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Tomshardware 7:48 Mon Jan 13
Been through bad time lately with suffering with this. Dark thoughts as well. I know some posters on here suffer with this. Anyone come through the other side of this shit?

A number of posters have been yellow carded and told to stay off this thread unless they have anything constructive to add.This is a thread that has been very useful to so many, for any other posters with scores to settle, argue on another thread.
This thread is sacrosant.Thank you

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Moncurs Putting Iron 1:33 Fri Jun 21
Re: Anxiety/depression

Pentonville has not abandoned you, he has his own problems right now and needs to focus on himself for a bit.

Just get through the trial, they are still offering you the bounty despite the eviction. Keep that focus, please don't leave us feeling we have failed you, like I feel about Gavros. :-(

Peckham 9:13 Fri Jun 14
Re: Anxiety/depression
Gutted beyond words, my landlord Stoll mansions and Chelsea FC have ordered an eviction and injunction on me after some manic episodes and being bullied, sticking up for myself and now facing being homeless. Stopped the cocaine thanks to an amazing key worker at Shepherds Bush TURNING POINT drugs and alcohol well being ( highly recommended ) but still self harming and only wishing to join my Mother ( die hard hammer - literally ) in heaven.

Had Pentonville for support, but as per my form think was too much for him. been through so many next of kins whilst hospitalised. Problem is everyone has own battles. Nothing beats unconditional love of Mothers.

If you have your Mum still alive , ring her weekly or daily. Once they have gone you may regret not being so much in contact.

Left home 16 , only requainted with Mum and back in country after years abroad, only bonded with my Mother whilst she was dying in covid.

Being homeless does not scare me. How to commit suicide is a concern and trying not to kill this bully where I live and via arson destroy my landlords office and prevent Chelsea stamford bridge expansion. Blue cunts.

I am not angry, just self harming to stop harming others.

All the alcoholics and Chelsea cunts where I live trying to bully me but Police have seized all knives ( seriously ).
Miss Pentonvilles support but have mental health team drop meds twice a day.
Have a barrister for court on Thursday, a homeless charity for veterans evicting a veteran for not wanting a 100 year old veterans complex from being destroyed by Chelsea.

Peckham 8:19 Fri May 31
Re: Anxiety/depression
Under London’s gray and storied sky,
Where the River Thames flows quietly by,
There lies a club with iron and grit,
West Ham United, in hearts they sit.

From Boleyn Ground to the London Stadium,
Echoes of chants create a grand coliseum,
Claret and blue, colors so true,
Forged in the hearts of the faithful crew.

Bobby Moore's legacy, a captain’s pride,
A heritage that won't subside,
From the terraces, songs fill the air,
With passion and loyalty beyond compare.

The Irons' spirit, never to bend,
In victories and defeats, they transcend,
For in the heart of East London's frame,
West Ham United stands, proud in name.

Through the ups and downs, they rally and fight,
Under floodlit nights and daylight bright,
With dreams of glory, and tales untold,
West Ham United, forever bold. COYI

Jasnik 8:29 Tue May 21
Re: Anxiety/depression
Moncurs Putting Iron 11:58 Tue May 21

Just went through something similar. Just getting my head back on track.

Moncurs Putting Iron 11:58 Tue May 21
Re: Anxiety/depression
Quick update and word of thanks.
I posted recently about job shakes ups and long term redundancy with several date changes and how it was getting me down.

Well I am staying put, wiser and more open to change if it happens again and with a plan of my own.

Thanks all for your sage advice and just listening.

Onwards and upwards and ready to pay my good fortune forward.

charleyfarley 2:24 Sat May 18
Re: Anxiety/depression
Thanks Pents

Pentonville 12:23 Sat May 18
Re: Anxiety/depression
Last I heard he was focusing on avoiding Old school mates, focusing on work and family and good.

charleyfarley 10:25 Thu May 16
Re: Anxiety/depression
Haven’t heard from Block for ages
Has anybody checked to see if he is ok?
Would appreciate it if somebody could find out

Moncurs Putting Iron 2:43 Wed May 15
Re: Anxiety/depression
Peckham 10:55 Wed May 15

Being alive is a superb place to start my friend, very grateful and relieved to hear from you.

New Jersey 1:38 Wed May 15
Re: Anxiety/depression
Pentonville!Peckham - Guys I really hope you're finding a way through your troubles. Sincere best wishes!

PS - Pents on your recommendation I'm lumping on Usyk, haha! I really like the boxing threads as there some knowledgeable people on there and it doesn't (usually) get out of hand!

Pentonville 11:07 Wed May 15
Re: Anxiety/depression
I've whatsappd u

Peckham 10:55 Wed May 15
Re: Anxiety/depression
Too scared to sleep. But alive

Pentonville 10:39 Wed May 15
Re: Anxiety/depression
Love ya bud, glad ur back !

Peckham 3:17 Wed May 15
Re: Anxiety/depression
who ever reads this THANK U for making today so nice C0YIS different class family

Moncurs Putting Iron 8:43 Tue May 14
Re: Anxiety/depression
@ Darlo Debs - So sorry I missed your posts, change in circumstances means I am far less able to be on the site or this thread all my best wishes and positive thoughts coming your way, as an atheist I cannot thoughts and prayers and I am not sure Farts and Hairs will be a comfort but rooting for you girl ;-)

@chevy your post is heavy but your style is stoic and matter of fact, I really admire that. Kudos. Hope you get to or stay in a good place for you.

@Peckham WHO knows mate, WHO knows and accepts you at your worst, your best and everything in between. We *Might* show it with insults and various degrees of massive cuntery but we still do.

Reach out when you are able and see this site with a massive collective sigh of relief. Hope to hear from you sometime soon

Pentonville 1:30 Tue May 14
Re: Anxiety/depression
:If anyone knows where Peckham is or has contacts, send them to me and ll be buying him a beer face to face within 24 hours and seeing what can be done.

Pentonville 5:35 Mon May 13
Re: Anxiety/depression
The poem is indeed genius but more importantly does anyone have his number? I lost my phone and alot of numbers


Tomshardware 10:45 Mon May 13
Re: Anxiety/depression
Peckham, that's a powerful poem, sorry to hear the pain and anguish in it. I really hope you can find peace and stability.

Pentonville 8:44 Sun May 12
Re: Anxiety/depression
peckham, u have whomail mate

chevy chase 9:31 Sun May 12
Re: Anxiety/depression
I got a calf pain a few years back then shortness of breath when I walked. Turned out it was DVT (deep vein thrombosis) so they put me on a Xeralto (blood thinner). Stopped using it after 6 months then same thing happened in the other calf. After 3 years I stopped taking them (not advised by my docs) but as I wasn’t working from home anymore sitting on a wooden barstool on a laptop for 4 hours at a time. Nothing since then but after a football injury I had a random blood test and found out I had haemochromitosis which is a genetic condition where the body doesn’t get rid of the Iron in your blood. Apparently it’s common with people with Celtic decent. So now I have to go to the cancer day unit every fortnight and get a pint of blood taken out although I’m now only having to go once only every 6-7 months as the levels are pretty much down to normal. But my sisters are having the same stuff. Still weird being in a ward where your having blood removed while chemo patients next to me and opposite are having stuff put in.

Mike Oxsaw 9:35 Sat May 11
Re: Anxiety/depression
Pecks - you're one of the few posters that give this site it's special charisma - keep your pecker up (bad pun 100% intentional).

If you've got any connection with Havering, try "Hope4Havering" (https://thebreweryromford.com/hope4havering/). You may have to gain access through the council office in the Liberty, but that's quite painless and can be a "same day solution".

You could end up being housed in any London borough depending on how the property availability goes.

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