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d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Alan 6:01 Wed Jan 29
Tomáš Souček Signed

West Ham United complete loan signing of Czech midfielder Tomáš Souček
Tomas Souček

West Ham United is pleased to confirm the arrival of Czech Republic international Tomáš Souček from Slavia Prague.

The 24-year-old signs on an initial loan deal until the end of the 2019/20 season, with an option to make the transfer permanent in the summer.

Souček, who has won 25 full caps for his country, is a two-time Czech title winner and has built an impressive reputation as an energetic midfielder with both defensive and attacking qualities, and a strong physical presence thanks to his 6ft 4ins frame.

Manager David Moyes said: “We are delighted to welcome Tomáš to West Ham United. I think that he gives us a lot of different qualities, but most importantly he fits the profile of the player we want to bring to the Club. He is young and hungry but with an established pedigree and proven talent.

“He was captain of Slavia Prague, he's played as a defensive midfielder but he's scored a lot of goals as an attacking midfielder as well. At the moment he ticks a lot of boxes. We need to give him the opportunity and time to settle in but we are confident he will prove to be a strong addition to the squad."

Born in the central Czech town of Havlíčkův Brod, Souček came through the ranks at Slavia Prague, and broke into their first team in 2015 following a loan spell at Viktoria Žižkov.

He soon became a mainstay of the Slavia team, playing 29 of their 30 Czech First League matches in the 2015/16 campaign. The next season brought a first league title and a debut senior cap for the Czech Republic, in a November 2016 friendly against Denmark.

His rise to prominence accelerated in the 2018/19 campaign, when a remarkable 18 goals from midfield helped fire Slavia to the Czech double and saw him named the Czech First League Player of the Year.

Souček’s form has continued in much the same vein this term, with his 12 goals – including two in the UEFA Champions League against Inter Milan and Borussia Dortmund – coming in 26 appearances.

West Ham United would like to welcome Tomáš and his family to east London and wish him every success for his career in Claret and Blue.

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diehardhammer 2:46 Wed Feb 5
Re: Tomáš Souček Signed
tr3bor 12:51 Wed Feb 5


tr3bor 12:51 Wed Feb 5
Re: Tomáš Souček Signed


eusebiovic 12:33 Wed Feb 5
Re: Tomáš Souček Signed
I hope he doesn't end up at Palace

That would mean we went down

Rossal 11:06 Wed Feb 5
Re: Tomáš Souček Signed
"Looked first half as though he was playing in front of Noble and Rice - whereas second half he and noble swapped places."

Another Moyes masterstroke

Eerie Descent 11:00 Wed Feb 5
Re: Tomáš Souček Signed
I thought he looked a very good player, albeit slightly rusty after not playing for 6 weeks.

The sad thing is he won't be here next season to help us survive in the Championship.

eusebiovic 10:55 Wed Feb 5
Re: Tomáš Souček Signed
Looks head and shoulders above everybody else in training according to a friend I know who lives 5 minutes from Rush Green.

Not always a reliable indicator but he wouldn't have to be too good to surpass the current level of form from some of our lot eh?

Sarge 6:05 Tue Feb 4
Re: Tomáš Souček Signed
Thanks a lot for the clips Mex
Really appreciate it.

lincslink 7:05 Mon Feb 3
Re: Tomáš Souček Signed
Behind the scenes on YouTube will probably give a good view of Mascots when it appears.

theaxeman 4:46 Mon Feb 3
Re: Tomáš Souček Signed
Blimey Sarge he was the only thing cresswell blocked all day!

Sarge 3:50 Mon Feb 3
Re: Tomáš Souček Signed
That would be lovely Mex - please.

I’ll whomail and email address & phone number

Mex Martillo 3:47 Mon Feb 3
Re: Tomáš Souček Signed
Sarge, If you don’t have it, I can send you a video clip of your boy in the tunnel.

Sarge 3:19 Mon Feb 3
Re: Tomáš Souček Signed
Loved it thanks Alf - one of the guys got a screen grab from SSN as they were coming out and that'll be his screensaver for the foreseeable.

For a child, it's a memory to cherish. He said the noise coming out of the tunnel and hearing 55k singing Bubbles at you was amazing.

MOTD cut away from the handshakes before he came into view - and in the highlights on the website he's blocked by Cresswell.

Waiting by the gates for the guys from the club to pick us up, Brian Dear stopped and made a real point of saying hello - lovely fella. John Moncur stopped for photos too. Those were my highlights...……………..

RM10 3:15 Mon Feb 3
Re: Tomáš Souček Signed
it was very disappointing to see Brighton bypass our midfield regularly despite the 3 of them!

Sir Alf 3:05 Mon Feb 3
Re: Tomáš Souček Signed
Excellent! Sarge Jr enjoy himself? Well aside from us throwing away a 2 goal lead I mean ? :-)

Sarge 3:00 Mon Feb 3
Re: Tomáš Souček Signed
Looked first half as though he was playing in front of Noble and Rice - whereas second half he and noble swapped places.

Escorted on to the pitch by Sarge jr on Saturday...……………...

Sir Alf 2:43 Mon Feb 3
Re: Tomáš Souček Signed
Strong, neat and tidy but not addressing the pace issue we have. He might with fitness be able to play or 90 mins at 100% because even that would help but our midfield tired so much 2nd half to the point where we couldnt get the ball back. Could not get near them as we struggled with their movement and passing at tempo.

Suspect Soucek will end up just being an costly loan and return to his club as per the relegation clause.

We really should of got another central midfielder in with pace and stamina not just one. We have been overrun in so many games over the last 4 or 5 years due to the collective speed of the whole midfield which has and remains painfully slow for the modern "gegenpress" game.

Sven Roeder 2:43 Mon Feb 3
Re: Tomáš Souček Signed
Thought I saw that the Czech winter break is about 6 weeks from mid December and he would have played a couple of friendlies only recently to prepare for the restart.
Understandably a bit rusty

theaxeman 1:35 Mon Feb 3
Re: Tomáš Souček Signed
Decent start i thought, looks to be a bit of a leader on the pitch, pointing and moving players around. Fucked after 50 60 minutes understandably.

gph 1:35 Mon Feb 3
Re: Tomáš Souček Signed
Good first half, a bit anonymous second half.

Hopefully just needs to get fitter, and not early signs of West Ham's current ability to turn good players into shit ones.

lincslink 1:29 Mon Feb 3
Re: Tomáš Souček Signed
He covered a lot of ground and won good headers in midfield, he was leggy after an hour due to lack of games, shame the dour Jock didn’t react to that.

factory seconds 1:27 Mon Feb 3
Re: Tomáš Souček Signed
needs to play in a two. could be a very handy player under a different manager who didn't first watch his DVD 20 minutes before he signed and thought "that's my new fellaini there".

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