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Come On You Irons 2:46 Wed Oct 21
Marcus Rashford
I'm getting sick of seeing this self proclaimed child poverty expert spouting off all the time lately.

Here's an idea to those in poverty he "represents". If you can't afford to feed your kids DON'T FUCKING HAVE THEM.

Rant over.

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, 9:14 Thu Apr 22
Re: Marcus Rashford
Great lad Rashford, keeps going up in my estimation.

Sven Roeder 8:14 Thu Apr 22
Re: Marcus Rashford
Northern Sold 2:25 Thu Apr 22
Re: Marcus Rashford
Sven Roeder 12:52 Thu Apr 22

Witty? HA HA HA

Saw 'BOTH' the other day. Advertising foot massagers on the telly. Good grief

Johnson 4:52 Thu Apr 22
Re: Marcus Rashford
And if you're interested in explaining your thought process on St. Rashford, maybe you could explain what you meant by:

"Just as an aside, i wonder if he'd have put this work ahead of his own interests and left Man Utd hsd they not pulled out of the ESL."

Because, if he'd had transferred to another club how would that be "putting this work ahead of his own interests".

Please don't tell me you'd gone down some pathetic virtue signalling, the ESL is bad so you can't possibly play for a club in it and want children to eat route?

In fact that's exactly where you were so don't bother answering as it'd only be lies.

Darlo Debs 4:51 Thu Apr 22
Re: Marcus Rashford
Yes you really are

Johnson 4:48 Thu Apr 22
Re: Marcus Rashford
Darlo Debs 4:27 Thu Apr 22

Or maybe I don't think anything of the sort and you're lying again.

You can't help yourself can you? Vile individual.

Darlo Debs 4:27 Thu Apr 22
Re: Marcus Rashford
That is beyond stupid Johnson. Who said anything about quitting his job and doing voluntary work? He vocally criticised the move for the ESL and there are other clubs he could play for.

You clearly don't get PR. You thought Boris getting an Astra Zeneca jab in the same week countries around Europe were questioning its safety was a coincidence.

Or maybe you believe footballers can carry out publicity stunts but MPs can't?

Northern Sold 2:25 Thu Apr 22
Re: Marcus Rashford
Sven Roeder 12:52 Thu Apr 22

Jumping on my equiv's Sven son... can't think up nothing witty yourself??

BOSH !! What's that?? Oh it's Ian Chappell flying off his stool again...

Beefy 1.... Gobby Chappell....... Nil

El Scorchio 2:05 Thu Apr 22
Re: Marcus Rashford
Mr Kenzo 1:00

And despite his accent, so painfully middle class and from a very well to do family with no real problems to speak off. He's so far removed from the issues which affect most people with regard to food and money. It irks me when the likes of him and Whittingstall try to make people feel guilty for not buying 15 quid organic chickens etc., which is totally out of touch with the reality 90% of the population faces of how they can spend their money. The other night he was making pastry using avocado as the fat content, FFS.

Says it all that he's always going on about his beloved Essex and 'Sarfend' and playing the man of the people while being a millionaire raging gooner fan.

Johnson 1:46 Thu Apr 22
Re: Marcus Rashford
Darlo Debs 12:44 Thu Apr 22

Has it occurred to you that not everyone you like, or think you should be seen to be liking, is a saint?

He's a professional footballer with a VERY socially aware media team, yeah he's probably got his own views on things so happy to put his name to stuff but effectively quit his job to do volunteering? Do me a favour.

Wils 1:41 Thu Apr 22
Re: Marcus Rashford
Good piece on the marketing of Marcus Rashford


small extract here...

"The answer, at least partially, lies in an office on Great Titchfield Street, Fitzrovia. That’s where Roc Nation Sports International’s headquarters is based. Founded in 2008 by Jay Z, Roc Nation has since washed into every cove in the modern entertainment industry. They manage artists and athletes, produce TV shows and films, and run a music label. Team Roc, a division within the company, is dedicated to efforts around social justice: bailing out BLM protestors in America this summer, offering pro-bono legal support for their families, creating buzzy media campaigns, and leveraging Roc Nation’s impressive celebrity roster to boost stories.

Their work blurs the lines between politics and sport, entertainment and activism. “We don’t consider ourselves a traditional agency — we really are a movement,” Roc Nation Sports International’s president Michael Yormark told the Telegraph in June.

The movement found a standard bearer in Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford, who became one of Roc Nation’s European clients earlier this year. An icon of the 2018 World Cup, and a courageous high-pressure penalty taker, Rashford grew up in a single-parent family in Wythenshawe. When he heard that schools would be closing as part of the wider national lockdown in March, Rashford, who’d relied on free lunch programmes as a child, turned to Kelly Hogarth, his personal publicist, and VP of strategic communications at Roc Nation Sports International — what could they do to help poor children secure vital meals?"

Mr Kenzo 1:00 Thu Apr 22
Re: Marcus Rashford
Possibly, but Jamie Oliver is a Fat Tongued Mockney Cunt, i doubt many will pay any attention to anything he does.

Lee Trundle 12:59 Thu Apr 22
Re: Marcus Rashford
Hasn't Jamie Oliver done this already?

Sven Roeder 12:52 Thu Apr 22
Re: Marcus Rashford
Good on Marcus.... he's like the footballing equiv' of Ian Botham... just without the inability to drink a few beers on a Brisbane to Perth flight (he is no Boonie) without making an idiot of himself and ending up in a cell waiting for DK Lillee to bail him out ... but otherwise... the same..

goose 12:50 Thu Apr 22
Re: Marcus Rashford
Of course food poverty exists in the UK.

Nearly six million adults and 1.7 million children were struggling to get enough food between September 2020 and February 2021, according to a report from the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs committee.

Nearly two million people turned to food banks in 2020, double the 913,000 receiving emergency food in March 2013.

I dont doubt that some is caused by neglectful parenting - but why shouldnt we help the kids involved?

Darlo Debs 12:45 Thu Apr 22
Re: Marcus Rashford
Sorry Hermit that wasn't directed at you.

Darlo Debs 12:44 Thu Apr 22
Re: Marcus Rashford
I know it probably won't have done but has it ever occurred to.you that not everybody is an arsehole?

Hermit Road 12:43 Thu Apr 22
Re: Marcus Rashford
There's no such thing as food poverty in the UK. It's a scam dreamed up by people who want to make political capital out of other people who want to spend money on luxuries instead of feeding their own kids.

It's a new low for UK society. Driven by a need to feel virtuous and a desire to get votes.

El Scorchio 12:30 Thu Apr 22
Re: Marcus Rashford
Top man. Just a shame he plays for those cunts.

Then again, if he didn't play for one of the holy BIG SIX, I expect the media wouldn't have given a shit about what he was doing. It's fantastic he's using his position to try and help so many other people out.

Johnson 12:28 Thu Apr 22
Re: Marcus Rashford
So you think St. Rashford would hand in a transfer request so he can put his name to some scheme about home cooking?

Walk through that thought process for a moment.

Northern Sold 12:24 Thu Apr 22
Re: Marcus Rashford
Good on Marcus.... he's like the footballing equiv' of Ian Botham... just without the knocking Ian Chappell off a barstool after he called the Queen a cunt... but otherwise... the same..

Darlo Debs 12:10 Thu Apr 22
Re: Marcus Rashford
How is it?

If he'd been playing for a team.in the ESL whilst being part of this there could have been a backlash.

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