up the fight - that's your choice and I get why. However, for me west ham is about the fans and not about bricks and mortar, so I'm not ready to, nor am I am the hope it can survive.

one iron 8:03 Fri Nov 22
Re: pain.
I think sometimes we over think things on this site,i just go with my heart.westham will never be the same, but I can hope.

Manuel 7:52 Fri Nov 22
Re: pain.
Well I'm not convinced with Stepney's post at all. He said 'it would have still been a slow painful transition into it no longer feeling like club we once knew and loved. The move just speed that process up and has made it much more sudden' - Disagree with that, yes football has changed of course, like almost everything in life has, but can't agree that the club would have slowly lost it's identity had we stayed at Upton Park, there are tooing many parents taking their kids for that to have happened, tradition would have been past down, no doubt.

He then claims, and kinds of contradicts himself in the process, by saying that we can get the old West Ham back at the cesspit over time - Again, disagree. Barring a miracle, it's not happening.

Also the old like of blaming Sky for ruining football is just fucking boring now and completely unimaginative.

The above aside, yea good post.

one iron 7:41 Fri Nov 22
Re: pain.
Stepney, great post mate.

Stepney.Ammer 12:59 Fri Nov 22
Re: pain.
I get the pain everyone is going through, I honestly do. I'm feel it too at times BUT I think people have got to not give up thevfight and instead start the long road to getting something like club back they feel in love with...which was always about the fans really anyway.

Even if we had stayed at Upton park (and I wish we had) the place was slowly becoming a ghost of it's former self and had changed beyond recognition, both the ground and the surrounding area. What with the sesimic change in football in general, it was still becoming a million miles away from the working class man's game, those of us fortunate enough to can remember it being before Sky tv, regardless of whether we moved or not. 'Fans' like Iain Dale, Hugh Southon and  and Sean Wheatson had already started to infect the club and isn't just a OS thing.

What I'm getting at it is would have still been a slow painful transition into it no longer feeling like club we once knew and loved. The move just speed that process up and has made it much more sudden.

However, for me people that hold the true traditons of club to heart need to dig deep and fight on. Maybe I'm a dreamer but I still honestly feel it can survive, albeit in new surroundings that are about as far away from the north bank you could possibly get.

Everyone talks about it being about the away support now days. Well it needs these and others like us who are cut from the same cloth to start meeting up in the same places before and after home matches, as well as standing in the same parts of ground. Don't tell me it can't happen or too many people are being driven away. I know some are even banned but this 'cleansing' was already starting to happen at UP and would have only got worse if we had stayed. Football clubs in general, not just West Ham, don't want rifraf like us anymore and are desperate to replace us with the new and more 'well behaved' (sanatised), half and half scarf wearing fan.

It will take time and fuck me won't be easy, but if we can get enough of us together, start making some atmosphere (win or fucking lose btw) and keep that famous west ham sense of humour going, then the true values and identity of this famous and proud club can be passed down to the next generation.

If not and AFC West Ham are formed (I quite like the idea of East Ham United being reformed), then count me in! ; )

bruuuno 1:04 Thu Nov 21
Re: pain.
Poxy 12.30 ko doesn’t help matter

one iron 10:29 Wed Nov 20
Re: pain.
Every westham fan whos at the game on Saturday should get behind our team,at least we can still be the best.

Mike Oxsaw 3:01 Tue Nov 19
Re: pain.
Every old skool that drops out will be another seat available for a day-tripper and another replica kit sold. Every home game.

Ker-ching! And it's not even Christmas.

simon.s 2:53 Tue Nov 19
Re: pain.
Junior will be taking over once the old man has had enough.

one iron 2:42 Tue Nov 19
Re: pain.
2 more years.

joyo 2:40 Tue Nov 19
Re: pain.
I'll still go, owners won't be there forever.

ornchurch ammer 2:37 Tue Nov 19
Re: pain.
I'm not even going on Saturday, letting the missus take the kids.

Wonder if I'll get banned for someone else using my ST??

one iron 2:35 Tue Nov 19
Re: pain.
I think this Saturday vs spurs will be the last straw,for a lot of our fans,older ones will say fuck you, newbys have got to grow some,team must give it a real go,if we sink it could be the end for lots of fans who fill let down,by the board and the team.

NewtonsPartyBag 10:44 Fri Nov 15
Re: pain.
I think theyll realise quite quickly the fans have had it when everyone has walked out by HT next Saturday.

Spurs are going to dick us. Badly.

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